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Backstopp Slideshow 2003


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Published in: Technology
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Backstopp Slideshow 2003

  1. 1. What is BackStopp is a simple but effective tool to help an organisation protect its mobile data in the event of the loss or theft of an employee’s laptop, PDA or mobile phone.
  2. 2. The Problem  Laptops are becoming smaller, more powerful and cheaper  Improvements in mobile connectivity allow laptop users to send and receive more information whilst on the move  1 laptop and its data is lost or stolen every 50 seconds
  3. 3. Traditional Security Tools *********************** Password, L$K1292_2D  Traditional security tools require users to remember long and cryptic passwords.  Other data security tools rely on external plug in hardware which is often stored and lost with the device.
  4. 4.  Invisible to the user  No user passwords  No hardware requirement  No restrictions, BackStopp protects all data regardless of its location on the device  No expensive infrastructure to install or maintain
  5. 5. Internal or Managed support service Hosted BackStopp servers Mobile employee Employees can activate BackStopp against their lost or stolen laptop by either notifying their organisation’s support department OR by logging in directly to the BackStopp console.
  6. 6. Multiple communication channels  BackStopp uses the most effective communication method available to locate a lost laptop. BackStopp’s utilisation of the GSM network means a device can be found almost anywhere on earth and if necessary decommissioned even if the device isn’t connected to the internet.
  7. 7. US DoD Data Deletion  Upon receiving a secure decommission message all data files on the lost or stolen device will be destroyed using US Department of Defence standards.  BackStopp also deletes critical system files which render the device useless to the thief.
  8. 8. Audit Trail  BackStopp remotely initiates pin hole cameras on the stolen device to provide a photo of the first person to use the device.  GSM cell triangulation can also provide an approximate grid reference or point on an electronic map.
  9. 9. … it doesn’t stop there …
  10. 10. BackStopp Wi-Fi / RFID integration  As soon as a device breaches a predefined parameter, e.g. it leaves an authorised area during working hours, BackStopp automatically issues the decommission command and starts tracking the device OR …  .. BackStopp informs the legitimate user or security personnel of a potential security issue by SMS or email.
  11. 11. Volume Encryption  BackStopp's integrated volume encryption means that any thief who attempts to deactivate BackStopp or remove the device’s hard disk will find nothing more than highly encrypted data.
  12. 12. Business Continuity  BackStopp integrates with leading providers of online data backup services so all your data can easily and quickly be restored on to a new or replacement device.
  13. 13. User Control  BackStopp allows the user to specify a date range when the device should not be used, for example during a holiday.  If the device is used Backstopp detects it and either automatically deletes the data or sends an SMS or e-mail alert to the legitimate user or the organisation's HR department.
  14. 14.  BackStopp uses the quickest and most cost effective transport mechanisms to detect and decommission a laptop before the data can be compromised.  Uses GSM network for maximum speed as well as internet and WiFi connections.  Culprit identification for law enforcement agencies.  Produces a comprehensive audit trail which is part of an effective Information Assurance policy.  Low cost Risk Management for your mobile data. Summary