Pre sale content marketing trends 2013


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This report details our findings about which content tactics B2B marketing organizations are using, and which distribution channels are most effective based on measurements of reach, conversion and ROI. This data should help CMOs invest in the right content marketing tactics for executing their content marketing strategy.

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Pre sale content marketing trends 2013

  1. 1. Rethinking Pre-Sales Content Marketing Survey Report May 2013 Pre-Sales Content Marketing Trends 2013 Research
  2. 2. 2013 Pre-Sales Content Marketing Trends Content Marketing is transforming the way marketing professionals market their products. With nearly $17 billion invested in 2012 (according to the Custom Content Council) , content marketing is fast becoming the cornerstone of the B2B marketing mix. However, not all content marketing channels perform equally well for every marketing objective. In April 2013, Regalix Research conducted a study with B2B marketing professionals across the globe to determine the current use and perceived efficacy of content marketing tactics. We identified the five most significant pre-sales marketing objectives of the B2B CMO: creating awareness, generating leads, nurturing prospects, activating engagement and influencing purchases. We analyzed content types and distribution mechanisms through the lens of these marketing objectives. This report details our findings about which content tactics B2B marketing organizations are using, and which distribution channels are most effective based on measurements of reach, conversion and ROI. This data should help CMOs invest in the right content marketing tactics for executing their content marketing strategy. Rethinking Content Marketing; Survey Report Q2 2013 Evaluating content creation and distribution tactics in the B2B landscape By Greg Sherwin and Priscilla Selwine 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 01
  3. 3. 88% of B2B marketing professionals use content marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy. The remaining 12% not actively using content marketing so far plan to do so in the next 6months. Surveyed marketers plan to increase investments in videos, whitepapers and articles. Key takeaways Content marketing continues to grow 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 02 Videos are the most popular marketing medium for creating brand awareness. However, marketers do not rely on videos for lead generation campaigns. With over 200 million searches daily through search engine queries, organic search is still the best way to reach a large target audience In-person and online events offer the highest Return on Investment (ROI) and are particularly powerful for lead generation compared with other content distribution channels.
  4. 4. 68% of B2B Marketers are using content marketing to generate leads Content marketing will drive leads, say B2B marketers 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 03 Source: Regalix Research, June 2013 Lead generation and awareness campaigns are the most commonly cited reasons for content marketing. Fewer marketers rely on content marketing to nurture prospects and influence purchases. 64.8% 67.6% 37.8% 56.8% 37.8% CreatingAwareness GeneratingLeads NurturingProspects EngagingCustomers InfluencingPurchase
  5. 5. 97% of B2B marketers rely on video to meet their marketing objectives. Despite viewing videos as a cool novelty in 2012, B2B marketers today feel that videos are the top content choice for creating brand awareness and setting the right tone for the product in the market . The graph below illustrates the percentage of B2B marketers using each content type. Video is no longer just cool. It’s a necessity 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 04 Source: Regalix Research, June 2013 3.4% 8.0% 96.6% Yes 78.3% 92.0% 90.3% 73.9% 86.4% 66.7% Video Webinar Whitepaper Websites Newsletter Email Articles 17.4% 6.5% 17.4% 4.5% 19.0% No Considering (in 3 months) 4.3% 3.2% 8.7% 9.1% 14.3%
  6. 6. As marketers define the optimal marketing mix, they typically use three measures of channel performance: the channel’s reach, its impact on driving conversions, and return on initial investment (ROI). The survey results show that channels performance varies along these different metrics. Events and search are key to content marketing success 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 05 Source: Regalix Research, June 2013 Reach Search (Organic) Email Mobile Social Media Website Display Paid Search Events Conversions Return to investments (ROI) Ranked on a scale of 0 to 5 2.62 2.96 2.19 2.19 2.50 2.48 2.97 2.29 2.39 1.95 2.42 2.65 2.47 3.12 3.37 3.00 3.22 2.61 3.96 2.95 2.77 2.96 2.79 3.38 Reach: Most B2B marketers rank search engines as the best medium to access a larger target audience and ensure brand reach. Conversions: Marketers see events as the best means for conversions. Websites rank a close second for converting prospects due to their ability to capture lead information and track lead status through integrations with CRM and marketing automation platforms. ROI: Events again rank the highest for efficiency and return on investment, followed closely by search and email.
  7. 7. B2B marketers prefer different content asset types for different stages of the sales cycle. Webinars top the effectiveness index by accomplishing marketing objectives across multiple stages and converting leads to customers. The table below indicates the preferred content asset for each stage of the B2B sales process. Future surveys will examine post-sales content trends Webinars help convert leads to customers 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 06 Source: Regalix Research, June 2013 Creating Awareness Video Webinar Whitepaper Newsletter Websites Articles Emails Generating Leads Nurturing Prospects Activating Engagements Influencing Purchase Sales Cycle ContentAssets
  8. 8. 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 07 Creating awareness 83% of B2B marketers find video helpful for awareness-based marketing campaigns. Webinars are ranked the lowest, with only 22% of marketers investing in webinars for awareness campaigns. Generating leads Webinars are the clear leader; 68% of B2B marketers rank webinars as the best content marketing strategy for lead generation. Only 20% of B2B marketers use articles for their lead generation campaigns. Nurturing prospects When it comes to lead nurturing, marketers prefer newsletters (52%) and webinars (50%) over other content types. Videos rank the lowest for nurturing prospects. Influencing purchase 35% of B2B marketers feel that articles are the best trigger to influence a purchase and close a sale. Websites rank the lowest on the influential content scale.
  9. 9. As content marketing is becoming a mainstream B2B marketing tactic, B2B marketers must align content channel strategies with marketing objectives. As this survey shows, different content types and channels are appropriate for objectives. The channel strengths will dictate content development investments. For example, marketing organizations that want to increase awareness and brand reach would do well to focus efforts on attracting search engines with SEO-rich content and developing video content. If instead the marketing organization is pressed for lead generation on a tight budget, online events like webinars are a proven strategy for generating leads while optimizing marketing spending. Summary About the analyst’s Greg is the executive vice president and principal analyst serving Product Marketing Professionals. He leads Regalix Research research on how Software, IT and Internet companies develop and execute digital marketing strategies by aligning business and brand goals with sales enablement across all channels. PRISCILLA SELWINE Associate Director Priscilla’s research is focused on B2B content creation and distribution practices that enable product marketing professionals deliver targeted sales enablement material. Her research combines creative with scientific measurement that creates real digital marketing leverage. GREG SHERWIN Executive Vice President 2013 Post-Sales Content Marketing TrendsRegalix Research © 06/2013 08
  10. 10. About Regalix Research For more information Regalix Research Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we help the CMO organization leverage emerging digital practices for creating marketing leverage as they bring new products and innovation to market. Regalix Research helps marketers through research-based insights, consulting and peer-to-peer programs that guide marketing strategy development and execution. Our focus is helping Technology companies leverage innovation and best practices to create real differentiation. Our analysts are practitioners with a successful track record of delivering real marketing results for both leading Fortune 500 companies as well as venture backed firms. Regalix is an award-winning Global Innovation company that leverages technology and marketing to help companies grow. We create successful ventures with our clients through co-innovation and idea-driven frameworks that inspire companies to think different. We bring ideas to life by envisioning new companies, developing brands, engineering products, and designing technology platforms. Founded in 1998, Regalix is based in Palo Alto. Our Silicon Valley setting has enabled us to stay ahead of emerging trends in digital technology and marketing. For over a decade, we have provided complete marketing services – Social, Mobile, Content, Multi-channel Campaigns, Technology Development, and Analytics – to companies such as CA Technologies, Citi, Apple, eBay, Cisco, VMWare, NetApp, Cypress, LSI, Keynote, and MetricStream To find out how Regalix Research can help you, please contact our office, or visit us at 1121 San Antonio Road, Suite # B200 Palo Alto, CA 9 4303 Phone: 650 - 331 - 1167 Email: