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Mideast Metal - Stainless Steel Suppliers in UAE


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Mideast Metals FZCO, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is one of GCC’s most prominent Stainless Steel Stockholder and Service Center providing Stainless Steel to various industries in the region. As a leading stainless steel stockholder and Service Center, Mideast Metals FZCO’s stock holds the entire range of stainless steel products like stainless steel sheets/plates, coils, tubes, pipes, round bars and other stainless steel products available in different grades and sizes specially stocked to meet the local industrial demands as well as the entire of the GCC.

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Mideast Metal - Stainless Steel Suppliers in UAE

  1. 1. MIDEAST METALS FZCO.STAINLESS STEEL SUPPLIER Contact Us “Our dedicated sales team with a wealth of experience are waiting to take your call and assist with any enquiries you have.” Jebel Ali Office : Plot # S20701, Jebel Ali Free Zone, South 2, P.O. Box 262328, Dubai, UAE. Tel: +971-4-8862992 Fax: +971-4-8862932 Mob: +971-50-4843946/+971-50-4843944 Email:
  2. 2. ABOUT MIDEAST METALS FZCO - STAINLESS STEEL SUPPLIERS IN UAE The reigns of Mideast Metals FZCO are held by descendants’ of the Khawaja family, whose proficiency in the trade can be traced back to over a 125 years. What more decisive factor would one require to gauge the credibility of a company with such a rich Legacy? Mr. Waqas Khawaja, an MBA from University of Westminster, U.K., have given the company a new boost by putting in all his knowledge that he gained from his exceptional student career which peaked during his degree of MBA from London. Mr. Khurram Khawaja, a Commercial pilot by profession, has induced all the pre- cision, sophistication and accuracy of the cockpit in the company’s management structure and has taken the company’s professionalism to an altitude where it is on a smooth and silk cruise with all its customers on board feeling as safe as heaven.
  3. 3. SERVICES As it would be the case with any coun- try which develops at an exponential rate such as the UAE Steel and stain- less steel products are in high demand. It is often a prodigious task to maintain the supply at par with the ever rising demand. Quality, reliability and consis- tence in delivery of specific products on time are an integral part in the in- frastructure network of any booming economy. This is where Mideast Metals FZCO adds value to the system. The company maintains a steady supply of stainless steel products, throughout the Emir- ates of the UAE on a daily basis. This is made possible through a purpose built warehouse and the most advanced Ser- vice Center, in Jebel Ali Free Zone with 220,000 sq. feet of land area with an in- built state of the art computerized stock management and order entry system. “Keeping an open mind to all the needs and the queries of our customers, we are strongly motivated to become the most supple and steadfast supplier to our customers and serve them to their highest satisfaction level”.
  4. 4. SS Service Center Established in 2012, the Fully Integrated State of the Art Stainless Steel Service Center started successfully it’s op- eration and is producing very high quality processed material. The Service Center has the processing machiner- ies from Europe and USA and that too one of the top most machinery manufacturers in their field. 1. Cut-to-length Line: The Service Center is fully equipped to cut Stainless Steel coils having following specifications: Max coil weight: 25 MT Thickness: 0.40mm to 2.00mm Max Width: 1500mm Edge slitting can be done for Mill edge coils. 2. Sheet to Sheet Polishing Line: The polishing line can polish the Stainless steel sheets into No.3, No.4, HL, Satin and Duplo Finish. The quality and finish of the sheets achieved is unparalleled in the region, and customers now preferring our No. 4 finish over many other local and Asian suppliers, consequently the Sales in these finishes have amplified more than double as com- pared to 2011. 3. Super Mirror Line: As the name suggests, Mideast Metals is not producing mirror Stainless steel sheets, rather producing SUPER Mirror Stainless Steel sheets, which is obtained by polish- ing the sheets by very fine abrasives and buffing expan- sively which removes all grit lines on the surface, resulting in immaculate Mirror finish sheet. Now in 2016 added two new state of the Art machines 4. Precision Blanking Line: Introducing the Ultimate American technology to pro- duce Laser flat sheets in the continent Asia, the first ever Stainless steel STRETCHER LEVELER in Asia which can process coils up to 8mm. For the population of more than 4 billion across 50 countries, there is only one STRETCHER LEVELER giving laser flat sheets which stay flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching, or subsequent shearing operations. 5. Coil to Coil Polishing Line: With the increased demand of Mideast Metals No.4, hair- line sheets, we have now added coil to coil polishing line to give even better quality at a faster speed.
  5. 5. HISTORY The stainless steel was invented in the year 1900-1915. Berthier who was a Frenchman found that the iron can be combined with chromium and is resistant to several acids. Other people studied the properties of chromium in an iron template and used a low proportion of chromium. About 10.5 percent chromium substance is used in order to make stainless steel. Harry Brearley considered as a leader of the research department who runs a lab along with Thomas Firth and Sons and John Brown And Company and is usually recognized as the inventor of the manufacturing period of stainless steel. Most of his work was on 430 (the chemical analysis was patented in 1919). The first product was table cutlery and it is still used today.