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Introduction to Powerpoint 2007


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I've uploaded this because of our homework.
No copyright infringement intended. =))

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Introduction to Powerpoint 2007

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO POWER POINT 2007 Hi and Welcome! Please 1. Login to your machine 2. Open Power Point
  2. 2. AGENDA Identify the parts of the Power Point Screen Explore the Power Point Ribbon Create a simple presentation
  3. 3. POWER POINT SCREEN Quick Access toolbar Office button Ribbon Outline tab/ Slides tab Slide pane Notes pane
  4. 4. CONTEXTUAL RIBBON Quick Access ToolbarOfficeButton Help Ribbon
  5. 5. THE OFFICE BUTTONThe File Menu has been replaced with the Office Button. Some functions that were previously in Options are here as well.
  8. 8. VIEW OPTIONS Normal Click to open Zoom slider zoom dialog box Fit Slide Slide Sorter to Slide Show Current Window
  9. 9. FILE FORMATS• The new file format for PowerPoint 2007 is based on XML, so the extension has an x in the end: a 2007 PowerPoint file has a .pptx extension.• There is a separate file format for files with macros: a 2007 macro-enabled PowerPoint file has a .pptm extension.• You can save files to the old format. A compatibility checker should warn you if features of your document will be affected.• Those using Office 2000 to 2003 can download a converter enabling them to open 2007 files. Adapted from Microsoft‟s “Get up to speed with the 2007 Office system” with permission
  11. 11. SKILLS CHECKCan you do the following:1. Look up a question using help2. Click on the arrow to the right of the quick access toolbar to customize it in some way3. Right-click on a command to add it to the quick access toolbar4. Create a new presentation5. Save your new presentation
  12. 12. ACTIVITY We are going to create a presentation on a topic of your choice. First……take a few minutes to decide on a topic and then write a simple outline. Your presentation should have at least five slides.
  13. 13. LET’S START CREATING YOUR PRESENTATION In creating your presentation you are going to learn…. How to Add Slides How to change the layout of your presentation Choose a slide design Add animations Insert graphics Add sound/narration Choose a slide transition Incorporate video
  14. 14. GIVE YOUR PRESENTATION A TITLE Click in „Click to add title‟ and type in the title of your presentation. Click in „Click to add subtitle‟and type in „presented by ________ (your name)‟
  15. 15. ADDING A SLIDE1. Click the Home tab 12. Click New Slide to add 3 a new slide 2If you want to change the layout of the slide3. Click the Layout down arrow4. Click another layout for your new slide.
  16. 16. ADD SLIDES TO YOUR PRESENTATION Add four more slides to your presentation Give each slide a title Add the text for each slide
  17. 17. CHANGE THE BACKGROUND 11. Click the Design tab2. Select a theme from the Themes group. 2 Note: Each Theme has it‟s layout design. To see the layout for each theme Click on the Home tab and then the down arrow for Layout.
  18. 18. CHANGE THE BACKGROUND STYLEIf you don‟t like any of the themes you can change the background style by doing the following: Click on the Design tab Click on the down arrow of „Background Styles‟ from the Background group.
  19. 19. FORMAT A PRESENTATION WITH THEMESYou can change the theme for each slide if you want to make your presentation more effective. Display the slide that you want to change, or select multiple slides in the Slides pane [Ctrl- Click will select more than one slide] Click the Design tab Select the theme you want to apply to that slide or slides.
  20. 20. ADDING TABLES, CHARTS, IMAGES, SMARTARTYou can insert tables, charts, images, clip art and smart art 1 into your presentation by doing the following:1. Click on the Insert tab2. Click on the down arrow for 2 tables and select the size table you want to insert. You can edit the table just like you would in Word.3. Click on either picture, clip art, 3 shapes, SmartArt, or chart from the Illustrations group to insert a either type of graphic.
  21. 21. ADD HEADERS AND FOOTERSTo add a footer:1. Click the Insert tab2. Click Header & Footer3. Click the Date and Time option to select a date format4. Select whether you want the date to automatically update or remain fixed.5. Select the Footer option to include footer text.6. Click Apply to All to apply the changes to the entire presentation.
  22. 22. SLIDE TRANSITIONS1. Click the Animations tab 12. In the Transition to this slide group move your pointer over each of the options to preview what the transitions look like. 2
  23. 23. ADDING NARRATIONS You will need a microphone and 1 computer speakers to add narrations to your presentations,1. Click on Slide Show tab 22. Click on Record Narration3. Click Ok to begin in the Record Narration dialog box and start recording.4. When finished click the ESC button on your
  24. 24. EMBEDDING YOUTUBE VIDEOSWatch this video to see how you would embed Youtube videos into a Power Point Presentation. Ql4
  25. 25. SKILLS CHECKCan you…. Add new slides to your presentation Change the design of each slide Change the layout of each slide Insert pictures, tables, Clip art, charts and SmartArt Add narrations to your presentation Add headers and footers Embed a YouTube video into your presentation Add slide transitions to your presentation.
  26. 26. If you can do all of that you are ready for Power Point II.