High School LIne Photography Lesson


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The art element Line & Photography

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High School LIne Photography Lesson

  1. 1. Line
  2. 2. Brought to you by:
  3. 3. Line is... the path of a moving point. It is a mark left by a tool - brush, pencil, stick, pen, etc. Line defines the edges of shapes and forms. They don't exist naturally, artists have to decide where and how to place lines as they draw. Lines often suggest movement in a drawing or painting.
  4. 4. Characteristics of Line are:   Width- thick, thin, tapering, uneven         Length  -­‐long, short, continuous, broken Direc-on-­‐  horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curving, perpendicular, oblique, parallel, radial, zigzag Focus- sharp, blurry, fuzzy, choppy Feeling-­‐  sharp, jagged, graceful, smooth
  5. 5. Types of Line: Outlines-Lines made by the edge of an object or silhouee Contour  lines-Lines that describe the shape of an object and the interior detail Gesture  lines-Lines that are energetic & catch the movement of a figure in motion/action figure Sketch  lines- Lines that captures the appearance of an object or impression of a place. Calligraphic Lines- Greek word meaning “beautiful writing.” Precise, elegant handwriting or leering done by hand. Also artwork that has flowing lines like an elegant handwriting.   Implied Line- Lines that are not actually drawn but created by a group of objects seen from a distance. The direction an object is pointing to, or the direction a person is looking at.
  6. 6. How does LINE translate in Fine art:
  7. 7. Drawing with Lines   Outline         Gesture Lines Hatching Crosshatching Contour Line    
  8. 8. Lines Create....   Depth   (Deep Space) "Fishing Boat" by Emile Node, 1910, woodcut print, 12"x16", Nolde-Stiftung Seebull, Germany  
  9. 9. Lines Create.... Form & Texture "Urban Jewels" by Denyse Thomasos, 1995, Acrylic, 10'x16', Lennon, Weinberg, NY  
  10. 10. Lines Create.... Illusion     "Stripe Song" by J. Seeley, 1981, Photo Sildscreen print, 22"x30", VAGA, NY  
  11. 11. How  does  LINE  translate  in  Photography?  
  12. 12. Leading Lines:  
  13. 13. Line:  
  14. 14. Student Samples:
  15. 15. Crystal Foster
  16. 16. Nick Vespe
  17. 17. Nick Vespe
  18. 18. Olivia Foltiny
  19. 19. Tim Nooney
  20. 20. Tyler Trumbetti
  21. 21. Tyler Trumbetti
  22. 22. Tyler Trumbetti
  23. 23. A vs. B
  24. 24. A vs. B