Open Source: A Free For All


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Tracey Halvorsen is a consultant, designer, painter, author, and speaker. Her background in visual art and computer-based technology and her hands-on style of leadership has helped Fastspot consistently create award-winning and industry recognized websites, applications and marketing campaigns. Halvorsen, known for her innovative thinking and creative problem solving, is never short on opinions or ways to make things better, and she shares these observations in her blog, Think Design Interact. She is also currently an active board member with the Greater Baltimore Technology Council, seeking to enhance Baltimore's national visibility and attraction as a technology and cultural hub.
At the end of the day, it's all about content. When it comes to open source and providing a service to the community for free, the more people use it, the more the community can evolve around it. Big Tree, an open source CMS, isn't necessarily giving anything away, they're helping people grow. During this presentation Tracey will talk about proprietary vs. open source, community vs. competition, problems her team faced while building Big Tree, issues within the industry, and offering a service for free

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Open Source: A Free For All

  1. 1. OPEN SOURCE: A FREE FOR ALL Tracey Halvorsen@traceyhalvorsen / #RefreshBmore
  2. 2. I dreamt about usingI began my journey as a creativity to solve otherfine artist, specifically a people’s company’sPAINTER. PROBLEMS. #RefreshBmore
  3. 3. #RefreshBmore
  4. 4. #RefreshBmore
  5. 5. #RefreshBmore
  6. 6. D.I.Y. #RefreshBmore
  7. 7. #RefreshBmore
  8. 8. RAINMAN (Remote Automated INformation MANager) #RefreshBmore
  9. 9. MONKEY WORK #RefreshBmore
  10. 10. $$$ < Happiness #RefreshBmore
  11. 11. The amazinggenerosity andgenius ofJOSHUADAVIS #RefreshBmore
  12. 12. The amazing storyof the success ofJELL-O #RefreshBmore
  13. 13. What is so important aboutthe concept of FREE?OPEN SOURCE IS ARESULT OF BITS #RefreshBmore
  14. 14. TOOLS EVERYWHERE Everyone and their cousin is a web developer.THE LONGTAIL EFFECT LIMITED ACCESS DEFINE QUALITY Enterprise systems with The questions begin to high costs to purchase and change when you have a maintain. huge variety of free tools.
  16. 16. BARRIERS TO ENTRY. #RefreshBmore
  17. 17. $0.15 $0.01 Predictably Irrational vs. Free #RefreshBmore
  18. 18. .01$0.14 $0.00 Predictably Irrational vs. Free #RefreshBmore
  19. 19. “ INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE. - Stewart Brand #RefreshBmore
  20. 20. “ THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT #RefreshBmore
  21. 21. JAMBALAYA #RefreshBmore
  22. 22. JAMBALAYA #RefreshBmore
  23. 23. $$$ Downloads100 75 50 25 0 $2.99 $1.99 FREE $.99 In-App 2012 2013 JAMBALAYA #RefreshBmore
  24. 24. UNLIMITED TIME UNLIMITED $$$ Access to free software and Larger organizations with open source encourages budgets will pay expert groupsTHE young developers to learn the platform. to do the heavy lifting for them.FREEMIUMFACTOR MIDDLE GROUND Developers spread the word, encourage adoption, contribute to community and consider paying for (and selling) mid- price modules.
  25. 25. Meanwhile, everyone and theirmother starts asking for an opensource CMS solution.WHY? #RefreshBmore
  26. 26. Clients have been Clients have heard aboutburned by an open source and have seenENTERPRISE WHITEHOUSESOLUTION. .GOV #RefreshBmore
  27. 27. ASTEROID COMMUNITY #RefreshBmore
  28. 28. MAKE MYCONTENTBETTER. #RefreshBmore
  29. 29. “ CMS IS THE ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE THAT UX FORGOT. - Karen McGrane #RefreshBmore
  30. 30. M I SS I N GHIERARCHY OF NEEDSThe foundation of our interfaces should be PLEASURABLEfunctional, reliable, and usable, but the piecewe often overlook is the pleasure. USABLEAarron Walter, Carsonified RELIABLE FUNCTIONAL #RefreshBmore
  32. 32. DocumentationTesting WhoSupport WhatExamples HowAccess WhyCommunication WhenSharingProcessQUALITY COMMUNITY #RefreshBmore
  33. 33. 65% 95%Percentage of clients Percentage of clientswho said yes to who said yes toBigTree CMS BigTree CMS2005 - 2012 2012 - 2013 #RefreshBmore
  34. 34. We were invited to a We shared all ourunique conference called secrets with ourSHOP TALK. COMPETITORS. #RefreshBmore
  35. 35. Community vs.CompetitionBy promoting each other and celebratingour community and our efforts, we increasethe visibility for ourselves and our city,which is a good thing for everyone. #RefreshBmore
  36. 36. BALTIMORE #RefreshBmore
  37. 37. “ He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine. - Thomas Jefferson #RefreshBmore
  38. 38. BEER and CODE!Fastspot will host a Happy Hour, 2 weeks fromtonight, on Thursday, January 31st from 5-7p.m. at our office.Come enjoy our bar (the 404) and chat with ourBigTree team! We will have computers set upso you can get your hands dirty! #RefreshBmore
  39. 39. Björn Andersson, from The Sergi Delgado, from The NounLuis Prado, from The Noun Project From The Noun Project by Joshua Davis Noun Project Project “Free: The Future of a Radical From The Noun Project Sergey Shmidt, from Romeo Barreto, from The Noun Price” - Chris Anderson The Noun Project Nate Eul, from The Noun Project Project Alexandre Warnia de Zarzecki, from The Noun Project “The Long Tail” - Chris Anderson Shark designed by Okan Benn from The Noun Project Jell-O The People @ Fastspot CREDITS, INSPIRATIONS & ATTRIBUTES #RefreshBmore
  40. 40. THANKS! Now let’s talk. #RefreshBmore