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Reflect Digital's Mobile Paid Search Workshop from The Business Show November 2012

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The Business Show - Mobile Paid Search

  1. 1. Mobile Advertising: IntermediateBy Becky Campbell - MD @ReflectDigital 22nd November 2012
  2. 2. Search Engine Market Share UK – 91% UK – 5% UK – 2% UK – 1% UK – 0.4% US – 61% US – 15% US – 17% US – 3% US – 4%Source: The E Word October 2012
  3. 3. Why Mobile?Smartphones have over 50% ofthe mobile phone market in theUK. The state of European mobile search advertisingIn 2011 Googles share of paidclicks from mobile devices hadincreased 280% from 2010.The state of European mobile search advertisingOne half of all local searches areperformed on mobiledevices
  4. 4. Growth of MobileMobile internet usage is projectedto overtake desktop internet usageby 2014 ad spend is up 132% to£181.5m in the first half of 2012 log/10848-­­iab-­­mobile-­­ad-­­ spend-­­up-­­132-­­to-­­181-­­5m-­­in-­­ first-­­half-­­of-­­2012There are now 1.2 billion mobileweb users worldwide
  5. 5. Mobile and Social91% of mobile internet access is forsocial activities, versus just 79% ondesktops. 1/3 of Facebooks usersaccess Facebook Mobile; 50% ofTwitters users use Twitter Mobile.
  6. 6. Mobile devicesMobile market share: iOS (Apple devices) 59.87% Android (Google smartphones) 27.35% Java ME (used by Nokia) 8.04% Blackberry 1.67% Symbian (previously used by Nokia) 1.51% Windows Phone 0.81%It’s estimated that there will be one billion smartmobile devices in use globally betweenDecember 2012 and June 2013. The State of European MobileSearch Advertising 2012
  7. 7. Mobile Design
  8. 8. Good Mobile Design Easy to navigate with search function and clickable department area No need to zoom, website is aligned for mobile Large icons used to display products with a simple form to select colour/size/quantity.
  9. 9. Good Mobile Design Social icons clearly displayed Large icons used to display products with simple form to select colour/size/quantity. You can use your analytics to work out what pages are more important to mobile users and the % of traffic you are receiving from which devices to help you design your mobile site.
  10. 10. Non Mobile Sites Traditional desktop sites are hard to view on mobile phones The site is not justified to fit the screen, so zooming and selecting categories can be frustrating A mobile site should be simple and only include necessary features 46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if it didnt work properly during their last visit. Opening-Mobile-Marketing-Stats-You-Should-Know.aspx
  11. 11. AdWords for Mobile
  12. 12. TerminologyCampaign This defines the daily budget, language, geographic scope and networks where ads are displayed.Ad An individual ad within the AdGroupAdGroup A group of ads within a campaignImpressions The number of times your ad has been seenCPC Cost per clickCTR Click through rateCost/Conv Cost per conversionBroad Match Google matches ads based on any words within the phase searchedBroad Match By inseting a ‘+’ before each word in the phrase that must be includedModifier within the users search term, Google also substitutes misspellings and similar wordsPhrase Match Ad is only shown if the phrase is included within the users searchNegative Keywords Best example of this is ‘Free’
  13. 13. AdWordsHow to set up a mobile campaign? Set up your campaign as you would normally then click on the settings tab and select the campaign you would like to change
  14. 14. AdWordsHow to set up a mobile campaign? Click on the edit button next to the devices section
  15. 15. AdWordsHow to set up a mobile campaign? Here you will be able to select the device that you would like your campaign to run on
  16. 16. Setting up a campaign…Keyword Research Keyword Research is vitally important to any paid search campaign. The keyword tool allows you to research the estimated CPC’s and Volume.
  17. 17. Good AdCopy The AdCopy for Smarsh does not include ad extensions and there is no call to action. The Egress Ad is personalised in the way it has been written, the display URL is targeted and the sitelinks offer more choice.
  18. 18. Ad Preview Tool This tool allows you to test how you ads appear depending on location and device.
  19. 19. Ad FormatsMobile Text Ads What are text ads? These are the same as standard ads, they contain three lines of text and a URL They can be customised to target mobile users Reach users across all platforms (mobile and tablet) They can be used as a separate mobile campaign- Mobile only campaigns help drive around an 11.5% increase in mobile click- through rates source: Google ads
  20. 20. Ad FormatsMobile Ads Click-to-Download What is click-to-download? It allows you to promote your mobile apps in the search results as well as sites on the Google Display Network The ads link to your Google Play Store or iTunes App Store allowing users to download your app The app icon will appear in the ad automatically
  21. 21. Ad FormatsMobile Ads Click-to-Call What is click-to-call? A click-to-call action can be used on the ad to allow the user to call your business directly A clickable phone number gives a 6- 8% increase in click-through rates A more qualified lead
  22. 22. Ad Formats Mobile Ads Location ExtensionsWhat are location extensions? Research shows… These can help grow your business especially if you are a shop owner They include your phone number, clickable directions and the distance the person is away from your shop Easy to set up, just link to your Google places account as a location after looking for local information extension or enter your business via their smartphone address Source: Google Ads
  23. 23. Ad Formats Mobile Ads with OffersWhat are ads with offers? This enables advertisers to include offers within their ads The user can claim the offer by clicking on the ad then showing at the checkout The ad will include contact details or business location so the offer is easy to redeem The ideal way to promote offers for fast food outlets such as Dominos.
  24. 24. Ad FormatsMobile Ads Seller Ratings What are seller ratings? This extension allows mobile users to see ratings of certain shops Mobile seller ratings saw a 7.5% increase in click-through rates compared to those without Ideal for ecommerce sites
  25. 25. Ad FormatsMobile Ads Sitelinks What are mobile ad sitelinks? They direct users to a specific page on your site You select the sitelink so you can direct users to your best selling products or services page Mobile sitelinks see an average 30% increase in click-through rates Source: Google Ads Ideal for any business offering products or services
  26. 26. Mobile Ad Positions Rules can be set up to ensure that your ad appears in position 1 or 2, above the fold on a mobile. This is set up by increasing the cost per click if the average position drops below your desired position
  27. 27. Tablet DevicesApple (iPad, iPad Mini)Samsung (Galaxy Note,Galaxy Tab)Amazon (Kindle Fire)Asus (Nexus, Vivo Tab,Slate)Lenovo (ThinkPad,IdeaTab)
  28. 28. Tablet Advertising In 2011 tablet devices had the best return on ad spend- so a focused strategy for tablets is beneficial Smartphone and tablets have higher CTR’s than desktop Tablets outperform smartphones when it comes to conversion ratesSource: the State of European Advertising - 2012
  29. 29. TrackingTracking is an important part ofmobile advertising, we cantrack web and phone leads tosee what ads are convertingThis helps us adapt campaignsto run at their full potential andallow us to provide informationon cost per leads, letting yousee a return on investment.
  30. 30. What is AdMob?A Google ad network that focuses onmobile advertising for appsConnect with advertisers to show ads inyour app, users click on the ads and youmake moneyYou can advertise your app in other apps toincrease downloads- you only pay whenyour ad is clickedIt works via a prepaid service, you top up atleast $50 then your ads run until thebudget runs out. Similar to AdWords youcreate a campaign, ad groups and ads.
  31. 31. Why use AdMob?AdMob is a great way to gainexposure for your appIt targets specific mobile users soreaching relevant usersIf more downloads of your appmake you more money, youshould advertise with AdMob
  32. 32. Who are Reflect Digital?
  33. 33. Competition! We’re giving away £3,000 worth of digital marketing to spend on SEO or a Social Campaign, to enter please let me have your business card!