The Business Show - Introduction to Google's Strategies for Online Business


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Reflect Digital's Introduction to Google's Strategies for Online Business from The Business Show November 2012

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The Business Show - Introduction to Google's Strategies for Online Business

  1. 1. An Introduction to Google‟s Strategies for Businesses By Becky Campbell - MD @ReflectDigital 22nd November 2012
  2. 2. AgendaAdwords Google+Analytics YouTubeGoogle Keyword AdmobTool GmailGoogle+ Local ChromeWebmaster Tools AndroidShoppingTrends
  3. 3. Why Google? UK – 91% UK – 5% UK – 2% UK – 1% UK – 0.4% US – 61% US – 15% US – 17% US – 3% US – 4%Source: The E Word October 2012
  4. 4. AdWords Google Adwords is Google‟s flagship advertising product that enables you to reach new customers through paid advertisements.100 million dollars a day is spent on AdWords
  5. 5. AdWordsAdwords enables you to target and set youradds by location, time/day and budgetYou only pay when somebody clicks on youradvertIt works on a „bidding‟ system and uses „qualityscore‟ to rank ads
  6. 6. AdWordsTarget your ads by radius…
  7. 7. AdWordsTarget your ads by device…
  8. 8. AdWordsSet your ads to run at specific times…
  9. 9. AdWordsThere are lots of features available toimprove your ads…
  10. 10. AdWordsAdWords can be a great tool to increasenew business, sign-ups and exposure foryour companyPPC is great for advertising new productsor seasonal offers
  11. 11. Google Keyword ToolThe GoogleKeyword tool is afree tool whichenables you toresearch potentialtargetkeywords, gatherinformation onsearch volumes andresearch estimatedcost per clicks…
  12. 12. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a free service that enables you totrack key visitor statistics such as: Visits Unique Visits Time on Site Average Page Views Bounce Rate
  13. 13. Google AnalyticsYou can view these key metrics via this simpledashboard…
  14. 14. Google AnalyticsFurther to this you can drill deeper into thisdata: You can filter visits by traffic source You can filter visits by device/location/operating system etc… You can track conversions as „goals‟ You can now track visits that are generated through social networks too…
  15. 15. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a great tool for tracking youronline marketing campaigns. For example,Being able to see which keywords generated trafficfor your website is vital if you‟re looking to run asearch engine optimisation campaign!
  16. 16. Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is another freeservice that gives you access to detailedinformation about your website…
  17. 17. Google Webmaster ToolsYou can also see… Crawl Stats How many pages are indexed
  18. 18. Google TrendsGoogle Trends lets you see which topics arepopular in the world of searchIt‟s a great research tool for any businesseslooking to run a search marketing campaign…
  19. 19. Google TrendsHere are two examples of searches that havebecome very popular over the past couple ofmonths… “James Bond” “iPhone5”
  20. 20. Google+ Google+ is Google‟s very own social network It currently has around 400 million users
  21. 21. Google+Google+ has it‟s own newsfeed – similar tothe Facebook timelineGoogle+ also has trending topics – as withTwitterYou can follow companies/people by addingthem to your circlesYou can also create „hangouts‟
  22. 22. Google+Google hangouts are great forbusinessesYou can chat with up to 10 peopleYou can share screensThey can be used for productdemonstrations or sales pitchesYou can stream your hangout live onyour Google+ profile
  23. 23. Google+ LocalGoogle+ Local was formerly known asGoogle Places Google+ Local sits within Google+ Google+ Local incorporates reviews, powered by Zagat Google+ Local listings also help to drive website traffic
  24. 24. Google+ Local The reviews, powered by Zagat, help to build trust Reviews are being utilised more and more online…think TripAdvisor!
  25. 25. Google+ Local Google+ Local listings help to increase website traffic If you don‟t rank in the local listings then you will be missing out on vital traffic and leads Google+ Local listings direct traffic into Google+
  26. 26. Google Shopping“Google Shopping” iswhat was formerlyknown as “GoogleProduct Search” and“Google Products”Merchants pay topromote their productsvia the Google Shoppingfeed
  27. 27. Google ShoppingGoogle shoppingresults feature in themain search resultspage which meansthey can really helpto increase yourproducts visibility…This is no longer afree service
  28. 28. YouTubeYouTube is the second largest search engine1 in every 20 users that leaves Google ends up onYouTubeYouTube is a great tool that can be utilised bybusinesses
  29. 29. YouTubeVideos can be used in manydifferent ways: Promotional videos “Meet the Team” videos Product demonstration videosAdding videos to your site helps to keep visitorsengaged and helps to increase the average time onsite.Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day!
  30. 30. AdMobA Google ad network that focuses on mobileadvertising for appsConnect with advertisers to show ads in yourapp, users click on the ads and you makemoneyYou can advertise your app in other apps toincrease downloads- you only pay when yourad is clickedIt works via a prepaid service, you top up atleast $50 then your ads run until the budgetruns out. Similar to AdWords you create acampaign, ad groups and ads.
  31. 31. AdMobAdMob is a great way to gain exposure foryour appIt targets specific mobile users so reachingrelevant usersIf more downloads of your app make youmore money, you should advertise withAdMob
  32. 32. Gmail Gmail is the most widely used web based email provider with over 425 million accounts worldwide! Users get 10GB of data storage for free.
  33. 33. ChromeChrome was first launched in September2008As of October 2012, Chrome has a globalmarket share of 45%, with Firefox in secondwith 31.8% and IE at 16.1%Chrome is cloud based which is why it isoften a lot quicker than other browsers.The design of the browser interface is simpleand clean, making it easy to use.Extensions are available to enhance yourbrowsing experience, SEOquake and ColourPicker are good ones to add!
  34. 34. AndroidAndroid was acquired in 2005, Google hadoriginally invested in the start-up business.Android is a operating system, that the opensource code is available free to use.It was primarily developed for touch screenmobile devices.Brands in the marketplace using Android –HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony
  35. 35. Who are Reflect Digital?
  36. 36. Competition! We’re giving away £3,000 worth of digital marketing to spend on SEO or a Social Campaign, to enter please let me have your business card!