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3 of the Best SaaS Customer Referral Program Examples


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We put together 3 of the Best SaaS Customer Referral Program Examples we could find to help show of some of the tricks of the trade.

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3 of the Best SaaS Customer Referral Program Examples

  1. 1. 3 of the Best SaaS Customer Referral Program Examples @getSaaSquatch
  2. 2. Introduction • A great way to ignite user growth is a customer referral program. • Unfortunately for many of us, we don’t know what a good customer referral program looks like. • Luckily for you, we found three great examples for you to look over. @getSaaSquatch
  3. 3. Overview Yesware’s program FreeAgent’s program Dropbox’s program Tell your users about your program Explain your program to your user Make it worth everyone’s time @getSaaSquatch
  4. 4. Company Preview: Yesware Yesware, is an email tracking tool that notifies salespeople when prospects open their messages and click their links. @getSaaSquatch
  5. 5. Company Preview: FreeAgent FreeAgent, is an online money management system for freelancers and small businesses. @getSaaSquatch
  6. 6. Company Preview: Dropbox Dropbox, is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. @getSaaSquatch
  7. 7. Yesware Let’s be honest, email tracking tools aren’t going to grab media attention. So Yesware looked into other ways to increase their user base. They have a great example of a SaaS customer referral program. @getSaaSquatch
  8. 8. You have an awesome product, but you need to prompt your users to share it. Yesware does a great job of this by putting a green call to action at the top of their dashboard, attracting the user’s attention. Tell Your Users About Your Program
  9. 9. Most people love special deals and as long as they like your product they are happy to tell their friends about it. @getSaaSquatch Tell Your Users About Your Program
  10. 10. Tell Your Users About Your Program Having more users aware of the program. Will increase the amount of referral invites. Increasing the likelihood of a new paid customer being referred. It only makes sense to tell your users about your program. @getSaaSquatch
  11. 11. Auto-Fill Referral Text Yesware auto-fills a message for you to send out to your friends. Eliminate fields and decrease the amount of action needed to make a referral. @getSaaSquatch
  12. 12. FreeAgent FreeAgent has grown by leaps and bounds from their customer referral program. It does many things right and is a great example of a customer referral program for SaaS. @getSaaSquatch
  13. 13. Explain the Program to Your Users Make sure your users know what the offer is. The last thing people want to do is share something they don’t understand. They definitely don’t want to be the reason their friend’s account gets hacked. @getSaaSquatch
  14. 14. Explain your Program to your Users Providing an overview of how the referral program works can help put the user’s at ease when they are making a referral. Trust is built by simply being open and honest at the start of the process. By educating your users before they make a referral, they are able to help their friends through the signing up process. @getSaaSquatch
  15. 15. Explain your Program to Your Users FreeAgent does a great job of explaining their referral program. They give a complete walk-through of how to access your account, find your referral code, and earn your discount. They are actually so open with this information, that you can find it before you have setup your account. @getSaaSquatch
  16. 16. Dropbox Dropbox’s customer referral program is one of the best known on the market. It is the major reason that they grew to the size they are. @getSaaSquatch
  17. 17. Make it Worth Everyone’s Time You should evaluate the value of reward, type of reward and who gets the reward. However, make sure your referral program is worth people’s time. @getSaaSquatch
  18. 18. @getSaaSquatch Make it Worth Everyone’s Time Give rewards that matter. You don’t have to give out large discounts. But you do have to give out something your users actually care about. If your customers aren’t price sensitive you can give away swag or feature upgrades.
  19. 19. Make it Worth Everyone’s Time Also, when in doubt, reward both parties. It’s totally different to ask a user to help their friend out by sharing a discount. Most of your users will feel better when they know they are helping friends, not selling them. @getSaaSquatch
  20. 20. @getSaaSquatch Make it Worth Everyone’s Time Dropbox does a great job at making the referral worth everyone’s time. The amount of storage that Dropbox gives away is about enough to store a TV Show, so most people are happy to take the time to refer a friend. They also make it worth your time to refer multiple friends by letting you earn more space for each person you refer.
  21. 21. Wrapping Everything Up Yesware, FreeAgent and Dropbox are just a few examples of some of the best SaaS customer referral programs. There are many more out there, and one might just be yours as long as you: Tell your users about your program. Explain the program to your users. Make it worth everyone’s time. @getSaaSquatch
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