9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics


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A well-promoted blog is a great way to generate leads and acquire customers. Here are 9 tips to help increase your blog readership.

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9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics

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  2. before�everything�else, your�blog’s�gotta rock be�helpful Most bloggers and content marketers need to make their content helpful to their community and not just type something to put it up there. Ask the question, “Is this helpful?” If the answer is no, start over. chris brogan CEO & President, human business works
  3. be�unique Figure out what’s your value proposition. Help people understand why they should pay attention to you and buy your products. peter sandeen Online Conversion Specialist, petersandeen.com I’d have my guests tell a story. A real story of a failure, the lessons they learnt. A real story of their “aha” moment, and lessons they learnt from that “aha” moment. And we just connect with stories. They're very powerful. john lee dumas founder, entrepreneuronfire tell�stories YOUR�BLOG’S�GOTTA�ROCK
  4. quote�experts What I like to do is write an original article and gather expert opinions to supplement some of my arguments. gregory ciotti customer champion, help scout respond�quickly to�trends It’s easier to get bloggers and journalists to write or share information containing an interesting new angle on something that was already at the top of their mind. larry kim founder & Cto, wordstream searchmarketing mobile social YOUR�BLOG’S�GOTTA�ROCK
  5. 2 make�sure�it’s searchable don’t�let�your�effort�go�to�waste, do�proper�keyword�research Writing awesome content is nice, but not doing proper keyword research upfront is probably the most common mistake I see. joost de valk founder & ceo, yoast keywordsearch traffic SEO research optimizationranking term referrals
  6. a�picture�paints�a�thousand�words, we’re�all visual�creatures create original�images Far too many blogs use stock photography because they won't take 20 minutes to create an original picture that stands on its own, and isn't just a title image. david leonhardt chief seo consultant and writer, seo-writer.com stock photo make�images�more�effective with�text�overlay On Pinterest and on other social networks images are often seen in isolation and the viewer has to make an extra effort to read the text of the pin description to understand it. A simple text overlay is an easy way to clarify the meaning of the image and can increase click throughs. cynthia sanchez founder, oh so pinteresting this image is all about text overlay
  7. invest�in�your content’s�design Remember that most of the people that you reach out to are very busy. That means they won't read every single word of your content. So the better your content looks the better response you'll get. brian dean founder, backlinko 24pt 12pt 21 SEO TIPS Techniques You Can Use to Get More search Traffic 36pt use�images�to attract�traffic Images not only make your articles more pleasant to read, but they can also help drive a lot of traffic from sites like Pinterest and Facebook. mitt ray founder, social marketing writing WE’RE�ALL�VISUAL�CREATURES
  8. create�visual�content I think all bloggers can promote their content more effectively by creating engaging visuals that encourage interaction via sharing, liking, or clicking through to see the content. That could be in the form of awesome photographs or creatively designed graphics included in a post that allow for easy visual sharing. We’ve found that people can easily consume and will consistently respond to content that has strong visual anchors. lindsay ostrom founder, pinch of yum & food blogger pro Start and Grow Your Food Blog WE’RE�ALL�VISUAL�CREATURES
  9. relationship�matters The most effective thing is taking the time to build real relationships and not trying to ‘network’ your way to acquire as many links as possible. Real relationships tend to scale better and you get better results in the long term. eric siu ceo, single grain build�real�relationships�with�people�first Your post promotion efforts will be a lot more effective if you build relationships first before asking anyone to share your posts. Saying "Hey, I love your blog - look at this great post I just wrote!" doesn't usually work well. ana hoffman founder, traffic generation cafe
  10. build�a�loyal�audience I’m talking about a dependable base of people who genuinely feel like they have some attachment to you or relationship with you, or who just really like your stuff. Encourage that group, feed them, nurture them. Make them special. mark traphagen senior director of online marketing, stone temple consulting can’t wait for your next blog post! RELATIONSHIP�MATTERS
  11. share�other’s�content The Internet is a relationship economy. You have to give to get. This is definitely a long game, but the payoff is tremendous. carol lynn rivera founder, web search social Your followers will appreciate the extra help and the content creators will be pleased to get extra attention, so it’s a win all around, and then everybody’s more likely to check out your next piece of content. sophie lizard founder, be a freelance blogger 8 tips to help youwork faster think better with these lifehacks how to get ahealthier body in 7 days! RELATIONSHIP�MATTERS
  12. New blog posts should be shared with the intent of actually sharing and starting discussions, rather than the expectation that just because you posted a link that means I have to click on it. Google+ is a great place to see this in action. mike allton founder, the social media hat use�social�media�to network�and�engage�- not�spam Mention relevant people and ask them to get involved in the conversation. Make sure to hang around to interact with those who do respond. tom ewer founder, leaving work behind be�human�on social�media hello @greenman! RELATIONSHIP�MATTERS
  13. your�target�audienceknow really, really�understand�your�audience Revisit your customer profile and see if the assumptions you made when you first created it still apply. Keep track of how these things change so you can invest your time and resources into only promotional tactics that will work for them. megan dougherty education lead, firepole marketing Understand your target audience’s most difficult problem and provide critical information to solve their problem. This will help them and solidifies your position as someone who provides incredible value. carol amato online entrepreneur, carolamato.com The process is simple. You create personas to describe a group / sub-group of your target audience so you would have an idea of their interests and needs in your industry. venchito tampon founder, digital philippines wants to amplify word-of-mouth but not sure where to begin considering to get a referral program for her online store needs help with website design needs help with content marketing wants to understand email marketing better
  14. Begin by surveying your audience. Ask them what is important to them. What do they need help with? What keeps them up at night? melonie doDARo founder & Ceo, top dog social media Successfully promoting content is a lot easier when you're promoting awesome - and targeted - content. rae hoffman ceo, pushfire Match�your�content�to the�needs�of�your�targeted�audience Match�your�content�to the�needs�of�your�targeted�audience relevant content relevant audience KNOW�YOUR�TARGET�AUDIENCE
  15. by�emailget�personal email�people�that you�mentioned This sometimes works better than just tweeting it at them because it’s more personal and others can’t see that you’ve emailed them. The more people on your email list who you can notify when you create a new post, the more traction that post will get. dan norris co-founder, wp curve hello howdy collect�leads The most effective way to convert traffic into subscribers is through the use of a Lead Magnet. The Lead Magnet is an irresistible bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their email address. ryan deiss ceo, digital marketer
  16. perform targeted distribution Start with the low-hanging fruit - people who have already shared similar content from your competitiors. But it's very important to ensure the quality of your content matches or exceeds the content from your competitors. jason acidre co-founder and ceo, Xight Interactive share�with�those who�have�already shared�similar�content send�your�content to�specific�targets For our clients we make a list of targets to share our content. Hopefully we can turn them into advocates. We created what we call a “client firehose,” which gives us great insight into who similarly publishes the stuff we create, and others who have a general interest in content like ours. bill sebald founder, greenlane seo @marketer_mark curated #socialmedia wisdom from top enterprise experts ow.ly/x2dzw via @awesomemarketingblog @marketer_mark hello mark! we wrote a post to analyze.. target
  17. reach�out�to influencers Find key influencers on Twitter that would be particularly interested in your content. Then, reach out to them with a tweet and ask them to review your content. This works especially well if you mentioned or referenced that influencer within your content. jayson demers founder & ceo, audience bloom If you run an outreach program to reach out to key influencers in your industry to promote your content it's important to track this outreach. One great tool for doing this is Buzzstream. ian cleary founder, razor social The way ViralContentBuzz works, it’s one of the most unintrusive ways you put your content in front of eager social media influencers. And you don’t even need to ask them to share your content because they are there exactly for that: They want to share your articles. ann smarty founder, myblogguest.com co-founder, viralcontentbuzz PERFORM�TARGETED�DISTRIBUTION
  18. prioritize�promoters First, choose the people you link out to wisely. If you have to choose between linking out to a blogger with an inferior resource but who is very active on a site like inbound.org or a subreddit, choose them over the blogger with a better resource but who’s less active in promoting other people’s content. richard marriot founder, clambr.com tag/mention relevant�people The next time you share one of your blog posts on social media try tagging any brands or people that you have mentioned within a status update or you could go as far as to actually ask them (nicely) if they’d help share your content – if you say awesome stuff about them, chances are they will be happy to help you. adam connell founder, blogging wizard the secret behind @thebloggingwiz’s success revealed PERFORM�TARGETED�DISTRIBUTION
  19. add�context when�sharing Instead of dropping a link and leaving, take the time to craft an introduction for the piece you are about to share. Also, every social network serves a specific purpose. You cannot promote your content on Google+ the way you would on Facebook. cendrine marrouat founder, social media slant Hey Mark! Here's a link to that idea you said you were looking for!" get�as�much�personal exposure�as�possible Get as much personal exposure as possible. This can be done through many different ways, such as paid advertising, a guest post, interview or even with your own affiliate program. Of course the ultimate way is to get exposure for free, as that is where the real value is. zac johnson founder, bloggingtips.com will blog for food PERFORM�TARGETED�DISTRIBUTION
  20. maximise the�potential�of social�media Ideally, you want to time your content’s publication and promotional efforts to coincide with your audience’s schedule. Your content will be much more successful if your audience finds it when they are most receptive to sharing, linking, etc. steve webb founder, web gnomes take�note�of�timing share�in�more�places If you go through a lot of effort to create good content, then do yourself a favor and share it, re-publish it, and pitch it to more places. Good content deserves to be shared with more people and the best way to do that is to share it in more places. james clear founder, jamesclear.com audience active hours 10 27 5 35 54
  21. retweet�for�visibility We all use social media to increase online visibility but there are certain tools that can magnify your efforts. Justretweet is a platform where it’s members can easily share content to social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Once added to these channels additional people are able to share it further magnifying your reach. bill gassett real estate agent, sellmyhomeinmetrowestma.com Most bloggers tweet the same piece of content multiple times. The reason being is that not all of your followers won’t see your content so tweeting and sharing it multiple times helps increase your overall traffic. neil patel founder, quicksprout co-founder, crazyegg & kissmetrics tweet #1 tweet #2 tweet #3 11:00aM 1:00PM 3:00PM retweet multiple�tweets/ shares�at�intervals MAXIMISE�POTENTIAL�OF�SOCIAL�MEDIA
  22. milk�older�content for�their�worth Don't forget to promote older content. If it's valuable, evergreen content, there is nothing wrong with re-sharing it months later. You have new followers and subscribers who haven't seen it. And existing fans might have missed it or might even gain a new perspective from re-reading it. jimmie lanley co-owner, ihomeschool network use�pinterest Pinterest is still widely underused for bloggers. Bloggers should have a Pinterest Business account and utilize the analytics on their pins. Rich pins are also a must for bloggers. peg fitzpatrick social strategy head, canva SHARE MAXIMISE�POTENTIAL�OF�SOCIAL�MEDIA
  23. http://www.smallbusinessideasblog.com/how-to-promote-your-blogSource: make�it�happen!a one�step�at�a�time take�action Every morning, before doing anything else, grab your list of tactics and strategies, look it over, and ask yourself this: what’s the ONE thing I can do today, right now, that can help me grow my readership? Then go do it. It’s that simple. james chartrand founder, men with pens ok let’s do this!
  24. take�action CRafTED BY A well-promoted blog is a great way to generate leads and acquire customers. Visit ReferralCandy.com to learn how you can use existing customers to do the same. REFERRALCANDY