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Reep Index Fuel Purchasing Analysis


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Are you a competitive spirit who likes to turn everything into a competition either with yourself or others, or maybe you're just on a budget? For whatever reason, almost one third of Reep fuel receipts in August were for an exact amount. There was an even higher percentage of 60% in Reep HQ!

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Reep Index Fuel Purchasing Analysis

  1. 1. Snippet
  2. 2. Obsessive Petrol Heads? After a quick and unexpectedly controversial survey in the Reep Rewards HQ in Argyle Square, it was discovered that out of 10 drivers, 6 of us like to get an exact amount when purchasing fuel. There is a gender breakdown of 60% female/40% male in the office, with the 6 colleagues who prefer to get an exact amount consisting of 2 males and 4 females. The controversy arose from the suggestion that those who have company credit cards don’t pay attention to how much they spend and therefore are less likely to purchase an exact amount. In reality, of those who pay with (their own) cards, 3 are ‘obsessive petrol heads’ and 4 don’t try for the exact amount. All 3 of the cash users like to keep to the exact amount. Could this indicate that those who pay with cash are more aware of what they spend and are better at keeping to a budget?
  3. 3. Obsessive Petrol Heads? We decided to see if our behaviour is reflected in the Reep shopper’s habits and had a look at fuel receipts snapped in August and here’s what we found….
  4. 4. Michele Groarke – Insights and Data Analysis Reep Rewards 01-6675377