Session 2B - Vickie Galindo


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Vickie Galindo, New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center Presentation

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Session 2B - Vickie Galindo

  1. 1. Green JobWorkforceDevelopmentUpdateVickie GalindoDoña Ana Community CollegeOctober 26, 2011
  2. 2. Overview Purpose Private sector survey Public sector survey Town Hall Meetings
  3. 3. Purpose Partnership Selfidentify in four green economy core areas:  Renewable Energy  Clean Manufacturing  Energy Efficiency  Research, Development, and Administration
  4. 4. Renewable Energy Productionof energy using renewable resources and services that support production, storage, and/or transmission of renewable energy
  5. 5. Clean Manufacturing Manufacturing of products, materials, and equipment that are utilized in reducing the use of energy and creating or storing alternative energy resources
  6. 6. Energy Efficiency Services that effectively reduce the demand for or use of energy consumption
  7. 7. Research, Development,and Administration Servicesthat contribute to the development, support, awareness, and/or overall success of improved, cost-efficient technologies and practices for green business
  8. 8. Private Sector Survey June 2010, follow-up February 2011 2,246 entities within 19 identified NAICS codes Mail with phone follow-up 35% response rate Results
  9. 9. Public Sector Survey June 2011 2,273 agencies/offices Mail with a later phone follow-up 16% response rate Results
  10. 10. Town Hall Meetings One in each workforce board region Purpose Outcomes
  11. 11. Questions??? Vickie Galindo