Session 2B - Robert Rhodes


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Robert Rhodes, New Mexico Junior College (Hobbs) Vice President for Training and Outreach Presentation

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Session 2B - Robert Rhodes

  1. 1. The NEW Energy Workforce Robert Rhodes New Mexico Junior College
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. Lack of Skilled Labor There’s no way around it: respondents report, on median, that 5% of their jobs remain unfilled simply because they can’t find people with the right skills. Translated to raw numbers, this means that as many as 600,000 jobs are going unfilled Source: Copyright 2011, Deloitte Development LLC and The Manufacturing Institute
  4. 4. Changing Nature of Industry "The biggest challenge, even though there is huge unemployment, we dont find skilled labor," said Darlene Miller, who is the chief executive of Permac Industries, a Minnesota-based machining company. "We dont really have any unskilled labor jobs.“ Source: Obama Job Council
  5. 5. It is not going to get better 45% of the workforce in the electric and natural gas utility industry will reach retirement age within the next six to seven years Similar numbers across the energy industry Source: EnergyBiz Magazine
  6. 6. The Real Color of Jobs is Blue As in Blue Collar Technicians
  7. 7. The Answer Build a pipeline of technicians with not only the needed skill sets but the culture of the Energy Industry
  8. 8. Challenge It Must be Industry Driven It Must be Competency Based, and It Must Have Flexible Delivery
  9. 9. Good Signs New Mexico Community Colleges offer traditional and alternative energy programs New Mexico Colleges and Workforce partners have established Centers of Excellence for alternative energy programs New Mexico Community Colleges are building a statewide consortium that will coordinate delivery and certification of workforce programs.
  10. 10. New Mexico Junior College Dual Credit Alternative Energy Program Alternative Energy Laboratory and Industry Scale Wind and Solar program Training field includes 45 KWH of Wind and 45 KWH of Solar Energy Technician Training Program Nuclear Technician Training Program Petroleum Technician Training Program Adding Alternative Energy Technician Program
  11. 11. New Mexico Junior College Includes Short term, Certificate and Associate Degree tracks The only fully accredited online energy technology program in the nation
  12. 12. New Mexico Junior College Training is now available: ANY TIME ANY PLACE ANY WHERE
  13. 13. Next Steps Work with industry to create a comprehensive list of skill competencies for the energy jobs Develop a uniform curriculum program to ensure a supply of the right people at the right time Don’t forget the culture
  14. 14. Build the Pipeline It all starts in middle school Create industry links to students and teachers Backing in to STEM Make sure that leadership gets the message
  15. 15. Thank You