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2012 Reenergize the Americas 4A: Raúl Felix


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2012 Reenergize the Americas 4A: Raúl Felix

  1. 1.  DISCLAIMER
  2. 2.  1. Regulatory Framework: Biofuels Law & Renewable Energy Law in Mexico 2. Cluster Opportunities (Regional Integration) 3. Availability of Natural Resources 4. Opportunities in Challenging Environment
  3. 3.  Bio-Fuel Opportunities Evaluation of the Production chain & comparative advantages. Labor intensive phases of the production vs Capital- Bio-Technological portions Bio-refineries (Maquiladora concept)
  4. 4.  Production of Supplies Logistic Costs Transmission & Discharge Capacity Major Hurdle (Interconnection limitations)
  5. 5.  State & Federal Regulations looking inwards (local energy markets). Political statements of Integration. Twin Facilities along the Border vs Restrictions to the flow of power. Build New Bridges & New Connections.
  6. 6.  Outlook for the next 50 years: Regional Economic Growth will surpass that of our countries. “It is a Border, Not a Barrier”