2012 Reenergize the Americas 6B: Kevin Boberg


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  • Entrepreneur VenturesStudent led, client focused research and assistance for entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, and government organizations Student innovation teams, multi-disciplinary, all collegesOver 375 studies since 2004 performed by 300 studentsBusiness and marketing plans, feasibility studies, and market analyses Studio G1st university-based student incubator in New MexicoA place where ideas growOpen to current NMSU students or recent alums6 student companies in Studio G, one graduated companyMost important? The ability to network and learn from others
  • No cost to the businessReceive assistance from lab scientists or engineers for projects that require testing, design consultation, and access to special equipment or facilitiesThe NMSBA program leverages the expertise of NMSU resources, partnering with more than a dozen faculty and staff from five colleges on campus.
  • First Round of FundingSeven applications from NMSU faculty, faculty-student teams, and a student-led team with a faculty advisorArrowhead Center graduate students working with applicants throughout processApplicants from Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Economic Development, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Systems, and Molecular Biology Finalists received feedback from investment community representatives before presenting to the Launch selection committee, forging possible partnershipsMeetings with potential applicants led to exploration of other emerging technologies
  • 2012 Reenergize the Americas 6B: Kevin Boberg

    1. 1. arrowheadcenter.org 575-646-1434 Arrowhead CenterOffice of the Vice President for Economic Development New Mexico State University ReEnergize The Americas October 18, 2012 1
    2. 2. What and HowWHAT WE DO: Research, Business,Create an innovation-driven economy. Education, Economic Regional Development InnovationHOW WE DO IT:Conduct research to move ideas to market.Launch start-up companies by serving and supporting the entrepreneur from idea toenterprise.Support the growth of successful companies at the research park.Provide students with directed learning experiences to expand their skill sets andprepare them to enter the innovation workforce.Analyze the impact of public policies on the economy. 2 Arrowheadcenter.org
    3. 3. WhoWHO WE DO IT FOR:Those throughout New Mexico who are eager to embrace new and emerging ideas. Public & Entrepreneurs Private Partners Students Researchers 3 Arrowheadcenter.org
    4. 4. Entrepreneurship InstituteWHAT WE DO:Conduct research to move ideas to market and train entrepreneurs.HOW WE DO IT: Entrepreneur Student E- NME- Innoventure Ventures Business Laboratory Alliance Incubator 4 Arrowheadcenter.org
    5. 5. Arrowhead Technology IncubatorWHAT WE DO:Accelerate technology-based entrepreneurial growth. Energy Space & Homeland Information Aerospace Security Technology 5 Arrowheadcenter.org
    6. 6. National Lab Collaboration• Student teams devoted to analyzing technologies, validating markets and investigating licensing opportunities.• New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) allows New Mexico small businesses facing technical challenges to access the unique expertise and capabilities of Los Alamos, Sandia, and universities.
    7. 7. Arrowhead ParkWHAT WE DO:Inspire an emerging hub for innovation and creativity that links scientists, technologists, andentrepreneurs contributing to New Mexicos economic development. HOW WE DO IT: Manage a 200+ acre public-private land development partnership on NMSU. Develop mutually beneficial relationships between NMSU and industry. Recruit private sector and government tenants - Early College High School. Drive developmental activities that contribute to the growth of the Park and entrepreneurial community: -Expansion of Arrowhead Drive to 4 lanes -$27 million investment in last 4 years 7 Arrowheadcenter.org
    8. 8. Policy AnalysisWHAT WE DO:Analyze public policies and economic impacts. HOW WE DO IT:  Economic base studies  All New Mexico counties and SMSAs  Economic impact studies  Fiscal analyses and industry studies  Includes NM fossil fuel project for Department of Energy  Economic policy analyses 8 Arrowheadcenter.org
    9. 9. Technology Commercialization Pathways through which the innovations developed by NMSU researchers may have the greatest scholarly, economic, and social impacts. Successful technology commercialization includes a range of activities, from IP management to technology licensing to start-up business formation. Leading the Launch proof of concept program. Learning and efficiency through Technology Commercialization Associates program. 9
    10. 10. LaunchWHAT WE DO:Move innovative technologies from NMSU laboratories and development settings tomarket.HOW WE DO IT: Award up to $25,000 cash for technology development, market assessment, and business planning activities. Provide researchers and technologists commercialization assistance. Provide mentoring and access to investment networks.WHO WE DO IT FOR:NMSU faculty, staff, and students in all disciplines and fields of research. 10 Arrowheadcenter.org
    11. 11. LaunchFIRST AWARDEESDrs. Jeffrey Arterburn, Charles Shuster, and Kevin Houston A new class of fluorescent organic dyes and associated compounds referred to as “HPY- Dyes.” Applications in biological, biomedical, and biotechnology fields as indicators of cell viability and function. 11 Arrowheadcenter.org
    12. 12. LaunchFIRST AWARDEESDrs. Geoffrey Smith and Shuguang Deng Biohydrogenesis ™ is a bacteria culture that produces large quantities of hydrogen gas and is able to capture that gas in a biopolymer. Represents a potential U.S. domestic source of energy that may be very economical and does not use food sources (e.g., ethanol industry’s use of corn). 12 Arrowheadcenter.org
    13. 13. Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN)AIN: a collaborative network of players staged on the expansion of existingprograms and the establishment of new initiatives designed to create andretain talent, invest in innovation and entrepreneurship, and strengthen therelationship between research and commercialization in our region ofsouthern New Mexico and west Texas AIN will build upon Launch, NMSU’s proof of concept program, strengthening the program through filling in gaps and creating a network to support it Enhancement of existing Launch support programs: enterprise research and entrepreneurial training, business acceleration, and technology commercialization outreach New Launch Features: enterprise advisors and investment funds 13 Arrowheadcenter.org
    14. 14. Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN) AIN funded through Round 3 of i6 Challenge • Multi-agency grant that encourages and rewards innovative, groundbreaking ideas that accelerate technology commercialization, new venture formation, job creation, and economic growth across the United States. • Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) was created in 2009 to spearhead the federal governments efforts to promote innovation-based, high-growth entrepreneurship in pursuit of job creation and economic growth. • Obama Administration today announced the winners of the third round of the i6 Challenge, a national competition to advance American innovation, foster entrepreneurship, increase the commercialization of ideas into viable companies, and create jobs . . . Including Us 14 Arrowheadcenter.org
    15. 15. Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN) AIN funded through Round 3 of i6 Challenge • . . . Including Us • DONA ANA, SIERRA, AND SOCORRO COUNTIES NM AND WEST TEXAS • SNL, LANL • HUB OF HUMAN INNOVATION • OTHERS . . . YOU? 15 Arrowheadcenter.org
    16. 16. For More Information Contact Arrowhead Center Visit our website at arrowheadcenter.nmsu.edu Contact Kevin Boberg at (575) 646.1434 or kboberg@nmsu.edu 16 Arrowheadcenter.org