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This presentation contains information about the dog food market in Singapore and the current market trends in the region.

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  1. 1. DOG FOOD MARKET IN SINGAPORE -2018 Image source; Pets – The Nest
  2. 2. MARKET INSIGHTS Pet food market in Singapore is worth USD 102 million in 2017. Humanization and premiumization are the key factors driving sales in the region. Dog foods dominate 51.6% of all pet food sales. Owners are now looking for natural and high- quality products for their pets.
  3. 3. MARKET OVERVIEW Dog population, Dog trends
  4. 4. DOGS RULE THE REGION More people in Singapore now own dogs, with the number of canine pets increasing from an estimated 47k in 2006 to 62k in 2017. Singapore has a dog population of 102million . 48% household own a pet dog. Cats second most common pet 29% household on cat. Dogs 35% Birds 10% Hamster s 10% Rabbits 15% Cats 30%
  5. 5. DOG BREEDS POPULAR IN SINGAPORE Miniature schnauzer Golden Retriever Chihuahua Shih Tzu Jack russel terrier Maltese
  6. 6. CURRENT TRENDS Current trends in the Dog-food market of the country
  8. 8. PREMIUMIZATION Humanisation is a key trend in the region. Widespread attention to the health and well- being of pets has led to the choice of high quality food (premium foods) Perfect flavour, type and brand of food that meets pets specific needs .
  9. 9. HUMAN GRADE Pet anthropomorphism has led pet parents to feed their pets with food containing human grade ingredients. People are embracing a ‘Feed your dog what you can eat’ mentality.
  10. 10. NATURAL AND ORGANIC Growing concern among people regarding their pets’ health. This has led to a good scope for natural and organic pet foods. Consumers are willing to pay way more for an organic product now than in the past.
  11. 11. GRAIN FREE Not all dogs are immune to gluten. This gluten allergy can lead to Celiac disease. This has led to the increasing sales of grain-free pet foods in the region. With increasing pet anthropomorphism, more owners are being aware about the disease and are purchasing grain-free food.
  12. 12. DOG FOOD AND TREAT SALES Consumer Behavior, Retail sales
  13. 13. PETS ARE FAMILY Pet owners agree that they don’t feel alone when surrounded by their pet. Pet owners consider pets to be a part of their family. Pet owners agree that their pet is their best friend. 90% 80% 75%
  14. 14. DOG FOOD SALES Dog food dominates 51.6% of the total pet food sales. The total pet food market is worth USD 102 million. Market is moving towards Premium Food and Treats – mostly towards healthy and natural.
  15. 15. DOG FOOD GROSSING MILLIONS Dog food market value USD 45.9 million in 2018. The market to value USD 134.4 million in 2021 with a growth rate of 4.3% dominating 51.6% of the pet food market. 45.9 65.6 93.9 134.3 2018 2019 2020 2021 Retail market size in USD Millions
  16. 16. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Home stores are the major distribution channel dominating 58% of sales. Convenience stores shares the least with a share of 3% Home Stores 58% Pet shops 31% Supermarkets 4% Convenience Stores 3% Drug Stores 4%
  17. 17. TWO BIGGEST MARKETS AND SINGAPORE JAPAN Dog population: 11m Dog food market: US$ 1550 Mn USA Dog population: 77.8m Dog food market: US$ 14.4 Bn SINGAPORE Dog population: 824k Dog food market: US$ 102Mn
  18. 18. Singapore is a small, but wealthy nation with an open and trade-driven economy. It is ranked number one by the World Bank to start and run a business. Mordorintelligence “Dog treats recorded the strongest retail value growth in dog food in 2017, with product innovation and the focus on health among new brands contributing towards much of the growth.” Alliance expert “The close connections between dog owners and their canines have aided pet humanisation trends in dog food.” Euromonitor international WHAT EXPERTS SAY “Grain free and gluten free food have grown in popularity, as they are successfully positioned as healthier and more nutritious as they do not have fillers such as corn.” Euromonitor international
  19. 19. ABOUT DOGSEE CHEW Dogsee Chew and its products
  20. 20. NATURAL TREAT FOR NATURAL LOVE Dogsee Chew is made only from 4 ingredients – Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice and Salt. These chews are healthy and human grade, and are handcrafted in the Himalayas. Dogsee treats are 3 times harder than bones. Dogsee Chew is a 100% natural and human grade product; free from grain, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavoring.
  21. 21. HIMALAYAS TO DOGS OF THE WORLD Currently the biggest pet food trends in the United States; Premiumization and humanization. Consumption of organic foods and products is the other trend. Dogsee products are premium, human grade, 100% natural and organic.
  22. 22. 22 For the Love of Dogs, Passion for All Natural Food, and Affinity to the Himalaya. WHY DOGSEE CHEW? ALL NATURAL PRODUCT Dogsee Chew is the answer to Liver & Oral problems – All Natural Treat with hard chewy texture. These chews are successful in US and have Global appeal. ORIGINATED IN HIMALAYA Himalaya Yak/Cow Milk Chews can only be manufactured in Himalayan Region of Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim. HIGH MORTALITY RATE Globally about 70% Dogs don’t live their full life and die in between 8 to 10 years. LIVER & ORAL PROBLEMS Liver Problems come from high intake of preservatives/chemicals, while Oral issues come due to lack of hard chews for dogs.
  23. 23. GLOBAL PRESENCE Sold in over 8 countries. Making millions of Dogs happy every day.
  25. 25. We work to better the life of Stray Dogs around the World. We support adoption of Stray Dogs through We are friends of We provide our treats for free to VOSD to feed stray dogs. So far, over 100 dogs has been adopted in Bangalore through #BOTA. We are their proud partners. AND, WE REALLY LOVE DOGS!!
  26. 26. TALK TO US Shirish Ghimire Marketing Manager Dogsee Chew Email: Reena Thapa Marketing Intern Dogsee Chew Email: We are looking for distributors across the country. Interested? Talk to us
  27. 27. CONTENT CREDITS Statista Petfoodindustry Euromonitor International Mordorintelligence
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