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Larry page


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Larry page

  2. 2. PERSON OF THE MILLENNIUM Larry Page (Lawrence E.Page): Google Cofounder Famous for : Starting thepopular Google searchengine with Sergey Brin Page details : Born - March26, 1973 Michigan - USALives - America
  3. 3. EARLY LIFE Larry Page was born on the 26th of March,1973 in Michigan, USA Page always had a keen interest incomputers while growing up and wasencouraged by his father, Dr. Carl VictorPage Larry Page graduated with a focus oncomputer engineering at the University ofMichigan It was while studying his Ph.D. at theStanford University that he met SergeyBrin.
  4. 4. THE BEGINNINGS OF GOOGLE Sergey Brin-Co founder of Google- Close Friends- Focus on Data Mining System. Page and Brin began work on a project The Anatomyof a Search Engine Dormitory crammed with cheap computers Funds borrowed from friends and family Rented Menlo Park to begin operations Original name for Google was “Backrub” by Brin Google originated from GooGol
  5. 5. DEDICATION TO GOOGLE The Google project relied on thePageRank technology that the pairdeveloped PageRank provided the basis for Brinand Pages PhD project and continuesto be the major factor in Googlessearch algorithm today Larry Page never finished his PhDbecause of the great success of hisGoogle search engine
  6. 6. SUCCESS STORY In its early years Google allowed noadvertising in their search engine results Google became a public company onAugust 19, 2004 Larry Page became president of productsin 2001 In 2005 Larry Page has an estimatedwealth of $US7.2 billion according to theForbes business magazine Forbes ranks Larry Page as the 55thrichest man in the world at just 32 yearsof age.
  7. 7. LARRY PAGE QUOTES If you can run the company a bitmore collaboratively, you get abetter result, because you havemore bandwidth and checking andbalancing going on. We dont have as many managersas we should, but we would ratherhave too few than too many.
  8. 8. PERSONALITY Vision Motivation Focus Trustworthy Teamwork Emotional Intelligence Google is the Top employer around the globe
  9. 9. THANK YOU…