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Tech firm starts yoga for its employees PDF.PDF


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Tech firm starts yoga for its employees PDF.PDF

  1. 1. Tech firm starts yoga for its employees Express Features First Published: 10 Jul 2009 08:21:07 AM IST HYDERABAD: In today’s corporate world it is extremely important for employees to identify with the company they work for and its brand value in the market. AppLabs, too has started on emplo yee engagement initiatives enabling employees to make an emotional connect with the service offerings and align the employee mindset with the organisational goals and objectives. The company recently started special yoga session - Self Management of Excessive Tension (SMET) for their employees as part of their employee engagement initiative. These are simple and easy exercises based on yogic principles for developing ability to cope with stress, anxiety and strain. The SMET programme includes - easy postures with slow rhythmic breathing; Cyclic meditation, which is based on alternate stimulation through asanas and relaxation leading to release of stress; and deep relaxation. Over 100 associates of AppLabs have enrolled to this program taught by Dr. Sai Kumar, noted yoga guru.
  2. 2. “Yoga can play a pivotal role as part of an employer‘s overall efforts to promote wellness, effective team spirit and prevent stress among employees. It also can dovetail nicely with an employer‘ s initiatives to encourage employees to take more personal responsibility for their overall health and health care decision-making,” Reema Sarin, AVP, marketing of AppLabs said. She further added that “the classes have been of immense help to our employees with back pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, heart disease and fatigue,”