YouTube Marketing Tactics & Tips: The Next Generation of YouTube Marketing


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This is my presentation from the "Next Gen YouTube Marketing" session at Search Engine Strategies West, 2011 in San Francisco, CA. Learn more about YouTube marketing at my site, -

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  • Increase youtube views , likes and subscribers in your video url
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YouTube Marketing Tactics & Tips: The Next Generation of YouTube Marketing

  1. 1. NEXT GEN YOUTUBE MARKETING Mark Robertson Founder & President
  2. 2. Agenda1 •YouTube Misconceptions3 •YouTube Marketing & SEO Essentials4 •Driving YouTube Viewers Home5 •Embedding YouTube Players6 •Going Beyond YouTube
  3. 3. YOUTUBE MISCONCEPTIONS It’s for kids They don’t protect copyrightsYouTube doesn’t work for business It’s not good for my website 00:18
  4. 4. YouTube Is For 13yr Olds Who Love Cats
  5. 5. YouTube Is For Fun, Not For Business1. Community Outreach & Social Media2. Brand Promotion & Awareness – Old Spice = 283K subscribers + 234M video views – Victoria’s Secret = 46K subscribers + 27M video views3. Direct Response – Results in direct-response if done properly4. Search Engine Exposure – Every Search Engine PLUS Google & YouTube
  6. 6. YouTube Doesn’t Protect Owner Copyright• YouTube’s Content ID program gives content owners a choice (Partner Program)• Universal Music Group – “10’s of Millions of Dollars” annually from YouTube.
  7. 7. YouTube Is For Fun, Not For Business 1000’s of brands are active on YouTube Consumer Goods Fashion Jewelry Old Spice, Evian, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Puma, Tag Heuer, Dynomighty Dove/Unilever RayBan, Levis Media/Entertainment Household E-CommerceUniversal, Disney, NYTimes, Blendtec, IKEA, Sears HSN, QVC, CBS, CNN, HULU? Electronics Automotive Technology Sony, Phillips, Samsung, Toyota, Kia, Ford, Volvo, BMW,T-Mobile, IBM, LG, Vodafone Nintendo etc… Financial Food & Beverage Education/Non-ProfitsING, Deutsche Bank Gruppe, Pepsi, MacDonalds, Coca-Cola, Harvard, Yale, World Vision, Quicken Fanta, Heineken Unicef
  8. 8. YouTube Is Not Good Enough For Websites
  9. 9. YOUTUBE MARKETING & SEO ESSENTIALS Quality content SEO Audience Basics 00:21
  10. 10. Success = More than Keywords & TextYouTube Ranking Factors – Title – Description – Tags – Views & frequency – Likes, dislikes – Playlist additions – Flagging – Shares – Comments – Age of video – Subscribers – Favorites – Embeds & inbound links – Social media buzz
  11. 11. YouTube Ranking Factors ContinuedMore Potential YouTube Ranking Factors • Average Viewer Duration • Frequency of Community Interaction Influencers • Playlist Inclusion • Honors • Insight/Trends/Analytics Indicators Social • Bulletins Paid Media & • Authority Channel (Ex: BMW) Promotion Buzz • Google & YouTube Search CTR YouTube • Channel Views Rankings • Social Bookmarking • Tone of Interaction (Positive vs. Negative Comments) • News/Press/Press Release • Influencers & Media Placement Frequency Inbound • YouTube Partner Program Freshness linking • Closed Captions, Transcriptions, etc.. • Video Quality
  12. 12. Qualitycontent
  13. 13. What Doesn’t Work On YouTube?• Online Video = Lean Forward vs. Lean Back – The classic disruptive marketing approach does not work.
  14. 14. Viral Video As A Strategy = Russian Roulette99.67% of YouTube videos have less than 1M views - TubeMogul.“…most YouTube videos get less than a couple of hundred views.” – YouTube Help
  15. 15. What Content Works On YouTubeCreate Magnetic Content:• Content that naturally attracts consumers Vs. interruption marketingTell a Story• Is the content unique?• Is the content useful?• Is the content well executed?• Is the content fun?• Is the content honest?Tips• Consider well-known talent• Dedicate resources• Don’t play viral roulette• Avoid using copyrighted assets
  16. 16. Comprehensive, Ongoing Content Strategy Set realistic goals BUT upload often, and regularly
  17. 17. SEO Basics
  18. 18. Tips for YouTube SEO – Don’t Be Lazy
  19. 19. Use YouTube Directly vs. Common API ToolsWhy Use YouTube Directly?• Thumbnail selection• Geo-tagging for Google Earth, Places, etc…• 1080p HD uploads, up to 20GB• Promoted videos• Annotations• Playlists• Insights• Closed captions• You should be active anyway (it’s a social platform)
  20. 20. Titles Are Extremely Important, As Always• Titles show in player, as page head meta, in search results• First 50 Char are shown in Universal, etc…• Trade-off = keywords vs. enticing Which one would you click on?
  21. 21. More YouTube Optimization TipsMaximize Descriptive Text Areas• Descriptions – Use descriptions field liberally (5000 char)• Tags – optimize & de-optimize – But don’t spamChoose Compelling Thumbnails• Which one would you choose? • “Flip Mino HD”
  22. 22. Take Advantage Of YouTube Playlists
  23. 23. Create YouTube Closed Captions/Subtitles• Accessibility for Hearing Impaired • Global Reach - Translations
  24. 24. Google Search “Content Network for Videos”
  25. 25. YouTube Search “Content Network for Videos”
  26. 26. Closed Captioning Gets Indexed• YouTube & Google Index CC• CC/Subtitles don’t require audio• May help with long tail searches “Content Network for Videos” ???
  27. 27. Don’t Ignore Your YouTube ChannelAmerican ApparelWhat they did right?• Website link• Logo• UsernameWhat they didn’t do?• Lazy description• No background image• No playlists• No favorites• Rarely active• Could probably get a brand channel
  28. 28. YouTube Channel SuccessTips for Success• Username – brand keywords• Keyword-dense descriptions• Website URL – “followed”• Customize your channel – Settings, themes, colors, modules – Background image• Consider a brand or partner channel – Extra branding – Links to sites & products – Control related videos
  29. 29. Example Channels – Brands & PartnersPartner Channel - MysteryGuitarMan Brand Channel - MysteryGuitarMan
  30. 30. Audience
  31. 31. Engage & Drive YouTube Audience Interaction• Subscribe to relevant users• Add video responses when appropriate• Encourage embedding• Allow commenting, rating – Converse Respond!
  32. 32. Use Annotations To Drive Interaction & Views Link to other videos Community Engagement Encourage responses, comments, likes, subscribes
  33. 33. Don’t Overdo It. Link to other videos
  34. 34. Remember - YouTube’s Search Looks Outside Directly from YouTube’s Partner Guide
  35. 35. Seed And Promote Inside & Outside YouTube• Use most popular YouTube channel available to you• Try YouTube Promoted Videos• Post to your website• Post to industry blogs – “Key Influencers”• Post to social networks – Twitter – Facebook – Linkedin• Send internally
  36. 36. YOUTUBE CONVERSION TIPS Driving YouTube Viewers Home 00:36
  37. 37. Drive YouTube Viewers HomeURL in Description Field – Must include http:// – Use URL shortener – tracking, nofollow
  38. 38. Drive YouTube Viewers HomeIn-Video Calls to Action – Teasers, Coupons, Promo codes, Call tracking, Unique URLs, Etc… – Consider using annotations (dynamic)
  39. 39. Driving Video Views – YouTube PromoteYouTube Promoted Videos• Pay Per Click/View• Keyword bidding• Drives video views
  40. 40. Driving Viewers Home For FREE?WHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW• Bonus = Free call to action overlay• Auto-play on channel = more views• Starts at $0.01 CPC• Cost per click off-site? $0.00 – Overlay works on pause
  42. 42. Using YouTube For Your WebsiteAdvantages Disadvantages• FREE video hosting • 2nd most blocked website• Free video management • Possible competitor advertising• Free video delivery • No DRM for serious content owners• Credit for video views (not autoplay) • No ability to monetize without partnership
  43. 43. YouTube Could Give Back – “As Seen On”
  44. 44. Customizing YouTube’s Embedded Player• Turn off title & ratings • Loop playback – &showinfo=0 – &loop=1• Turn off search • Disable full screen – &showsearch=0 (not sure why you’d want to) – &fs=0• Turn off related videos – &rel=0 • Remove YouTube’s logo – &modestbranding=1• Turn off annotations – &iv_load_policy=3 • Hide control bar – &autohide=1• Force closed captions – &cc_load_policy=1 • Remove control bar – &controls=0• Turn on autoplay (not recommended) – &autoplay=1
  45. 45. Create Your Own YouTube Chromeless Player More customization tips -
  46. 46. GOING BEYOND YOUTUBE 01:00
  47. 47. Going Beyond YouTubeConsider other video destination sites• Use services like Tubemogul – Upload to multiple sites once• Try variations in titles, descriptions, tags – Avoid duplicate content• – Great for webseries, episodic video – Excellent monetization possibilities – Additional syndication options• Vimeo – Great for artists, videographers, etc..
  48. 48. Please Love Us & Get Reel With Video!ReelSEO = The Online Video Marketer’s GuideOur focus is to help businesses andmarketers to best leverage the power ofonline video. Video Marketing Video Advertising Video SEO Video Technology Video Search Video Production Research & Trends E-Commerce Video Mobile Video Tools and Software
  49. 49. QUESTIONS?