Transitioning to a new school year


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Transitioning to a new school year

  1. 1.  We all react differently to change – Some of us are excited by new experiences –Some – not so much! It’s important to remember that your child takeshis/her cues from you!
  2. 2.  Speak positively about your child’s newgrade and teacher. If you have doubts,wait until your child has had the chanceto get comfortable in their newclassroom. Then speak with the teacherabout any concerns. Expressing your own concerns in front ofyour child only raises their anxiety.
  3. 3.  As C Track and D Track students at a year-round school, such as Clara Barton, yourchild may have only a week off betweengrade levels. Let them relax and enjoy thattime. A Track and B Track students have a longerbreak between school years. Some readingand math review, perhaps using computergames, is sufficient to keep their skills up.ALL kids need a break.
  4. 4.  Your teacher’s website will let you know what theyexpect your child to have at school. If the teacher does not have a website, you willreceive that information at Back-to-School Night. Have your child help you pick out and organizetheir materials.
  5. 5.  You may tour the campus by making anappointment at the front office. We are a largeschool and can be overwhelming to a newstudent. Make sure your child knows where you will bepicking them up!! We have multiple exits points.But, don’t worry, staff will make sure your child goesto the front office if they do not find you afterschool.
  6. 6.  Back-to-School Night gives parents achance to learn about a teacher’sprogram and expectations. It is a greatopportunity to develop a personalconnection to your child’s teacher.
  7. 7.  Teachers have a limited time to preparetheir classrooms for the new school year.Please respect that time – if you wouldlike to set up an appointment with yourchild’s new teacher, you may do so atour Back-to-School Night held the firstweek of school.
  8. 8.  At Clara Barton, we welcome our parentinvolvement with the many activities andevents planned throughout the year.Many of these are held in the eveningand/or Saturday. Watch for information throughout theyear on ways you can become involvedat Clara Barton Elementary School!Clara Barton PTA
  9. 9.  This is a big transition – know that Barton kids arewell-prepared for Middle School. Though yourchild will have multiple teachers, the suggestionsin the previous slides apply here, too!. In addition, make sure your child gets involvedwith an extra-curricular activity. Your child willmake new connections and may develop life-long interests. Studies have shown that studentsinvolved in activities do better overall in school!