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Accommodations vs modifications


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Accommodations vs modifications

  1. 1. Accommodations vs Modifications
  2. 2. Accommodations Versus Modifications• Accommodations DO • Modifications are NOT Fundamentally changes that do alter the standard or Fundamentally lower what the student is or alter the standard expected to master. or expectation of the The objectives of the course. course/activity remain intact.• Accommodations= How • Modification= What
  3. 3. Types of Accommodations• Quantity • Input – # of items – Visuals, hands on activities, cooperative groups• Time – Extra time • Output – Adapt how the student will• Level of Support respond to instruction – Peer tutors, teacher small group • Participation – Adapt the extent that the student is actively involved in the task
  4. 4. Types of Modifications• Difficulty – Scaffold the assignment to lower grade level• Alternate Goals – Same assignment with a adapted goal• Substitute Curriculum – Different instruction or material