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Media technologies used


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Media technologies used

  1. 1. Media Technologies Used
  2. 2. The technologies I have used • Magazine: • Publisher , photoshop, DSLR Camera, White screen, Tripod, internet (influence) • Billboard: • Publisher, Photoshop, DSLR Camera, White screen, Tripod, internet (influence) • Trailer: • HD Camera, tripod, Imovie, Youtube,
  3. 3. Imovie This is how I used the fast forward effect on this clip to make the car look as if it were driving faster with the video still coming across as normal and looking effective.
  4. 4. I learnt that I could detach the audio from clips meaning I could then use the audio over different footage. As well as creating cross cut scenes so that the voices can always match even if I add reaction shots inbetween the real footage.
  5. 5. This is how I controlled the audio levels of the soundtracks and the footage’s sound. This meant I could make sure all dialogue could be heard by turning the footage’s sound up and the music down. This is also where I learnt to fade out the music so it flows into a different song.
  6. 6. I cropped some of my footage to make sure the audiences focus was entirely on a certain character. It also helped in this clip as I could cut out some of the background that I didn’t want to use in my shot.
  7. 7. I added transitions into some of my trailer as it broke up different storylines. They also looked effective in the end of my trailer where the audience see close ups of all the suspects. They help create cut edits which help my trailer look proffesional.
  8. 8. I learnt how to loop some of the music to only use the certain bits of the song that were effective for my video. I also learnt how to manipulate the music to have the effect I want, in terms of how it fits with the footage and how it starts and flows into other tracks.
  9. 9. Adobe Photoshop This is how I erased the back ground of my images. This meant that I could use the images of my characters on any background I wanted. It was easy to erase with this tool. I also used the one above it to help neaten the edges around tricky areas like hair.
  10. 10. After creating my text and erasing the background, I wanted to change the colours to stock with the colour scheme of my magazine. To do this I used the bucket tool which turns everything in that area to the colour I pick. This was helpful when trying out different schemes on my magazine as I could easily change the colours.