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  1. 1. an introduction to
  2. 2. The best way to changea consumer’s perceptionof a brand is to changethe way they experience it.
  3. 3. REDSCOUT IS AN INVENTION COMPANYWe are in the transformation business, operating at theintersection of brand strategy and brand led innovation to WE CRAFT NEW FUTURES FOR BRANDS AND BUSINESSESprovide creative solutions for clients to accelerate growth and BY OFFERING THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:build cultural currency. We have over a decade of experience Brand Strategy (via our proprietary Brandspace™ process)in helping brands to realize their growth potential in every Brand-Driven Innovation (products, services, experiences and environments)category from fashion to fast food. Brand and Business Creation Design (new product, packaging, environmental, graphic)FOUNDED IN 2000 Change Management and Internal Employee Branding50+ EMPLOYEESOFFICES IN NY + SFREDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. WITH OVER 40% OF OUR WORK OUTSIDE THE US, WEADOPT A WORLDLY APPROACH TO TRANSFORMINGGLOBAL BRANDSNORTH AMERICA EUROPE Poland ASIACanada Austria Russia ChinaDominican Republic Denmark Spain IndiaJamaica France Sweden JapanMexico Germany AFRICA MalaysiaUnited States Great Britain Cameroon Singapore Greece Ghana South KoreaSOUTH AMERICA Ireland Kenya ThailandBrazil Italy Nigeria VietnamTrinidad Netherlands South AfricaVenezuela AUSTRALIAREDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  8. 8. WE CREATE TRANSFORMATIONTHROUGH A RIGOROUS, INSIGHTSDRIVEN APPROACH CALLEDINNOVATION_SPACE.Innovation_Space is anchored in a brand’s DNA and used tounlock powerful insights from the consumer, the category andthe world. This process leads to the creation of innovationplatforms - new territories and opportunities for brands - andultimately new product concepts.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. INNOVATION_SPACEWe look at the psychology, behavior and needs of consumers, thedynamics of the market and the interplay of broader cultural andcommercial influences to identify opportunity areas for innovation. COMMERCESPACE WORLDSPACE What are the dynamics of What else in the world the market? can inspire us? – Category Trends – Trends – Competitor Analysis – Influencers – Business Models – Brand Analogs – Design Language & Semiotics – Related Worlds BRAND BRAND – Forecasts DNA DNA BRAND PEOPLESPACE What makes people tick DNA and how can we help them? – Attitudes – Behaviors – Challenges – Motivations – NeedsREDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  11. 11. DOMINOSTHINKING INSIDE THE BOX TO FUEL GROWTH AND BRANDLOVE FOR A PIZZA COMPANY THAT WASN’T DELIVERINGHow do we improve sales for a product that is The key to a stronger future for Domino’s was thatin three declining categories? Consumers just nothing was sacred and and the new ‘re-builtweren’t all that enthralled with pizza anymore, from the ground up’ pizza was born. However, itwere ordering less delivery and even the dinner wasn’t enough to just say ‘new and improved’.occasion had seen a sharp decline in favor of We needed to do it in a completely unexpectedsnacking and late-night eating. way. We handed the torch off to our sister shop, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, who helped them doWe revealed that Domino’s had been so ruthlessly just that.focused on delivery – getting you your pizza in 30minutes or less – that they were now competingmore with FedEx than with other food companies.We needed to better connect consumers withtheir food.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. NIKECREATING A NEW CURRENCY FOR ATHLETICISMRedscout worked with Nike to evolve the Nike a motivating mechanism, inspiring us to movePlus platform and develop the latest innovation more and become more active.that combines data and athleticism… the Through animated storyboarding we defined theFuelBand. key design attributes and consumer interactionWe helped bring the world of Fuel to life by architecture of the FuelBand and its digitaldeveloping what it is (beat) who it’s for (beat) and ecosystem.what it looks like (beat) while also implementing When pre-sales began in early 2012, FuelBandthe ways in which people would interact with it. sold out in minutes, becoming the centerpiece ofWe started by looking at what different activity a new product mix that pushed Nike stock to anmeans to different people all over the world. all time high just nine days after its launch.We laced up our Nikes to scale walls with a Fuel is set to become THE currency of athleticismZombie Parkour specialist, tough it out with a and Redscout continues to work with Nike onRoyal Marine drill sergeant and hang out with a future evolutions of the platform.Japanese pro snowboarder.Our research helped us define how data fits intopersonal activity and how that data can becomeREDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  13. 13. GATORADEFROM SPORTS DRINK COMPANYTO A SPORTS NUTRITION COMPANYIn 1965 Gatorade INVENTED sports drinks. holistically meeting these needs before, during AND after sport.But after 4 decades of double digit growth anddominating the field with an 85% market share, We believed that the future growth of GatoradeGatorade started to decline. relied on making the shift from a sports drink company to a sports NUTRITION company.The brand struggled in a category that had simplystopped growing and was packed with me too The result was the G Series. Launched on thecompetitors like Powerade and new challenger sidelines of Super Bowl XLV for the world’s bestbrands like Vitamin Water. football players and their audience – over a hundred million sports fans around the world.Gatorade responded by launching new flavors,but this only served to water down any scientific Redscout led the strategy and innovation tocredibility it once had and it quickly became just develop the design, form factor and naminganother soft drink in consumers’ eyes. structure of each new product in the G Series: Prime, Perform and Recover.Redscout was hired to switch up the game anddrive growth from a brand-shifting innovation The results were astounding, propellingstrategy. US volume of Gatorade upwards by 10% in the second quarter of its launch year andWe laced up our sneakers and switched our office establishing it as market leader in the active foodfor playing fields, gyms and locker rooms to find and beverage category.out just what made competitive athletes tick. Weconducted in-depth research at every level from SUPER: “Redscout’s collaboration with Gatoradehanging out with high school volleyball players, to is one of our organization’s best innovationgetting up close and personal with the New York projects.” – Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEOJets. As Gatorade’s Innovation Agency of Record sinceWe discovered that although every athlete 2008, Redscout continues to revolutionize oneis different, their bodies have similar needs of America’s most iconic brands, and in turn,for optimal performances and nobody was revolutionize the world of sport.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  14. 14. WESTINRETHINKING THE NEEDS OF THE BUSINESS TRAVELERToday’s hotel business centers are quickly What’s more, come Friday night, it’s designed tobecoming obsolete and no longer meet the needs transform into a family friendly entertainmentof today’s guests, yet business travelers are one space complete with kid-sized furniture videoof Westin’s most important consumers. games and activity books for all ages. Then on Monday morning, the Hive is once again ready forRedscout was hired to rethink how the world of the business traveler.business meets the world of Westin hotels andhow the rapidly changing needs of our business The Hive is a brand new concept space forguests could be fulfilled. Westin that continues to be rolled out across its properties across North America.Doing business in a Westin should be inspiring,productive, efficient and fun. We created TheHive – an innovative concept that transformsforgotten business centers and boringconference rooms into the multipurposebusiness spaces of the future.Blending cutting edge technology with ergonomicdesign, The Hive is the perfect space forimpromptu meetings, research and problemsolving, inspiration, creativity and connection.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  15. 15. KATE SPADEFINDING THE VISION WHEN THE VISIONARY IS GONEShrinking sales and a weakening category women lead a more interesting life, a positioningcombined with an unfocused strategic and that delivers on its consumers’ fantasies withcreative vision following the departure of Kate an emotional promise while staying true to theSpade’s founder and namesake resulted in a brand’s roots.bleak outlook for a brand that was once visionary, We then worked closely with the leadership teambut had started to stall. at Kate Spade to help them think through how toRedscout was hired to turn around the decline by bring this positioning to life in everything they do.identifying the optimum strategic vision for the From design and marketing to internal culturebrand, set the design team on a new, inspiring and beyond.course and present a clear, unified voice to the We workshopped the strategy through all partsconsumer. of the organization, including the design andWe knew that successful luxury brands don’t just marketing teams, inspiring them with a clear andsell products – they sell an aspirational lifestyle compelling vision for the brand. They took it andthat consumers can channel by buying their ran with it.goods. Our core challenge was to define that In the first six months of execution revenuesaspirational lifestyle for Kate Spade. increased by $76 million and sales productivityThrough an immersive consumer-focused increased by 27%. Our positioning workmethodology that opened up the homes and continues to inform and inspire all Kate Spadeclosets of Kate Spade lovers, we identified a advertising, in-store design and seasonalcommon trait among them that, when combined collections.with the brand’s vibrant heritage, became thefoundation of our strategic vision for the brand.Redscout showed the design team that KateSpade was about much more than preppy orgirly style to those who still loved the brand. Weredefined Kate Spade as the brand that helpsREDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  16. 16. DICK’S SPORTING GOODSCREATING A NEW FUTURE IN SPORTS RETAILDick’s sporting goods is one of the largest sport We got to work bringing this to life by imaginingretailers in the world. But as a famous house of and designing the sports retail space of theworld class brands including Nike, Adidas and future. A mecca for the aspiring athlete andUnder Armour, it’s own brand vision was unclear one which not only showcased the brands andand unfocused. products on offer, but also exuded the values of Dick’s itself.Redscout was hired to define the essence ofDick’s and craft a vision to inform and inspire Redscout’s strategy has permeated every leveleverything from store design and merchandising of the organization and continues to propel theto advertising and hiring policy. brand forward.We studied consumer behavior, the commerciallandscape and the wider culture of sport touncover insights that would best unlock theopportunity for Dick’s.By using the mindset of elite athletes as ourcenter of gravity, we were able to create acompelling positioning for the brand that wouldengage mainstream consumers across everysport.Anybody who plays sport, whether a runner,golfer or soccer player, aspires towards betteringthemselves. It was this personal drive thatinspired the positioning of Dick’s – where thespirit of the true athlete lives.This new vision unlocked multiple opportunitiesto breathe new life into the Dick’s brand and evenallowed us to rethink the retail experience.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  17. 17. WEIGHT WATCHERSRE-ENGINEERING THE PROCESS TO MAKE WEIGHT LOSSMORE PERSONALIZEDWeight Watchers launched the new PointsPlus We found there are three key skills that peopleprogram in November 2010 replacing the calorie- who undergo successful life change possess.based points system with one that focuses These are Mastery, Resiliency and Control.on four macro nutrients: fat, fibre, protein and We quickly realized that this wasn’t about tryingcarbohydrates. to lose weight. It was about helping membersThis change made the Weight Watchers offering build these key skills of which weight loss was amuch more effective and more likely to help their happy by-product.members achieve the success they wanted. We used this new way of thinking about weightHowever, personalization of the program was loss to create a system from which to innovateneeded to prevent the 50% of new members Weight Watchers’ most personalized, powerfuldropping out after just two weeks. and integrated program ever.In stepped Redscout to re-engineer the process,innovate around behavior change and makethe PointsPlus program a much more tailored,personal experience.Losing weight is life changing and to successfullynegotiate such change people need key skills toachieve it.To understand this more, we looked into thetransformative drivers that lead to successfullife change and spoke to experts in personaltransformation that included financial advisors,personal trainers, addiction specialists and eventransplant counselors.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  19. 19. JONAH DISEND FOUNDER & CEO / INNOVATOR-AT-LARGE, MDC PARTNERS A highly sought-after brand strategist and innovator, Jonah leads Redscout’s ability to imagine and realize new futures for companies. Fearlessly following his belief that communications can’t make a bad idea good, he jumped ship from the advertising world and started Redscout to cut brands deeper than marketing, delving into their business and product and service challenges. Driven by the desire for greater things for his clients, he challenges brands to stop at nothing in order to land on what he calls “Transformative Strategy.” To do this Jonah combines forward- looking business judgment, an anthropologist’s eye for world trends and an intuitive grasp of consumerism and pop culture. Jonah also serves as Innovator-At-Large for Redscout parent company MDC Partners, where he is creating a resource to help rouse an innovative view on the world among MDC companies. Prior to founding Redscout, Jonah was Planning Director at DDB Worldwide. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master’s degree from New York University. Jonah is a popular industry commentator and speaker whose observations and opinions challenge assumptions and spark further conversation.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  20. 20. DANIEL WADIA MANAGING DIRECTOR British born Daniel is the MD of the New York office. His career has been as colorful as it has been prestigious having been admitted to the highly coveted WPP Fellowship in 2000, working as an integrated communications specialist across continents and marketing disciplines. Daniel has worked at Ogilvy, Landor and Berlin Cameron, where he rose to become the agency’s Managing Partner in 2008. In additional to his core responsibilities at Berlin Cameron, Daniel led the network’s global relationship with the International Olympic Committee and worked across a number of integrated Team opportunities for WPP. In November 2011, Daniel was delighted to join the MDC Group to become Redscout NY Managing Director. You’ll find Daniel at 6am on most mornings serving aces at his local tennis courts and in the evenings unwinding with his daughter and newborn son.REDSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL
  22. 22. THANKYOU!(646) 336 602828 W 25th Street10th FloorNew York, NY 10010(415) 651 420999 Osgood Place3rd FloorSan Francisco, CA 94109© 2012 Redscout