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Strategic Recommendations for J&J


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Strategic Recommendations for J&J

  1. 1. Righting the IT ship at Johnson & Johnson<br />Prepared by Matt Redmond of McDeloite Consulting<br />Presented on 17 December 2009<br />Draft<br />
  2. 2. Executive Overview<br />Iterate quick IT strategy formulations,focused at first on “keep the lights on” activities, and identify quick win projects to enable business growth, to improve business view of IT’s value, and maturing IT practices.<br />3<br />months<br />15 months<br />12 months<br />12 months<br />12 months / Quarterly (ongoing)<br />Draft<br />
  3. 3. Time Frame:<br />3 Months<br />Confirm IT Strategy, Prioritize Portfolio<br />J&J IT needs to prove ability to support coordinated business operating strategy through delivery of basics, including operating system, data center, and process standardization<br />Strategy<br />Portfolio<br />Draft<br />
  4. 4. Time Frame:<br />15 Months<br />OS & Exploratory Data CenterConsolidation<br />Use industry best practices, including piloting, to standardize operating systems to Windows, lowering IT overhead required to service and maintain. Explore data center use to identify shared core data needs.<br />Pilot business unit:<br />Pharmaceutical<br />Rationale:<br /><ul><li>Existing problem with PC update and fixes
  5. 5. Have a mixture of Apples and Windows
  6. 6. An eLearning Tool to capture lessons learned
  7. 7. Shared network with MD&D</li></ul>Draft<br />
  8. 8. Time Frame:<br />12 Months<br />Process & Data Sharing Initiative<br />Identify core operational data and processes and integrate collection into a single SAP ERP instance focused on materials management, production planning, order management, pricing, and executive information system.<br />Pilot business unit:<br />Consumer<br />Rationale:<br /><ul><li>High degree of outsourcing
  9. 9. Unionization requires least intrusive data gathering
  10. 10. SAP already installed
  11. 11. Good with logistics software</li></ul>Draft<br />
  12. 12. Time Frame:<br />12 Months<br />Implement Knowledge Management System<br />Use industry best practices to design and roll out enterprise-wide knowledge management system, with business-unit specific content to maintain coordinated operations model<br />Draft<br />
  13. 13. Time Frame:<br />12 Months / Quarterly<br />Establish PMO, Governance, Measure and Market Results<br />Establish corporate PMO to manage enterprise projects, with BU-specific projects managed and governed at that level. Project successes marketed by PMO through balanced scorecard.<br />Project Management<br />Office<br />Corporate Governance Board<br />For enterprise or xBU projects<br />Team Member<br />Corp PM<br />Produces Balanced Scorecard<br />Team<br />Member<br />Team Member<br />Local Governance Board<br />For BU- specific projects<br />Team Member<br />Draft<br />LocalPM<br />Team<br />Member<br />Team Member<br />Draft<br />