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Afc deployment support services 10 2012 (2)


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Afc deployment support services 10 2012 (2)

  1. 1. Child, Youth & School (CYS) Services Deployment Support Services~ Frequently Asked Questions CYS Services Outreach Services 315.772.8675What is CYS Services Deployment Support Services?It is a commitment from the Army to enhance Family readiness by providing additional support to Families, especially during deployments.Do I qualify for Deployment Support Services benefits if I am… Deployed A Survivor of a Fallen Soldier Geographically Separated from a Wounded Warrior in Transition (WT) A Non-Military Attendant of a Wounded Warrior A member of a Rear Detachment Cadre/WT Cadre A Wounded Warrior A WT Child Staying w/custodian while parent is non-Medical Attendant (NMA) On TCS, TDY, PCS (unaccompanied tour).The answer is absolutely!How can I claim my Deployment Support Services benefits?* You must register your Family members with Child, Youth and School Services. Registration is FREE. Registration information and packets can be obtained at ndParent Central Services located at Clark Hall, 2 floor, MWR window or at the CYS Services business online website.* You must bring your child’s shot records, sponsor (LES) and, if working spouse, proof of income and official documentation verifying your category under theAFC.* Official documentation for most categories will be in the form of Orders. For Rear Detachment Soldiers, you can provide Orders or a Memorandum from yourCommander (signed and dated). Wounded Warrior Soldiers must also provide appointments/physical therapy documents related to injury for free hourly medicalappointment care.* Once registered, Families may enroll with SKIES and Sports online. The enrollment fee will be automatically deducted from the Deployment Support Servicescredits. SEE CHARTS on next page for specific SKIES and Sports benefits for each individual category.Where is the Deployment Support Services care provided?A: Deployment Support Services care is provided at the below listed centers/FCC on a reservation basis. Reservations may be made up to one month inadvance. Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis. Please call the respective center/FCC to make or cancel a reservation. Cancellations must bemade before reservations begin. If reservations are not cancelled within 30 minutes after the scheduled reservation time, parents will be charged a no show fee –either half of the reserved time or 4 hours of reserved care, whichever is least. Payment must be made prior to next reservation. Hourly Care Locations/TimesMemorial CDC Fort Drum Family Child Care Chapel Drive School-Age Center (SAC) Chapel Annex CDC10745 Enduring Freedom Drive 315.772.2250 10795 Chapel Drive 10783 Chapel Drive772.7100 / 772.7103 Children aged 4 weeks – 12 yrs 772.4411 772.1032Children aged 6 weeks – preschool Monday – Friday 0600-1800 and Grades 1 – 5 KindergartenMonday – Friday 0800-1700 during non-traditional hours as Monday – Friday during non-school hours. (Follow local school schedules.)Children aged 6 weeks – 5 yrs needed, Please contact in advance Hours of Operation – 0600 – 1800 Sat. care is available once per monthFirst Sat. of the month 0930-1700 6wks-12 yrs for availability at SAC. Contact SAC for dates.
  2. 2. STATUS SERVICES (SEE TABLE BELOW) Deployed A, B, C, E, F, G, H, I, J AW2 and Warriors in Transition assigned to the WTU or A, B, D, E, F, G, I, J, K, L Non-Military Attendant of a Wounded Warrior Rear Detachment Cadre/ WT Cadre A, B, E, G, M, N, O Temporary Change of Station (TCS)/PCS Unaccompanied Tour/TDY A, B, D, E, G, N, O (90-170 days) Spouse/Children Geographically Separated from a WT or A, B, D, E, F, G, I, J, L WT Child Staying w/Custodian while parent is non Medical Attendant Survivors of Fallen Soldiers (during designated period) A, B, D, E, F, G, I, J, L, PServicesA. Free Hourly or KOS Care during Mandatory Deployment Meetings.B. Free Care for FRG meetings (up to 3 hours)C. 16 hours free care per month/per child at the Hourly Programming. (30 days prior to 90 days after deployment)D. 16 hours free care per month/per child at the Hourly Programming during designated periodE. $2.00 per hour for hourly care beyond free hoursF. Free Hourly Care for Support Group Meetings during designated periodG. Free Hourly Care for Memorial Service for a fallen soldier (all attendees)H. 20%Reduction to fees for Reg. Scheduled Full/Part Day Care (Valid 30 days before deployment to 90 days after)I. Up to $300 SKIES Classes per deployment per child/youthJ. Up to $100 for CYS Services Youth Sports per child/youth per deployment cycle.K. Unlimited Free hourly care for Medical Appointments during AW2, WT period. (0800-1700)L. Reduction to CAT 1 for Full Day/Part Day Care (If currently CAT 1 – will receive a 20% reduction)M. 5 hours free hourly are per month/per child during Designated Support AssignmentN. Up to $150 for SKIES classes per Child/Youth during Designated Support AssignmentO. Up to $50 for CYS Services Youth Sports per Child/Youth during Designated Support AssignmentP. 40 Additional Hours Free Care per Child for Immediate Family of Deceased (valid from notification to 4 weeks after burial)Please Note: - FRG meetings require contracts to reserve group care. Contracts can be obtained from Alan Knack, CYSS Outreach Services Director at 772-3160. Evening FRG meetings can be scheduled the second Tuesday of each month. Reservation must be made at least 30 days in advance. Children must be registered with CYS Services to receive care at any CYS Services Facility. Contact Parent Central Services at 772-8675 if you need to schedule a registration appointment. - Free care is only available during operating hours of CYS Services Facilities. Please see other side of page for those times and locations. - If you are signed-up for a KOS through your unit and are a “no-show” you will be billed a no show fee for the slot which was reserved under your name. 1 Oct 2012