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  1. 1. G L O B A L E N V I R O M E N T M A N A G E M E N www.servyeco.com T
  2. 2. Index 1 Introduction 2 Business Units 3 R&D Projects
  3. 3. Introduction 1 SERVYECO aims to contribute through an efficient and committed use of our knowledge and technology to preserving nature, improving productive processes and guaranteeing the environmental health of our clients. Our main activity is focused on integral wastewater management. Current facilities are extended through 7000 m2 in Alcora (Castellón). SERVYECO was constituted in 1998. Most Valuable Points Reach Customers Demand Permanent Improvement Costs Optimization Confidence and Efficiency
  4. 4. Business Units 2 Business Units Chemical Products Environmental Services Equipment and Plants
  5. 5. Chemical Products 2 Wastewater Treatment • Coagulants • Synthetic • Inorganic • Flocculants • Anionic • Cationic Decantation Flotation Dewatering • pH Modifiers • Color Removers Antifoam • Algaecides • Biodispersants • Odor inhibitors •
  6. 6. Chemical Products 2 Industrial Water Treatment Cooling Circuits Antiscaling Agents Anticorrosive Agents Multifunction als Biocides Dispersants Antifoam Boilers Oxygen Removers Sludge Conditioning Multifunction als Covering Agents Antiscaling Agents Antifoam Reverse Osmosis Dispersants Antiscaling Agents Biocides Cleaner Products Alkalis Acids
  7. 7. Equipments and Plants. 2 Wastewater Treatment. Lamelar Decanter Conical Decanter Modular Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering Pilot Plant
  8. 8. Equipments and Plants. 2 Industrial Water Treatment. Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration Advance Photo - Oxidation Sand Filters, Rings, etc Demineralization Pilot Plants
  9. 9. Environmental Services 2  Microbiological and Physic-Chemical Laboratory • Water Analysis. • Sludge and Ground Analysis. • Atmospheres and Surfaces Analysis. • Food Analysis.
  10. 10. 2 Environmental Services  Preservation and maintenance. • Global management of wastewater treatment plants, cooling circuits and process wastewater. • Technical support based on wastewater treatment, including process and dumping wastewater. • Research projects focused on start up and optimization procedures of wastewater treatment.  Environmental Hygiene. • Integrated programs for prevention and control of Legionellosis. • Analysis and control of surfaces and ambient.
  11. 11. R&D Projects 3 Development and implementation of innovative biotechnology focused on integrated Legionella prevention. A novel biocide reagent was fruitfully synthesized. It combined an oxidant and non-oxidant compounds, synergistically improving advantages offered by them.  Increased biocide efficiency compared to widely used common chemicals.  Synergistic interaction, extending the biocide activity.  Decrease of required dosage quantities. This way, containers and generated waste are also greatly reduced.
  12. 12. R&D Projects 3 LIFE07 ENV/E/000794 Risk reduction to public health from environmental sources using biotechnology in the textile sector.  The project aims to resolve the Legionella pneumophila bacteria problem in the textile sector. Biotechnology will be used in order to test pilot purification and disinfection schemes on standing water that normally feeds these at-risk installations.  Complete    wastewater treatment system, including control and prevention. Oxidative techniques combination, enhancing the biocide efficiency. Heavy costs reduction, related to the system maintenance. Environmentally friendly technique, limiting the chemical products addition.
  13. 13. R&D Projects 3 Bio-monitoring and Automatic Microbiological Contamination Control System of Industrial Hydraulic Circuits BIOMOMI - LIFE11 ENV/ES/552  Main Objective. Industrial-scale prototype construction in order to validate and demonstrate a new technology that allows real time monitoring and quantifying of aerobic microorganisms present in hydraulic system water, including subsequent correct dosage and constant optimisation of biocide treatment.  Environmental and Technical Advantages.  Systematic storage of collected analytical data.  Biocide Chemicals Optimal dose of oxidizing and non-oxidizing Data Storage Prototype biocides.  Experimental quantification of aerobic Dosage Unit microorganisms. Control Unit Communication Software Chemicals Sampling Dose Hydraulic Circuit
  14. 14. ADNATUR 3 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000265 R&D Projects Demonstration of natural coagulant use advantages in physical & chemical treatments in industry and urban waste water  Main Objective. Validation, assessment and industrial demonstration of a new environmentally friendly technology, based on natural products, in primary treatment of wastewaters, at urban and industrial level. Two wastewater treatment industrial-scale prototype plants will be designed, assembled, and tuned in order to put it into operation in different real end-users facilities.  Environmental and Technical Advantages.  Owing to its strong cationic character, present an improved coagulating action.  It does not consume the alkalinity of the water system. Presents very high efficiency through a wide range of pH, between 4.5 and 9.0.  It is not corrosive or toxic, favouring biological processes and protecting against corrosion of metallic parts, not increasing the conductivity.  Eliminates or reduces almost completely the use of alkalizing agents such as sodium or calcium hydroxide.  By not providing toxic elements, promotes sludge dehydration and reuse
  15. 15. ECOTAN Series 3  Natural organic polymer with cationic character.  Extract from the bark of Black Acacia (Acácia mearnsii de wild).  Coagulating action treating colloidal systems, neutralizing the charges and bringing together the particles in suspension.  Do not affect the pH of the system and has an effective range of 4.5 to 9.0.  Do not consume the alkalinity of the medium. Its coagulant efficiency is always optimal because does not suffer hydrolysis in solution.
  16. 16. ECOTAN Series 3  Competitive advantages.  Rapid flocculation and decantation. Greatly reduces flocculants consumption.  Protects against corrosion of metallic parts, not increasing the conductivity.  It is liquid, ready to use, not requiring previous dilution or mixtures.  Improves the cost / benefit respect to other inorganic or synthetic coagulants.  It is an organic based polymer, environmentally friendly. Not corrosive nor toxic, favors biological processes.  Eliminates or reduces almost completely the use of alkalizing agents such as sodium or calcium hydroxide.  By not providing toxic elements, promotes sludge dehydration and reuse.
  17. 17. Serviecología y Tratamientos de Aguas S.L. Ctra Castellón-Alcora, km 19,5 12110 Alcora (Castellón), SPAIN.