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Market Place SEIMED/EEN

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20150223_MARKET PLACE 2015_Catalogue_Space

  1. 1. MARKET PLACE ¡Encuentra tus socios! Envíanos las referencias que te interesen y te ponemos en contacto: La Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) es una red apoyada por la Comisión Europea y a la que pertenecen cerca de 600 entidades agrupadas en regiones. Está presente en más de 50 países y proporciona servicios gratuitos a las pymes para mejorar su competitividad mediante la innovación, internacionalización y cooperación tecnológica y empresarial. SEIMED es la sub-red de la EEN que proporciona estos servicios a las empresas de la Comunidad Valenciana y Región de Murcia. Si quieres que publiquemos tu perfil tecnológico en nuestra base de datos, para que sea accesible a todas las entidades de la EEN y así sus empresas clientes puedan interesarse en colaborar contigo, dínoslo y te indicaremos el procedimiento. Más información en: /
  2. 2. H2020-SMEINST-1-2015-SPACE_PARTNER SEARCH IN THE FIELD OF EARTH OBSERVATION FARMING RDIT20141202002 An Italian SME winner of a Phase I SME instrument is searching for partnership in Phase II (Horizon2020-SPACE-01- 2015-2). Objective of the project is to launch in the market an innovative on line geographic tool to deliver value added services map in agricultural topic. The SME is interested in cooperate with SME with an expertise in precision farming. COMPET-03-2015: SEEKING 3 PARTNERS (ACADEMIA, INDUSTRIA AND END USER) TO COMPLETE THE CONSORTIUM RDIT20141203001 An Italian Aerospace Engineering Department is organizing a consortium for an H2020 proposal (COMPET-3-2015) to develop sensorized and variable shape structural components to be used in rocket propulsion for reusable launching systems. Consortium also includes a leading company in manufacturing of carbo-ceramic components. The proposal will be related to the development of innovative structural basic components with experimental proof of the concepts. SUBCONTRACTORS SOUGHT FOR MANUFACTURING OF MECHANICAL PARTS OF SATELLITE ANTENNA SYSTEMS TRSE20141205001 An SME from Northern Sweden with a product range that includes portable driveaway/flyaway motorised auto- tracking and manual satellite antenna systems with a dish size from 1.0 to 2.4 m is looking for subcontractors. The SME is looking for subcontractors that can provide manufacturing of medium sized series of mechanical devices supporting the retention devices and attachments for antennas. The type of parthership sought is a manufacturing agreement. INNOVATIVE SPACE VEHICLE AND SATELLITE HIGH ENERGY RADIATION SHIELD TOUK20131216019 A North West UK company has developed a system using an actively controlled dynamic magnetic field which effectively shields satellites, spacecraft and people from the various forms of radiation and charged particles emitted from solar flares, etc. This technology supersedes present technologies that attempt the same thing using material based constructs or stable magnetic fields as shielding. The company offers this technology under licence to potential partners in the aerospace sector. INNOVATIVE FIXED-WING DRONE WITH ELECTRONIC FLIGHT CONTROL TOIT20140603001 An Italian company, specialized in photogrammetric surveys and 360° immersive aerial images, developed a new fixed-wing drone operating through an electronic equipment on board and ashore, allowing to make high definition photographic acquisitions on different scales at unattainable heights for other aircrafts. The company is looking for technical collaboration agreements, especially to apply the existing system to new fields of application, such as the monitoring of agriculture. SPECTRUM ENGINEERING AND FREQUENCY MANAGEMENT TOOLKIT TOUK20141024001 A UK SME has developed a simulation toolkit and methodologies that facilitate spectrum engineering and frequency management, providing a flexible means by which to model any type of radio system, including space, terrestrial and aeronautical systems, fixed and mobile, active and passive. The SME seeks partners from such industry to test and develop the tools for their needs and license them, and those bidding for collaborative projects to carry out further research and development in the sector. SMART M2M TERRESTRIAL LTE AND SATELLITE TRACKING TECHNOLOGY TONL20140728001 A Dutch SME designs and builds intelligent and adaptive beyond-line-of-sight communications for mobile, transportation vehicles or fixed installations. The company has developed a solution for partners who need the ability
  3. 3. to send data through either terrestrial 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) or satellite Machine to Machine (M2M) networks to fixed internet locations, mobile devices or cloud servers. The SME is looking for partners active in remote monitoring for a license agreement. LARGE SCALE HIGH PRECISION MONITORING OF SUBSIDENCE AND DEFORMATION BY SATELLITE TONL20140807001 A Dutch company offers a deformation monitoring technology for transportation, infrastructure and energy network managers. With this data, it is possible to assess earth deformation related management and maintenance issues. This technology also helps to identify the exact need and location for local follow-up inspection on buildings, dams, dikes, (rail)roads, bridges, pipelines and all other assets under management. The company is offering various forms of cooperation depending on the partner. MOBILE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACCURATE MAPPING OF OBJECTIVES PLACED AT A LONG DISTANCE FROM ROADS TORO20131023001 The system, developed by a Romanian research institute, achieves fast geographic positioning of various objectives or of their components. The targeted partners are research institutes, SMEs or universities that activate in the same field and interested in agreements for licensing, manufacturing, research cooperation or for technical cooperation. UNIQUE VECTOR MAP FOR FAST ACCESS TO CARTOGRAPHIC AND TABULAR REVIEW OF ENTIRE TERRITORY TOSI20140922001 A Slovenian SME specialised in a navigational and topographic map database has developed a state of the art vector map that enables cartographic and tabular review of spatial data for entire territory. The main advantages of the map are in the advanced functionalities such as: support for preparing geo-analysis, and advanced planning of the logistics support for companies. The company is looking for partners interested in further development of the map and adaptation to local area. INTEGRATED AUTOPILOT AND SENSOR PLATFORM FOR DRONES, FOR SUCCESSFUL OPERATION OF SENSORS ON DRONES TONL20140707001 A Dutch technological start-up has developed an universal autopilot system for drones that integrates the autopilot function, the operation of sensors on the drone and the communication with a ground station. Main advantage is the increased performance of sensors in the drone in terms of accuracy, operation time and cost. The company is looking for drone manufacturers for cooperation in the design, integration and testing of drones with specific tasks. TELESCOPIC WINCH DRIVEN MASTS FOR ANTENNAS, PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT, LIGHTNING EQUIPMENT, GPS TOSI20140711002 Slovenian company has developed a telescopic mast that can be used for different top loads (i.e. antennas, photography equipment etc.). The telescopic mast is suitable for use in the field, on vehicles and in hardest environmental conditions. The main advantages of the telescopic masts are in simplicity of use, stability and mobile use. The company is looking for partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance. RF COMPONENTS FOR TELECOMMUNICATION, MILITARY, AND AEROSPACE APPLICATION TOKR20141124001 A Korean SME which develops and manufactures components for radio frequency and microwave used in telecommunication and military industry has developed a new attenuator and termination using innovative thick film resistor materials. The advantage of the product is that it has wide frequency range compared to conventional ones. The firm is looking for a technical cooperation. NEW LASER HETERODYNE RADIOMETER FOR SPECTROMETER TOUK20131216010
  4. 4. A North West UK company has developed a Laser Hetrodyne Radiometer (LHR) for spectral analysis originally for earth observations and is exploring the possibilities of using the LHR in other applications where rapid accurate spectral analysis is required. One area is the remote chemical detection for law enforcement or security purposes. The company is looking to further develop this technology with partners in the security equipment field either under licence or as a joint venture. AUTOMATIC SYSTEM FOR MONITORING OF MOVING SKY OBJECTS TOSK20140708001 Researchers from a significant Slovak university have developed an award-winning technology for automatic monitoring of moving sky objects. The system is highly mobile and allows effective full-spectrum video recording of the sky in 180°. Technology is applicable for monitoring in various fields including astronomy, meteorology, geophysics or air surveillance. The university seeks for partners through licensing agreement or commercial agreement, including distribution and technical support. TWO-SCALE FIBROUS NANO-COMPOSITE OF AL-CU-CO ALLOY WITH QUASICRYSTALLINE PHASE FRACTION TO_Poland_02 Nano-composite of Al-Cu-Co alloy can be used as a lightweight, high-temperature structural material with high fracture toughness for this type of composites or as a material forming one of the layers forming a thermal barrier of the structural elements in the engines combustion chambers in the aerospace and automotive industry.