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RedisDay London 2018 - Stack Overflow's Next Steps in Redis


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RedisDay London 2018

Published in: Technology
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RedisDay London 2018 - Stack Overflow's Next Steps in Redis

  1. 1. Stack Overflow’s next steps in Redis Marc Gravell, Stack Overflow @marcgravell
  2. 2. Current Usage How does Stack Overflow use Redis today? • High performance distributed cache • Buffer for high-volume operations • Work queues for deferred operations • Message distribution • High perf transient data • Local and geo-distributed replicas for redundancy.
  3. 3. Topology NY, 01 NY, 02 CO, 01 CO, 02 classic redis-server v4.0.2 multiple service instances per box multiple databases per instance CentOS 7
  4. 4. Topology
  5. 5. So… where do we want to go? • step zero: get onto redis vCurrent (5, 6, …) • migrate “enterprise” to linux migrate apps and libraries to .NET Core get SQL Server working upgrade Redis o/ • lots of work, but lots of side benefits (not just redis!).
  6. 6. So… where do we want to go? • v3 cluster redundancy maintenance distributed keyspace
  7. 7. So… where do we want to go? • v4 modules • RediSearch? • v5 streams consumer groups • v6 key frequency metadata client library updates RESP3
  8. 8. Summary • We have lots to do to catch up to today and to keep up with the day after that • New features to exploit for ourselves and for our library consumers But: the future looks positive!
  9. 9. Thank you!