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RedisDay London 2018 - Redis & BioCatch Catching the Bad Guys in Action with Redis


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RedisDay London 2018

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RedisDay London 2018 - Redis & BioCatch Catching the Bad Guys in Action with Redis

  1. 1. Redis & BioCatch Catching The Bad Guys In Action With Redis Dekel Shavit, VP of Operations & CISO, BioCatch
  2. 2. Who is BioCatch? • BioCatch is redefining digital identity and helping to restore trust in our online interactions via behavioral biometrics. Our technology is used in 3 main ways
  3. 3. What is Behavioral Biometrics? 500 parameters “you are what you repeatedly do” Uses advanced data science to map a user’s “Behavioral DNA” and build a unique behavioral profile of the user Provides continuous authentication during an online session post login Seamless and frictionless to the user; has no impact on the user experience Detects human and non-human cyber- threats Works across platforms - web and mobile Built for privacy – totally anonymized, no PII Analyzes human-device interactions to protect users and data
  4. 4. Our universe • +70M online/mobile users • +6 billion transactions per month • Top tier financial institutions and enterprises • 60 patents, either granted or pending • User data collection via JavaScript (web) or SDK (mobile) • API for customer to get info in real time & multiple times within a session
  5. 5. Our Redis Story We grew fast, our v1 solution was not up to par with Biz or Scale needs, Redis came in to play when we started the v2 design • We wanted to decouple compute & state to make the system more elastic (in v1 the data was spread between VM’s, that was a pain point) • Redis is the only component in the system that keeps a state, everything else is stateless Data is the king • Data loss is no longer an option • Single source of truth approach • Do more, with more data, and do it fast = Data insight = Biz Value
  6. 6. What do we use Redis for ? • To store behavioral data of user's active session (sorted set) – L1 layer • To store a subset of the user behavioral profile (post init) • Predefined fraudulent behavior profile (not user specific) • Geolocation data (sorted set) • System Config DB • Misc Data for research • And much more to come……
  7. 7. Architecture Overview
  8. 8. Some Redis facts • Running 3 clusters • A total of 28 VM’s in Azure (Standard E64 v3 64 vcpus, 432 GB RAM) • +140 Databases • An Avg of +3TB of data in Redis • 300M – 400M keys • Peaking at +70K Ops / sec (40/60 R/W) per DB • Avg Latency of 0.28ms • 0 down time over two years !!!! (kinda….) • 0 Operation effort by BioCatch people to manage and run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 9. Our Next Steps in Redis • RoF – Big dataset, Small working set, (e.g. improved session revived) • Active-Active Geo-Distribution • Improve support for multiregional clients • Enhance support for cross region / geo fraudulent behavior • Spark / Redis – we are already heavy users of spark so…. • Testing some Redis enterprise modules and thinking on creating some custom modules • Redis Graph • Redis as a Pub/Sub • Redis streams • And more….. (we just need to find some free time….)
  10. 10. So to Summarize – why Redis is good for Biocatch (in memes)
  11. 11. Thank you!