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RedisConf18 - Redis in Dev, Test, and Prod with the OpenShift Service Catalog


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Breakout Session

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RedisConf18 - Redis in Dev, Test, and Prod with the OpenShift Service Catalog

  1. 1. Redis in Dev, Test, and ProdRedis in Dev, Test, and Prod with the OpenShi ServiceOpenShi Service CatalogCatalog Weds, April 25th 4:00-4:45 pm
  2. 2. presented by , Developer Advocate at Red Hat@ryanj
  3. 3. brought to you by
  4. 4. flashback to 2014 The Kubernetes Guestbook exampleThe Kubernetes Guestbook example A ClassicA Classic
  5. 5. See: K8s tutorials pull #7, June 6th 2014
  6. 6. typical update cycle: pros: multi-container spec, first "stateful" example? cons: destructive re-create, admin party cd redis-app-specifications git pull kubectl apply -f .
  7. 7. introducing… the Open Service Brokerthe Open Service Broker
  8. 8. Everyone's Service CatalogEveryone's Service Catalog Works with: , , "The Open Service Broker API project allows developers, ISVs, and SaaS vendors a single, simple, and elegant way to deliver services to applications running within cloud native platforms" Kubernetes OpenShi Cloud Foundry
  9. 9. available on...
  10. 10. 2017 Octoverse Report2017 Octoverse Report Most-discussed project(s) on GitHub in 2017! Kubernetes Community - Top of the Open Source Charts in 2017
  11. 11. available on KubernetesKubernetes is: ; a collection of APIs for managing container-based workloads is not: an ops tool a PaaS
  12. 12. available on OpenShiOpenShi includes, extends: Kubernetes adds: mult-tenanant security, PaaS features, a "template" broker
  13. 13. AgendaAgenda Delivering Redis in: 1. 2. 3. with the OpenShi Service Broker Dev Test Production
  14. 14. DevDev
  15. 15. demo: iterative development with Redis (Ephemeral)
  16. 16. demo: image promotion via BuildConfig, DeploymentConfig & ImageStream
  17. 17. demo: early access to feedback from local replication and rollout testing (pre-commit)
  18. 18. TestTest
  19. 19. Services and data sets that meet your specificServices and data sets that meet your specific performance criteriaperformance criteria Select from a catalog of available back-end services, configurations, and data sets: small or large datasets dummy / test data snapshots of production data?
  20. 20. demo: production-like testing - immutable infra (w/ config, volumes & pvcs)
  21. 21. demo: recovery and failover testing - scale up and show autorecovery of web tier; show zero-downtime deployments; rollout testing; rollback testing
  22. 22. ProductionProduction
  23. 23. demo: NOT FOR USE IN PRODUCTION!
  24. 24. Headless ServicesHeadless Services Make external / legacy services discoverable via the Catalog, and at Runtime RedisCloud or Redis Enterprise?RedisCloud or Redis Enterprise?
  25. 25. TelepresenceTelepresence Proxy production-sized data services into smaller scale environments (like Minikube or Minishi )
  26. 26. Open ExtensibilityOpen Extensibility Cloud-Native solutions targeting your specific use-cases and performance criteria
  27. 27. Open Service Broker APIOpen Service Broker API Expand your Service Catalog by designing your own API-compliant Service Brokers, or borrow from the growing list of options: Kubernetes Service Catalog AnsibleServiceBroker / AutomationBroker DIY MariaDB Broker example OpenShi Template Broker Helm Chart Broker CloudFoundry Spring Cloud
  28. 28. Take awaysTake aways 1. The Open Service Broker & Service Catalog provide a great way to deliver containerized Redis "as-a-Service" on popular cloud- native platforms 2. Use the Open Service Catalog with OpenShi 's Template Broker to o er targeted use-cases for leveraging Redis in Dev, Test, and Production environments 3. Expand your Catalog o ering by adding API-compliant Brokers to meet your needs
  29. 29. More Ways to Extend the PlatformMore Ways to Extend the Platform CRDs+Controllers ↦ Custom Resource Definitions custom controllers Operators
  30. 30. ResourcesResources 1. 2. Join the conversation in the 3. / Today's example repo and demo scripts Kubernetes Service Catalog SIG OpenShi .com learn.openshi .com
  31. 31. Thank You!Thank You! @ryanj