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BlogDash Brand Mentions Program v2(1)(1)new 1

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BlogDash Brand Mentions Program v2(1)(1)new 1

  1. 1. 9-Step Process The BLOGDASH ADVANTAGE At the core of our Brand Mentions Program is the recognition that superior content development and social sharing have become critical components of good SEO and content marketing strategy. BlogDash has a particular advantage in this field. We have been developing amazing content for our clients that has been picked up by influential online publishers since our company was founded in 2011. Not only that, but we have also positioned ourselves as a leader in blogger outreach, providing exposure to countless brands on popular blogs and their social media pages. This puts us in the position to be able to provide our clients with one of the most comprehensive content marketing services available today. How does it work? The Brand Mentions Program is focused on developing high-quality, shareable content that integrates a mention of your business and a link to your website in a natural, contextually- appropriate way. The custom articles we create are then submitted for publication to influential online publishers such as Forbes or Fast Company to help you build brand recognition and reap SEO rewards. We will then choose an agreed upon number of relevant top bloggers from our extensive network, and, once your custom article is published, they will be commissioned to write blog posts including a link to this article as well as a link to your site (or client’s site). 1. It all begins when you select the publishers you’d most like to work with. 2. You then provide us with the link you’d like to be used in the article and any other specifications you may have for the content. 3. Next, our writers will get to work coming up with ideas for the article that you’ve commissioned, which you may approve or reject. 4. We will then confirm that the publishers you’ve chosen approve of the selected story idea and are interested in having the article appear on their site. 5. After receiving publisher confirmation, our writers will complete the article to a publication- ready standard. 6. We will then send you the draft of the article for your review. 7. Once you have approved the content of the article, it will be submitted for publication and we will update you when it is live on the site. 8. A number of relevant top bloggers from our extensive network will proceed to write blog posts including a link to this article as well as a link to your site (or client’s site). 9. Our bloggers will then share the posts they have written across their social media channels to amplify your influence and the SEO benefits. Brand Mentions Program Page 1, Mar, 2015
  2. 2. Benefits Add the publisher logo to a “Featured on” section of your site to boost credibility with consumers and help bring in sales We take care of the content; you focus on the big picture Scale campaigns without compromising quality Access a range of top publications Social sharing of blog posts to amplify SEO benefits Engaged bloggers in any niche and the ability to scale across diverse client rosters Unlimited supply of unique content Unprecedented Control, Unprecedented Value  Page 2, Mar, 2015 The Brand Mentions Program will produce spectacular content to help you build brand recognition, boost traffic to your website, and improve your search engine rankings. Get an edge over your competition and put the BlogDash advantage to work for you with the Brand Mentions Program. Any questions? Just call me! Steve Koulouris Tel: 514-247-5076 Email: