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Why the database is at the heart of DevOps success


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DORA’s recognition of the critical importance of the database to DevOps in their Accelerate State of DevOps Report should act as a timely wake-up call to those companies that still see DBAs and developers as operating in separate silos.

The topline findings of the report back this up – elite performers deploy code 46 times more frequently, recover from breaking changes 2,604 times faster, and have a 7-times lower change failure rate. Crucially, the lead time from committing changes to being able to deploy them is less than one hour in the highest performing organisations – and between one and six months in low performers.

Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP and SQL Server Central Editor Steve Jones to discover how you can build a common understanding and atmosphere of collaboration by:
• Ensuring consistency
• Using monitoring and observability to learn for the future
• Building a common, open culture
• Encouraging collaboration and support across the organisation

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Why the database is at the heart of DevOps success

  1. 1. Why the database is at the heart of DevOps success Steve Jones Editor, SQLServerCentral Redgate Software @way0utwest
  2. 2. Steve Jones Evangelist, Redgate Software Editor, SQLServerCentral 28 years SQL Server data experience DBA, developer, manager, writer, speaker in a variety of companies and industries Founder, SQLServerCentral Currently the editor in chief, with the goal of helping you learn to be a better data professional every day 11 year Microsoft Data Platform MVP I have been honored to be recognized by Microsoft for the as a Data Platform MVP working with SQL Server @way0utwest/in/way0utwest
  3. 3. 314 Redgaters and counting 19 years old 202,000 customers 2m SQL Server Central and Simple Talk users 91% of the Fortune 100 use our tools 6m website visits each year 1,286 product releases last year 70 Communities sponsored last year About Redgate
  4. 4. Key Findings - Year over Year
  5. 5. © 2018, DevOps Research and Assessment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Don’t Forget the Database Integrating database work into software delivery positively contributes to SDO performance Integrating database practices look much like integrating ops work in early days: communication, config management, including teams, visibility Teams could think about this like “shifting left”
  6. 6. New 2018 Performance Benchmarks
  7. 7. Standardize team-based development Protect and preserve data Automate database deployments Monitor performance & availability
  8. 8. Standardize team-based development
  9. 9. Standardization and Consistency • Use naming standards (Phil Factor conventions) • Avoid code smells with static analysis • Use Version Control • Test stored procedures and functions like you test app code
  10. 10. Automate database deployments
  11. 11. Automation is Key • Always validate code • Always follow the same process and procedures • Allows for practice and multiple deployment tests • Ensures configurations match
  12. 12. Monitor performance & availability
  13. 13. Monitor to Learn • We certainly need to monitor to ensure efficient operation • Learn from usage and performance data • Find patterns and anti-patterns • Feedback knowledge to development teams
  14. 14. DBA Dev Collaboration is Important
  15. 15. Encourage collaboration • Lunch and learn • Share code • Solve nagging problems • Do favors for others • Use Pull Requests to facilitate knowledge sharing
  16. 16. Teams Working Together
  17. 17. Build a DevOps Culture • No elite teams – everyone does DevOps • Build Teams – everyone succeeds or fails • Reward creativity – allow for experimentation • Respect Failure – grow and learn, don't blame and shame • Management support – organization must adapt and processes change
  18. 18. Summary • DevOps without the database isn't DevOps • Ensure consistent development practices • Use monitoring to learn for the future • Encourage sharing and collaboration • Culture is key
  19. 19. Benchmark Your Maturity Level See where you are, what you need, and what you can do next Take a few minutes to complete our Database DevOps Maturity Assessment
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