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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Implementing the Right Monitoring Tool


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Choosing the right monitoring tool for your organization goes beyond feature comparison and quite often even price. While you will likely have a budget to stick to and need to ensure the costs of the tool don’t exceed it, there are other factors you should consider when selecting the right tool for your organization.

Drawing on his 20 years’ experience in IT, Microsoft MVP Grant Fritchey explores in this presentation the following aspects of your monitoring selection process:
- Quantifying why change makes sense with monitoring
- Implementation hurdles and how to overcome them
- How to demonstrate success with your monitoring initiative after purchase

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Implementing the Right Monitoring Tool

  1. 1. Grant Fritchey Product Advocate, Redgate Software
  2. 2. 314 Redgaters and counting 19 years old 202,000 customers 2m SQL Server Central and Simple Talk users 91% of the Fortune 100 use our tools 6m website visits each year 1286 product releases last year 70 User Groups sponsored
  3. 3. No monitoring at all Self-built Incomplete 3rd Party
  4. 4. Cloud Virtual machines Availability groups SQL Server specialization
  5. 5. “There has been a 15% increase in people using SQL Server in the cloud for at least part of their estate since 2018, with the use of hybrid estates becoming more common.” monitor/resources/state-of-sql-server-monitoring/
  6. 6. More servers Growing data Cloud Regulatory landscape
  7. 7. DevOps Shift Left Added protection
  9. 9. Phased rollout Tuning alerts Building customized alerts Training
  10. 10. No alerting = no signal Too much alerting = noise Guidance on alerts Ability to customize and control alerts Send the message where people live
  11. 11. What is the state of the servers currently? Where are the servers headed? How did the servers behave in the past?
  12. 12. Deployment monitoring Use the data to drive innovation Assist active development
  13. 13. Share problems solved within the team Illustrate problems prevented Track the time saved
  14. 14. Across teams Between disciplines Across departments
  15. 15. Illustrate the challenges Celebrate the success
  16. 16. 2019 State of SQL Server Monitoring Redgate University Simple-Talk Redgate Hub
  17. 17. • Hay • Wave • Mountain Top