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Taming the Wild West


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How Standard Bank overcame technical and cultural challenges to implement database CI/CD!

Redgate’s Grant Fritchey talks to James Grant from Standard Bank about implementing continuous integration and continuous deployment to their databases. Join us to hear about the challenges they faced along the way, how they overcame them, and the benefits they’re now seeing. In this session you’ll learn about:
• Addressing management concerns such as the high cost of failure, protecting business-critical data, and difficulty tracking changes
• Overcoming resistance to change in the teams and getting change past the “old guard”
• Brown-field vs green-field CI/CD pipelines and the technical challenges of bringing existing database solutions onto a pipeline
• Using database unit testing as more than just a way to limit bugs and errors

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Taming the Wild West

  1. 1. Taming the Wild West How Standard Bank overcame technical and cultural challenges to implement database CI/CD
  2. 2. Get in touch James Grant Automation/DevOps Lead at Standard Bank Group Grant Fritchey Microsoft MVP and Product Advocate at Redgate
  3. 3. 314 Redgaters and counting 19 years old 202,000 customers 2m SQL Server Central and Simple Talk users 91% of the Fortune 100 use our tools 6m website visits each year 1,286 product releases last year 70 Communities sponsored last year About Redgate
  4. 4. Background
  5. 5. What were the pain points and challenges that provoked the need for the change?
  6. 6. What sort of outages and data losses were experienced due to issues with the deployment and testing process?
  7. 7. The implementation process
  8. 8. How did you start the process of implementing CI & CD?
  9. 9. Who were the major stake- holders in the organization at the start of this process?
  10. 10. Where did you meet resistance or issues as you began the implementation of your process?
  11. 11. The results
  12. 12. Can you describe the process that you’ve arrived at?
  13. 13. Is the business satisfied with the changes in process that have occurred?
  14. 14. In what ways have Redgate products played a role in your new process?
  15. 15. How did you measure your level of pain before and after implementing these new methodologies?
  16. 16. What have been the benefits to the DBA team?
  17. 17. Have there been benefits for the development teams?
  18. 18. If you had one piece of advice for someone setting out on this path, what would it be?
  19. 19. Questions
  20. 20. Thanks for joining our webinar, we hope you enjoyed the session. View our full webinar calendar at
  21. 21. Want to learn more? Contact us: Discover Redgate’s full Database DevOps solution