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Standardize Database Development Across your Organization in 4 Key Steps


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In the increasingly demanding world of software delivery, IT teams are feeling the pressure to deliver value to customers quicker than ever, often at odds with their day-to-day demands. Then there’s the database, which is still perceived as a bottleneck in the development process.

Discover how adopting 4 steps will lay your foundations for automation and compliant database DevOps. Speeding up and simplifying team-based database development, allowing your IT teams to improve collaboration and free up their time to innovate, add value and focus on more enjoyable work.

Adopt version control
Introduce dedicated development environments
Standardize coding styles
Adopt unit testing for the database

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Standardize Database Development Across your Organization in 4 Key Steps

  1. 1. How to standardize database development across your organization in 4 key steps.
  2. 2. Get in touch Chris Kerswell Pre-sales Engineer at Redgate Chris Unwin Data Privacy Specialist at Redgate @RedG_Chris @KerswellChris DBAle on Spotify, iTunes DBAle on Spotify, iTunes
  3. 3. Agenda • Intro to Redgate • Background • Why standardize? • Version Control • Dedicated Development • Coding • Unit Testing • How Redgate can help
  4. 4. 314 Redgaters and counting 19 years old 202,000 customers 2m SQL Server Central and Simple Talk users 91% of the Fortune 100 use our tools 6m website visits each year 1,286 product releases last year 70 Communities sponsored last year About Redgate
  5. 5. Background
  6. 6. The database
  7. 7. The shape of the IT team is changing
  8. 8. You’re expected to deliver more with less
  9. 9. Database development is lagging behind
  10. 10. Why standardize?
  11. 11. Adopt version control
  12. 12. Introduce dedicated development environments
  13. 13. Standardize coding styles
  14. 14. Adopt unit testing for the database
  15. 15. How can Redgate help?
  16. 16. Questions
  17. 17. Thanks for joining our webinar, we hope you enjoyed the session. View our full webinar calendar at
  18. 18. Want to learn more? Contact us: Discover Redgate’s full Database DevOps solution