SF Home Selling Class -September 24, 2012


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SF Home Selling Class -September 24, 2012

  1. 1. Worth the money: 5must do repairs to helpyou sellSeptember 24, 2012 San FranciscoFollow: @RedfinSanFranciscoLike: http://www.facebook.com/RedfinFrancisco
  2. 2. A Strong Debut● We make sure your home looks its best with free, professional photos Photos are 2nd only to price in generating tour interest
  3. 3. Perfect Pictures from:
  4. 4. Entryway Usually the 1st and last thing a potential buyer is going to see when looking at any home/condo.Things to focus on:•Are the walls & baseboards damaged,scuffed or dinged up? •A quick coat of paint can make a big impact.•Is the light fixture in need of being replaced? •Adequate light is important; makes the entryway feel more open and inviting.•Does the area have proper storage (arethings just piled up and stuffed in corners)? •Not necessarily on the cheaper end of updates, but a built-in storage area can be a big plus.
  5. 5. KitchenAs you have probably heard, kitchens & bathrooms sell homes!
  6. 6. Kitchen Floors● Tile: many times the tile is in good shape but the grout is either falling apart or discolored from the foot traffic pattern.● A cheap do-it-yourself fix is to buy some industrial cleaner and a good firm bristle scrubbing brush and go to town on the grout. Especially with lighter color grout, this will make a huge difference.● Another option would be to hire a company like The Grout Dr. They come out and rout out the old grout and re-grout the whole area with new material. This is also a much cheaper option than ripping up the old tile and having to pay a contractor to retile the entire kitchen.
  7. 7. Kitchen Floors● Hardwood: If you have hardwood floors you already know they can show wear and tear easily.● A quick & easy do-it-yourself fix to minor scratches and moderate signs of wear, is to use a hardwood floor cleaner/polisher. It will remove light signs of wear immediately.● For heavy scratches and damage, a good option aside from replacing the flooring would be to hire a company to refinish the floors. They will come in and sand down the floors and apply a coat of polyurethane. Your floors will usually look like new!
  8. 8. Kitchen Counters and Cabinets● Backsplash: ● Cabinets: ► A tile backsplash can make for ► Often they are in good shape a nice upgrade from just wall but show normal signs of wear paint between your from daily use. countertops and cabinets ► Painting cabinets that are in ► There are new products out good shape but show signs of there that can make tackling moderate wear & tear is an this type of project much easier inexpensive alternative to if you want to try to take on this replacing them. upgrade yourself. SimpleMat is ► Re-facing is another cost one example. effective alternative to putting in all new cabinets.
  9. 9. BathsThis is the second place that people are going to really focus on.
  10. 10. Baths● Floors: ► Basically the same idea as the kitchen: either clean or re-grout. ► New Tile installation can also make a big impact in any bathroom.Before: After:
  11. 11. Baths• Shower enclosure manytimes shows signs of wearand water damage to thegrout and caulking. Aneffective & inexpensive fix is tostrip and re-caulk any materialthat shows signs of mold ordiscoloration.• Retiling a showerenclosure is also a nice faceliftbut is going to be more costlythan just touching up the tile.• Vanity/Toilet: If they are in poor shape, replacing them is not a super expensive option and make a big difference from run down fixtures.• Swapping out the faucet/shower control and shower head can also make a worn down bathroom look new if the rest of the items are in good shape.
  12. 12. Outdoors
  13. 13. Outdoors Things to focus on: ● Uneven paver/brick walkways or Patios ► Hiring a mason to pop up and reset a patio/walkway can take the focus off the potential repair a buyer might be afraid to take on. ● Foundation plantings/shrubs ► If there is not any inviting foliage, your outdoor space will not be as inviting to a potential buyer and is an inexpensive way to dress up small outdoor areas. ● Fence and or Gate. ► If the property has a gate or fence and the existing structures are in poor shape, having them redone is a plus and also something that a potential buyer might not be comfortable taking on, another possible barrier to them placing an offer.
  14. 14. Trim and PaintingEverything looks better with a fresh coat of paint, and it is one of the leastexpensive ways to freshen up your home.•Weekend project for the crafty DIYer!•Invite friends to help!
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  21. 21. QuestionsFeel free to ask any questions you may have. We will also be here after the class toanswer questions you’d prefer to ask on an individual basis.Thank you!Kiesha Stephens| Listing Team Lead | Redfinkiesha.stephens@redfin.com | T: 415-320-1508