Philly home selling class march 2 2013


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  • Talking point: is the most-visited brokerage website in the markets we serve, over 5 million monthly visitors nationwide
  • Talking point: Potential home buyers can add your home to their favorites, request a tour, or start an offer directly from the listing details page on our site.
  • UPDATE THIS SLIDE: (Seattle only) Delete the image and “we buy premium placement…” statement from this slide. Seattle does not promote listings on
  • Demoredfin.
  • (show pre-done CMA from MRIS, pulled in advance, include summary with photos of comps, and summary detail at a minimum)
  • Philly home selling class march 2 2013

    1. 1. Home Selling Class March 2, 2013 North Wales, PA Follow: @RedfinPhilly Like:
    2. 2. A Little Bit About Who We Are● Redfin is a real estate brokerage that has helped over 20,000 people buy or sell a home; 97% would refer us to a friend.● Customers, not commissions● Informed decisions● The right home for the right price● No obligation● Get back a portion of our commission
    3. 3. Understanding theMarket
    4. 4. National Market TrendsMultiple Offers - More than a Quarter of Listings Still Selling Fast● In Dec. 27.5% of new listings were under contract in two weeks or less.● This measure of how competitive the market is for buyers has been holding steady for the last seven months.● Multiple offers are not only against 3 or 5 buyers, but more like 10, 20 and sometimes even 30 or more
    5. 5. National Market Trends● The key metrics across 19 major metropolitan markets are: ► Prices 11.3% higher YoY (9th month in a row with increasing prices YoY) ► Inventory falls 33% YoY ► At the close of 2012 there were < 160,000 listings nationally ► Inventory been dropping YoY for 22 months in a row
    6. 6. Montgomery County January Stats for Houses
    7. 7. Montgomery County January Stats for Condos
    8. 8. Where to find data…
    9. 9. Marketing Your Home
    10. 10. Benefits of a MLS Powered Site● Recent Windermere/Redfin study across 11 major U.S. cities● has 20+% more agent-listed properties than two national portals, Zillow and Trulia● We display new listings 7 to 9 days faster, and record sales faster too
    11. 11. Marketing BlitzTwice as many people see your home on #1 Brokerage Website 100-250 extra clicks per day
    12. 12. Marketing BlitzTwice as many people see your home on Sample listing details page
    13. 13. Marketing BlitzTwice as many people see your home in email
    14. 14. Marketing BlitzPotential buyers see your home on the web We buy premium placement on, the top real estate website in the U.S. (Source: Hitwise)
    15. 15. Selling Your Home
    16. 16. The Process● Decide on selling● Interview agents● Stage and prepare your home (Open Book)● Photograph your home● Take it live!!!!!!● Get a contract● Hand over the keys
    17. 17. Decide if You Want to Sell
    18. 18. Find and Agent and Interview!● Is this your full-time job?● Where were your last five deals?● Who else will be working with me?● When am I committed to working with you?● Has a client ever filed a complaint?● How are you paid?● Can I see some reviews of your work?
    19. 19. Stage and Prepare● Redfin Certified Providers ► Proven track record, vetted by Redfin● We review every client & post the good, bad, & ugly● Read real reviews & find a great local team ► Inspectors ► Lenders ► Title Companies ► Attorneys
    20. 20. The Importance of Perfect Photos
    21. 21. Pricing: An Art & Science● Consider the current markets ► Housing markets ► Mortgage rates ► Economic and other factors● Consider the price ► Competitive environment ► Comparable homes in your area  Active, under contract, sold (within 90-120 days)  Appraisal concerns
    22. 22. Pricing StrategiesWhat if we over price? What if we under price?● Loss of Interested Buyers ● Stand out from ► Eliminates Offers = Lower competition Price ● More buyers = more● Long days on market offers…● Need price-reduction plan ● Lower carrying costs● Hope: one buyer ● Risk: one buyer● Appraisal concerns
    23. 23. Comparative Market Analysis● What is a CMA?● What is the difference between a CMA and an appraisal?● How could 3 different agents suggest 3 different prices?
    24. 24. What is the Best Day to List?● Homes listed on Sunday get marginally more online views.● Homes listed on Friday are toured 19% more.● Homes listed on Friday or Thursday sell for slightly closer to original list price.● Homes listed on Friday are 12% more likely to sell in 90 days.
    25. 25. Thanks for Coming!Please fill out the survey that was handed out at the beginning of class. Weappreciate the feedback!Check out our upcoming classes and events at McCarthy | Philadelphia Agent | | T: (610) 592-8116