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  • What is a Distressed Home - Definition - Types of Distressed Homes
  • Chart:
  • Can we add a screenshot with Laurie as the agent?
  • Address in here how your agent fights for you in negotiations
  • BATNA – back up plan, have one to avoid feeling like you have no option except to take the offer
  • 1. Important milestone tracker – click on these for more in depth infoDeal room provides you with step by step updates on where you are at in the process after you have made an offer 2. Get updates from your agent when they have made changes to your Deal Room
  • Research needed to understand the Auction process better
  • You should add your own key take aways for this and every class
  • Redfin's Free Short Sale Class - Atlanta

    1. 1. Distressed Properties &Short Sales – Start to FinishPresented by: Danielle CoatsJune 10, 2013 Atlanta, GAFollow: @RedfinAtlantaLike:
    2. 2. Agenda● Market and pricing statistics● What is a distressed home?● Foreclosures● Short sales● Auctions● Financing● Finding distressed homes● Negotiation strategies● Home inspections● Attorneys, title and closing
    3. 3. Market Conditions
    4. 4. Distressed Properties
    5. 5. Atlanta Area ForeclosuresArea Foreclosures Average Price % of HomesAtlanta 5,679 $209,900 0.13%Fulton 9,374 $220,000 0.15%Georgia 40,124 $115,000 0.15%Nationally 1,375,627 $117,900 0.11%
    6. 6. Types of Distressed Homes● Short Sales► AKA: Pre-foreclosure► Potential vs. Approved Short Sale● Foreclosures (Post-County Foreclosure)► AKA: Bank-owned, REO, lender owned► Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie & HUD● Auctions● Estate Sales
    7. 7. Short Sales● How does a short sale work?● Parties involved (see chart)● Qualifying the short sale● Short sale approval process (see chart)● Timelines (Contingencies and Closing)● False contracts● Approval notice
    8. 8. Short Sale PartiesShort SaleAttorneyCloserEscrowAssistantSellersListingAgentBuyersRedfinAgentHomeInspectorsAppraiserBuyer’sLenderUnderwriterInvestorGuidelinesBank #1CustomerCareCenterShort SaleDepartmentBPOAppraiserNegotiatorLitigationMortgageInsurerMortgageInvestor #1MortgageInvestor #2ClosingDepartmentBank #2CustomerCare CenterShort SaleDepartmentBPOAppraiserNegotiatorLitigationMortgageInsurerMortgageInvestor #1MortgageInvestor #2ClosingDepartment
    9. 9. Short Sale Approval Process
    10. 10. Short Sale Tid Bits● The rumor mill (old market)● Types of loans and liens► Get the Prelim! (and read the fine print)● 90 day non-refundable earnest● 15% Redfin Rebate on Short Sales● Questions to ask before writing an offer
    11. 11. 15 Questions to Ask the Listing Agent1.Is the property owned by and owner or investor?2.Has there been a trustee’s sale notice issued?3.How many short sales have you closed?4.Do you have the seller’s completed short sale package in your possession?5.Have you ordered the preliminary title report?6.Are there any non-mortgage liens attached to the property?7.How many loans are on the home?8.Who are the lenders/banks?9.Are any of the loans a line of credit?10.Do you have any offers?11.Have you had any previous offers?12.Have you received an acceptance letter?13.Has the broker’s price opinion (BPO) been conducted? (if yes, when)14.Have you been assigned a negotiator?15.What has motivated the sellers to do a short sale?
    12. 12. Why Buy a Short Sale?● It’s the perfect home● You can wait 90-120 days minimum● If you don’t get it, you’ll be alrightOr…● You like emotional roller-coasters
    13. 13. Bank Owned Homes● Contracts● Addendums● Timelines● Home condition● Listing agents● Tenants
    14. 14. Why Buy a Bank Owned?● Best price● Not afraid of a remodel● Comfortable with contracts● Financially strong with liquid capital
    15. 15. Buying at Auction● County Auctions (steps)● Organized Auctions● Who buys homes at auction?● What types of homes are at auction?● What are the prices like?● What is involved with buying at auction?● What is an absolute auction?● Due Diligence prior to auction● Tip - Write down your Max-bid
    16. 16. FinancingMicole SudduthLoan South
    17. 17. Financing● Pre-qualification vs pre-approval● Credit inquiries and FICO● Lender you trust► Redfin Partner Lenders
    18. 18. Financing Options● Conventional loans► 30 year, 15 year, 5/1 ARM, etc● FHA► FHA health and safety requirements► Flipping guidelines● Rehab loans (203k)● Homepath loans
    19. 19. Financing Steps● Preapproval● Select property► What is condition of property?► Flipping guidelines● When to lock in the rate► Short sale► Bank owned● Mortgage process
    20. 20. Interest Rates● Rates near all-timelows● Loans are stillavailable, just harderto get than before● Long-term, rates mustgo up – but no onecan say when
    21. 21. Where Are Rates Headed?Type of Loan May 30, 2013 June 6, 201330-Year Fixed 3.81% 3.91%15-Year Fixed 2.98% 3.03%5/1 ARM 2.66% 2.74%1-Year ARM 2.54% 2.58%
    22. 22. Searching for Distressed Homes
    23. 23. Finding Distressed Homes● Redfin► Shadow Inventory► Foreclosures (bank owned)► Short Sales● Government Sites► and►● Look down the street
    24. 24. Searching on RedfinSearchforeclosuresFindopenhousesExcludeshortsalesOnlyShowBankOwnedDownloadto Excel
    25. 25. Add Homes to Your Favorites ListOrder byprice,listingdate, etcSee yournotes
    26. 26. Working with RedfinWorking with Redfin
    27. 27. Working With Redfin is DifferentService► Advocates: client-satisfaction bonuses, not commissions► Transparency: informed decisions► Best Agents: The right home for the right priceNo obligation► Unlimited tours, no commitment► Pause and re-start your search any timeRefund► You get up to 50% the commissionThe Best Results► Service: 97% would recommend us to a friend
    28. 28. Tour homesFind dream homeConsult with agent, write offerSubmit offer to listing agentNegotiationsSuccess! Mutual AcceptanceEarnest money [Within 3 days]Inspection contingency [5-14 days]Financing contingency [20-28 days]Title review [5 days]Appraisal Contingency [14-21 days]Pre-closing WalkGet keys and take possession!Closing!Overview of aPurchaseReceive Redfin creditComplete Redfin surveyGet pre-approved
    29. 29. The Offer & The Deal
    30. 30. Negotiation Considerations● How long has the propertybeen listed?● Price reduction Strategy● Low SS list prices● Long response times● Multiple Offers● Round 2 Negotiations● Bank retains control
    31. 31. Deal RoomImportantmilestonetracker
    32. 32. Attorneys, Title and Closing● Attorney represents buyer’s lender*● Deeds – Warranty Deed vs. Special Warranty Deed● Title Search► Chain of title► Last minute liens► Title insurance Lender’s Policy Owner’s Policy● Closing Paperwork● Possession and keys
    33. 33. Home Inspections
    34. 34. Home Inspections● What to look for yourself● Missing components► Big ticket items (AC, cabinets, appliances)► Deliberate damage & safety (electrical)● Severe neglect● What an inspector won’t find and won’t test► Hidden defects► Untested system defects
    35. 35. Home Inspections● Most common concerns► Roof► Structural► Plumbing► Electrical► HVAC► Deferred Maintenance► Termites► Mold► Cosmetic
    36. 36. Next Steps
    37. 37. So What Now?● Make sure it’s the right time for you● Get pre-approved & look for a lender● Ask to meet with an agent● Search for homes & start touring● Make an offer & close the dealTHANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!
    38. 38. Thanks For Coming!Please fill out the survey we’ll send tomorrow alongwith the slide deck. We’d love to getyour feedback on how the class could improve.To get even more info on the home buyingprocess, check out our home buying guide:
    39. 39. Our next class!Home Buying ClassJune 25, 20136:30pm – 8:30pmBrunswick Zone775 Cobb Place Boulevard NorthwestKennesaw, GA 30144
    40. 40. Thank You!
    41. 41. HUD Settlement Statement
    42. 42. Favorite Real Estate Links● Property Information► PropertyShark: Zoning data, title history, permits,neighborhood data; navigation is clunky● Neighborhood Information► WalkScore: Proximity to points of interest► Trulia Heat Maps: Median prices across a county
    43. 43. Favorite Real Estate Links: Listings► Redfin: MLS + FSBO + REO, updated every 15minutes, with DOM, price history, Zestimate► craigslist: Major FSBO source that Redfin cant crawl► HotPads: Foreclosure heat maps► Brokerage site of listing agents: more photos of thelisting► RealtyTrac: Foreclosure market detail, subscriptionrequired for full reports
    44. 44. Favorite Real Estate Links: Pricing Data► Case-Schiller Indices: Pricing trends by metropolitanarea► HouseMath: Compares a housing investment to astock market investment► Altos Research: Median price trends and days onmarket by city, but some complain data is unreliable► MSN Home Affordability Calculator: Based on yourincome & credit score► SmartMoneys Home Buying Worksheet: Similar tothe MSN calculator, but requires more info
    45. 45. Favorite Real Estate Links: Mortgage► Bankrate: Many ads, but is great for comparing locallenders► Zillows Mortgage Marketplace Help Center: Articlesmortgage rates, types of mortgages, creditreports, and a series of mortgage calculators► The Mortgage Professor: Bare bones information onmortgages, definitions of common terms, myriad ofmortgage calculators► HUD FHA page: Most reliable explanation of FHAloans, good site for first-time buyers
    46. 46. Favorite Links● Loans for First-Time Home-Buyers► Federal Housing Administration (FHA)► Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac► CalHFA: California State agency that helps certainbuyers● Government Sites► Federal Trade Commission: Articles & alerts forhome-buyers.► Dept. of Justice: Role of competition in real estate
    47. 47. Favorite Links Cont.● Remodeling & Renovations► A few ads, but a useful clearinghouseof information on remodeling► National Association of Home Builders (NAHB): Articleson remodeling your home, most are good● What to Look for in an Inspection► American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI): Goodconsumer FAQ & virtual home inspection