One time program is everything already destined rsd final


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One time program is everything already destined rsd final

  1. 1. Seminar Presenter : Radheshyam das• President of the Pune branch of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna CONsciousness) that has over 600 centres worldwide• Director of Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture & Education (VOICE)• Holds an M.Tech from IIT-Bombay• has been a top ranker during his DME, BE.Mech Engg and M.Tech.• worked with CECRI, THERMAX and MATHER AND PLATT• has been a Junior Research Fellow and Senior Design Executive.• youth counselor and Corporate Advisor• has compiled many pocket books on topics relevant to corporate circle like ‘Art of Mind control’ ‘Practical tips to Mind control’ ‘Stress Management’• has authored a series of 5 books ‘Spirituality for the Modern Youth’• offers seminars on Stress Management, Proactive Leadership, Time Management etc in companies and colleges like ISQUAREIT• ISKCON conferred upon him the ‘Global Excellency Award’ for the year 2004 for his valuable contribution to youth preaching.
  2. 2. g d? in ne h ti t y s r e e D v E fe I s Li y min
  3. 3. D edicated to: H is D ivine Grace A .C .B h a k t iv e d a n t a S w ä m i Ç r é la P ra bhupä da F o u n d e r -Ä c ä r y a : I nternational Society for K rishna Consciousness
  4. 4. CHANCE or PRE-ARRANGEMENT? Nothing comes by chance; What induces the article to come is not chance. God is the supplier. Foolish people cannot perceive the ultimate cause; thus they name it ‘Chance’.His Divine GraceA.C. Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada,Founder Acharya of ISKCON
  5. 5. NOT BY CHANCE, BUT BY PLANJust like I am hungry, I want some foodSo Krishna knows that you want…Someway or other the food comes to me.So it is arrangement of Krishna.“I was hungry and by chance food has come.” That is my less intelligence.It is not chance; it is PLAN.His Divine GraceA.C. Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada,Founder Acharya of ISKCON
  6. 6. Even to make an artificial flower, one needs a paper, color, an artistand a intelligent craftsman. What to speak of the flowers in nature with their delicateness, biological complexity, fragrance and their shapes and forms? These are not coming by chance.We say ‘chance’ because we do notsee how the nature is working under God’s supervision.
  7. 7. GOOD LUCK & BAD LUCKAs soon as you say, LUCK,there must be SOMEBODY who isgiving you the luck –Good luck and Bad luckJust like in the airport,As soon as I step on the doorIt becomes opened.A child will see it as chance :“Oh, how it is? I wanted to go andThe door is already open.” That is poor fund of knowledge.There is a Arrangement.His Divine GraceA.C. Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada,Founder Acharya of ISKCON
  8. 8. We live in a world where each one of us is unique.
  9. 9. Some are bornFabulously Rich
  10. 10. “ Poverty-s tricken”
  11. 11. Some are bornHandsome
  12. 12. Some are born Ugly
  13. 13. Some are bornHealthy & Strong
  14. 14. Some are bornWeak & Handicapped
  15. 15. Some are bornTo Rich Parents
  16. 16. Some are bornImpoverished
  17. 17. One gets medical education andbecomes a M.D. DOC TOR.
  18. 18. A nother lifts heavyweights and s pendshis entire life as aC oolie.
  19. 19. One child is bornwith a s ilver s poon andhas a nice car rideright from c hildhood.
  20. 20. A nother child is born to parentswho have no money to move out of theirpoverty-s tric ken s ingle-room s hack!
  21. 21. In t h e Bh a g a v a d - g é t ä ( 9 .2 9 ) ,L o r d K å ñ ë a p e r s o n a lly d e c la r e s : s a mo ’h a à s a r v a - bhüt eñu
  22. 22. Then why thisdiscrimination ?
  23. 23. We choose• A job• A wife or a husband• The type of car• An apartmentAnd many more things
  24. 24. We don’t choose• Our parents• Our beauty• Our intelligence
  26. 26. IS IT BYCHANCE?
  27. 27. Can laws exist withoutLaws of a Law maker ?Mechanics
  28. 28. Laws ofPhysicalOptics
  29. 29. Laws ofthermodynamics
  30. 30. What do the best of thescientists feel ?
  31. 31. “There is a perfectbrain behind all the natural physical laws.” Albert Einstein
  32. 32. “If you think strongly enough,you will be forced by science to believe in God.” Lord Kelvin
  33. 33. Macro worldPrecise laws of LAWSmathematical IMPLYaccuracy A LAW- MAKERgovern this Micro worldworld
  34. 34. How can ourbirth, beauty,intelligence…alone berandomevents ?
  35. 35. Isn’t there a lawthat governsthese ?
  36. 36. LAW ofKARMA
  37. 37. In alaw court
  38. 38. … the jud ge award s…… rigorous im prisonm ent to one…
  39. 39. … and the sam e jud ge award s… … lakhs of com pensation to another.
  40. 40. Why is the jud gegiving d ifferent jud gm ents?
  41. 41. Based on the activities of ind ivid uals, the jud ge givesd ifferent jud gm ents, accord ing to the law.
  42. 42. Is hepartial?
  43. 43. N o!
  44. 44. L ik e w is e … k a r m a ë ä d a iv a -n e t r e ë a ja n t u r d e h o p a p a t t a yes t r iy ä ù p r a v iñ ö a u d a r a àp u à s o r e t a ù -k a ë ä ç r a y a ù
  45. 45. “Under the supervision of theSupreme Lord and according tothe result of his work, the living entity, the soul, is given a particular type of body.”
  46. 46. Even N ewton’s third law ofm otion states …
  47. 47. “Everyaction has an equal and opposite reaction.”
  48. 48. WE ARE NOT THESE MATERIAL BODIES; WE ARE PURE ETERNAL SOULS, CHILDREN OF GOD FROM SPIRITUAL WORLD• When we leave the company of God and come to this world, our pure spiritual nature becomes covered over.• In this way the soul is forced to take birth in this material world again and again• Based on our Good and Bad acts
  49. 49. But who iswitnessing our activities?
  50. 50. The L ord is seatedin our heart as the Parmatma or Supersoul alongsid e of the soulas a witness to our activities.
  51. 51. L o r d K å ñ ë a s a y s in t h e B h a g a v a d - g é t ä ( 8 .6 ) , y a à y a à v ä p i s ma r a n b h ä v a à t yaj at y ant e kal ev ar am t a à t a m e v a it i k a u n t e y a s a d ä t a d - b h ä v a - b h ä v it a ù
  52. 52. L o r d K å ñ ë a s a y s in t h e B h a g a v a d - g é t ä ( 8 .6 ) , “ W h a t e v e r s t a t e o f b e in g o n e r e m e m b e r s w h e n h e q u it s h isb o d y, O s o n o f K u n té , th a t s ta te h e w ill a t t a in w it h o u t f a il. ”
  53. 53. In hum an form of life we have got d eveloped intelligence to d iscrim inate and lead responsible lives.
  54. 54. If we engage in sinfulactivities… .
  55. 55. Illicit Sex … eat Eating M which areknown as the four pillars of sinful Gam bling life… Intoxication
  56. 56. … one will d egrad e to lower life form s.
  57. 57. … we will suffer… DE STINY• Chronic Disease• Legal implication,• Born in a Low and degraded family• Uneducated• Very UglyDestiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. - William Jennings Bryan
  58. 58. If we lead responsible lives following religious principles & practicing …
  59. 59. Austerity
  60. 60. Sacrifice Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
  61. 61. Sharpen Intelligence through Wisdom literature C ultivation of K nowled ge
  62. 62. Associating with Saintly Persons
  63. 63. We e le v a t eg ra dua lly t o thek in g d o m of
  64. 64. DESTINY vs FREE WILL What is Destined? a c t io n s h a v e c r e a t e d o u r p r e s e n t d e se n t a c t io n s w ill d e t e r m in e o u r f u t u r e d s t in e d t o b e b o r nr , L e a r n e d /i l l i t e r a t e , B e a u t i f u l /u g l y , r n /l o w b o r n , H e a l t h y /s i c k l y e t c . What is not Destined? t h a p p e n s t o u s is D e s t in y . w e r e s p o n d t o it is F r e e W ill.
  65. 65. Destiny vs. Endeavor• ‘Karma vada’ - modern notion - there is no such thing as Destiny; everything is in our own hands. (eg) Mike Tyson• ‘Daiva vada’ - Everything is determined by destiny; nothing is in our hands"Destiny determines the consequences of our actionsnot our actions themselves.“ - Vidura to Dhrtarashtra
  66. 66. Destiny vs. EndeavorActual Vedic teaching:Both Karma and Daivacombine to determine the result• Analogy:Karma is like ploughing,Daiva is like rainfall
  67. 67. Material Destiny cannot be appreciably changed;Spiritual Progress cannot be checked. Consider a RACE between Luna moped, Maruti and Benz. Can the Luna driver speed up and win the race by any amount of endeavour?Our Material bodies are awarded with certain advantages and disadvantages; we cannot appreciably change them.(eg) a dog cannot run faster than a horse or Cheetah(eg) a coolie cannot become FORD by any endeavor
  68. 68. Srila Prabhupada : We see so many men working so hard. Does this mean that every one of them will become a Ford, aRockefeller? Why not? Everyone is trying his best. But Mr. Ford was destined tobecome a rich man. His destiny was there, and so he became a rich man. Another man may work just as hard as Ford, butthis does not mean he will become as rich as Ford. This is practical. You cannot change your destiny simply by workinghard like asses and dogs. No. But you can utilize your special human energy for improving your Krishna consciousness. Thats a fact.
  69. 69. Srila Prabhupada : According to thedifferent types of body, there are someexternal differences in the pleasure, but thebasic amount and quality of this pleasure hasvery well defined limitations. That is calleddestiny. A pig has a certain type of body, andhis eatable is stool. This is destined. Youcannot change it—"Let the pig eat halavä."That is not possible. Because the soul has aparticular type of body, he must eat aparticular type of food. Can anyone, anyscientist, improve the standard of living of apig? Is it possible? [Laughter.]
  70. 70. Quantum of Pleasure and Pain is pre-fixed at birthS r i l a P r a b h u p a d a : Destiny allows only acertain amount of material happiness in this world,and our efforts should therefore be directed towardself-realization.Nobody is enjoying uninterrupted material happiness.That is not possible. Just as you cannot check yourdistressing condition of life, similarly you cannotcheck your happy condition of life. It will comeautomatically. Therefore, dont waste your time withthese things. better you utilize your energy foradvancing in Kåñëa consciousness.
  71. 71. Turning a Hut into a Skyscraper; what’s great about it?S r i l a P r a b h u p a d a : Sometimes peopleboast, "We have gone from the hut to theskyscraper." They think this is progress.But in the Vedic system of civilization, one thinksabout how much he is advanced in self-realization.He may live in a hut and become very advanced inself-realzation.But if he wastes his time turning his hut into askyscraper, then his whole life is wasted, finished.And in his next life he is going to be a dog, althoughhe does not know it. Thats all.
  72. 72. Material Destiny cannot be appreciably changed;Spiritual Progress cannot be checked.On the platform of soul, one’s progress towards Godcannot be checked by Age, Caste, Literacy, Poverty etc.(eg) Gajendra elephant, Jatayu eagle, Child Dhruva – all have equal chance to advance towards God MATERIAL PROGRESS SPIRITUAL PROGRESS Material progress -> Death 2nd Death1st Birth 2nd Birth
  73. 73. By Material efforts, Material Destiny cannot be appreciably changed;By Spiritual Progress, even Material Destiny can be changed. Consider a RACE between Luna moped, Maruti and Benz. Can the Luna driver speed up and win the race by any amount of endeavour? Yes! Luna can reach the goal faster than even Benz, if a helicopter can lift it and carry it to the destination.Similarly, if we surrender to God, who is the maker of destiny, He can change our destiny also, if He wishes.(eg) Lord Krishna blocked sun with His Sudarshan chakra(eg) Lord Krishna brought His guru’s son from Yamaloka
  74. 74. ONLY KRISHNA CAN CHANGE OUR DESTINYPuñöa Kåñëa: So, then, we cant say that the Vedic system, orsanätana-dharma, is fatalistic. There actually is endeavor forprogress.Çréla Prabhupäda: Certainly—spiritual progress. As for thequestion of "fatalistic," I have often given this example: Let us saya man is condemmed by a court of law to be hanged. Nobody cancheck it. Even the same judge who gave the verdict cannot checkit. But if the man begs for the mercy of the king, the king cancheck the execution. He can go totally above the law. Thereforethe Brahma-saàhitä [5.54] says, karmäëi nirdahati kintu ca bhakti-bhäjäm: destiny can be changed by Kåñëa for His devotees;otherwise it is not possible. Therefore our only business should beto surrender to Kåñëa. And if you artificially want to be morehappy by economic development, that is not possible.
  75. 75. Real Progress vs. Illusory ProgressSrila Prabhupada : A dog is running hereand there on four legs, and you arerunning on four wheels. Is that progress?The Vedic system is this: The humanbeing has a certain amount of energy—better energy than the animals, betterconsciousness—and that energy shouldbe utilized for spiritual advancement. Sothe whole Vedic system is meant forspiritual advancement.
  76. 76. sarva-dharmän parityajya mäm ekaà çaraëaà vraja ahaà tväà sarva- päpebhyo mokñayiñyämi mä çucaù TRANSLATIONAbandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. Ishall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.
  77. 77. KC helps us in both ways• Face our destiny betterIf we are anchored at Lord’s lotus feet, we can tolerate the storm of unfavorable Destiny• Improve our future destinyOur past actions have created our present destiny, so our present KC actions will determine our future destiny. That is certainly a BRIGHT future.
  78. 78. Bhagavad gita - a call for dynamic enlightened action Success is destined, but you endeavor and take the credit tasmät tvam uttiñöha yaço labhasva jitvä çatrün bhuìkñva räjyaà samåddham mayaivaite nihatäù pürvam eva nimitta-mätraà bhava savya-säcin TRANSLATIONTherefore get up. Prepare to fight and win glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasäcé, can be but an instrument in the fight. [BG 11.33]
  79. 79. Mantra Meditation ChantHare Krishna Hare KrishnaKrishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
  80. 80. Power of Prayers PRAYERS go up Blessings Come down “ O Lord, give me the courage to change the things which can and ought to be changed,the serenity to accept the things which cannot be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference ”
  81. 81. Make truth and love as thefoundation of life The world we live in is simply a drama stage. We originally belong to the spiritual world. Remember this fact and be aware that we’ve to reap the fruits for every action. Give up bad habits and prepare yourself to return back to your original home – the spiritual world.
  82. 82. Thank You Very Much... May God bless you to become free from all vices and imbibe all virtues and bringforth unending Bliss !
  83. 83. Does Destiny not hamper my free will?If I purchase a ticket to Bangalore for an airline flight,once the plane has taken off, my decision to board the planeforces me to continue flying until the plane lands.But although I am forced to accept the reaction of this decision,on board the plane I have many new decisions I can make.• I may accept food and drink from the stewardesses or reject it,• I may read a magazine or newspaper, I may sleep,• walk up and down the aisle,• converse with other passengers and so on.
  84. 84. Destiny does not hamper my free will; Thus I am responsible for all my actionsEven within that situation I am constantly making new decisions and creating new reactions.if I cause a disturbance on the airplane I may be arrested when the plane lands.if I make friends with a businessman next to me on plane, it may lead to a favorable business transaction in future.Thus our destiny does not hamper our free will;rather a sincere devotee of God can easily overcome the previous conditionings by humble surrender.