White Sea Cruise


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This is a presentation of a cruise planned by Intourist-Arkhangelsk.

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White Sea Cruise

  1. 1. OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Founded in 1989 JSC “INTOURIST - Arkhangelsk” has long traditions of tour operating on international and domestic tourism and travel markets which makes it possible to see the company as one of the most reliable partners in business. There are some aspects of our activities and a number of services performed and delivered to our clients be it an inward or outward tourist or a day visitor: tourist group handling (city tours, excursions, cognitive, ecological and adventure tours to Kargopol, Onega, Pinega, Kenozerye and other parts of Arkhangelsk region; air tours to the Solovetsky Islands); individual tours; sightseeing and excursions; guides and interpreters services; business tours arrangements; hotel reservations; booking passenger tickets for domestic and international air- and railway transport; chartering aircrafts and boats; transportation services; visa support.
  2. 2. White SeaProject 2010
  3. 3. White Sea Cruise Program• 6-8 days covering arrival/departure by charter or regular planes and shore excursion program,• diversified shore excursion program (visiting museums; walks along cities; concert performances; learning Pomor history, traditions and nature; meeting ordinary local inhabitants)
  4. 4. Murmansk
  5. 5. Murmansk Murmansk, founded in 1916, is the world’s biggest city situated over the Arctic Circle. Population is 450,000.   The vessel arrives to Murmansk, Passport control (1,5-2,0 hours )  Meeting the tourists with military orchestra Depart pier by coach and commence city tour of the main streets: Short stop at the memorial to the defenders of the polar region in WWII (one of the highest points of the city). Visit to the cemetery where soldiers and officers from the U.S, Great Britain and Poland (the participants in the Allied Convoys) were buried during WWII. Next stop at the “Savoir-on-the Waters Church, part of a planned cathedral & memorial complex dedicated to perished seamen. Excursion to the National Museum. The five departments of the museum give the visitor a full idea of the history of the Murmansk region and its exotic nature. Especially interesting are the exhibitions devoted to the ingenious population Saami and the first Russian settlers - Pomors. Lunch Visit to an open air museum - a Saami settlement. During the trip to a Saami settlement the visitors can see and feel a different life-life in harmony with nature, and get acquainted with the ancient traditions of the ingenious Kola Saami, feed reindeer, listen to the true stories of the small northern people, see the Saami craftsmen making their traditional souvenirs. And all this happens in beautiful northern nature, on the bank of the full of fish Kitza river, in traditional Saami dwellings. The visitor will also have a chance to get acquainted with magic rituals performed by the genuine shaman.
  6. 6. ISLAND MORZHOVETSIt is the only island in the northern part of the White Sea.Nowadays the island is ca 110 sq. km (15 km long and 5 km wide). But it is getting smaller year by year because the sea washes off its sandy shores (10 m annually).On the North-western part of the Island there is a lighthouse which is more than 70 years old and the hydro meteorological station on the island which is 167 years old.
  7. 7. SOSNOVKA VILLAGE and SOSNOVETS ISLANDThis small village has only 90 inhabitants. Itis one of the oldest Pomor settlements.Original sea ways have been going by thisvillage.The hydro meteorological station here is148 years old.The Island Sosnovets is only 1200 m long.In the middle on the highest point there is alighthouse.
  8. 8. Tetrino VillageTetrino is an original settlement of Tersky Pomors. In 16th century the saltworks were organized by monks of Nikolo- Korelsky Monastery.The village has a rich history and wonderful old buildings.On the outskirts of the village there is a horse farm with rare white Siberian horses.
  9. 9. Solovetsky Islands •Big Solovetsky Island •Big Zayatsky Island •Anzersky Island •Kuzova Islands
  10. 10. Solovetsky IslandsUnique nature and historical monumentsSolovetsky historical and cultural complex, included into the UNESCO World Heritage ListThe biggest in Europe collection of constructions of the Neolithic epoch, stone pills, burial mounds, labyrinths, dolmens
  12. 12. Letnaja Zolotitsa, Lopshenga
  13. 13. Letnaya Zolotitsa and Lopshenga Pomor settlements with preserved Pomor traditions and culture Beautiful coast nature and sandy beach Salmon fishing and seal watching
  14. 14. Letnaja Zolotitsa and LopshengaHerbal tea with traditional Russian pancakesTraditional Pomor folkloreObserving belugas in the White Sea
  15. 15. Mudyug IslandMonument to the victims of interventionLighthouse “Black Tower”Saved British cannonsBuildings of the concentration camp locatedon the island for intractable people in 1918Unique nature, from sandy coast toconiferous forest
  17. 17. CITY TOUR Short sightseeing tour around the city Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts Visit to the Belomorskaya Design Factory - enterprise of folk artistic wooden art products Lunch at the restaurant “Pomorsky” – traditional Northern cuisine Visit to the Museum of the Artistic Development of the Arctic Short walk along Chumbarovka street. Dinner at a restaurant.
  19. 19. MUSEUM OF WOODEN ARCHITECTURE “MALYE KORELY”The museum is located on the open air on the hills 25 km from Arkhangelsk. It’s one of the mostpicturesque places in the outskirts of Arkhangelsk city. On the territory there is over a hundredof unique samples of ancient wooden architecture, such as churches, bell towers, barns, wind andwatermills, one can admire while listening to the merry chime of church bells. Here valuableremnants of folk culture have been collected and arranged into an open-air exhibition.
  20. 20. NOVODVINSKAYA FORTRESS The fortification was built in 1701 during the Northern War with Sweden before even St. Petersburg was founded. It was the prototype for both Kronschtadt and Petropavlovskaya Fortress. But despite its tremendous role in the victory, its name was forgotten from the end of the 19th century. In the 20th century a children’s penalty camp was situated here till 2006. Only since 2007 the fortress was given to the jurisdiction of the Museum of Local Lore.
  21. 21. KANIN NOS (optional) The northernmost continental point of Arkhangelsk region, washed by both Barents and White Seas. The shores are characterized by steep beaches and slopes up to 15-20 m high.The main population –reindeer herders.The environment – fragiletundra areas.
  22. 22. PONOYAncient Saami settlement. The firstorthodox church here appeared in the 16thcentury.The river Ponoy is the longest and mostbeautiful on the Kola Peninsula. Possible activities: Fishing Rafting RIB-safaris
  23. 23. FOLK MUSIC IN THE RUSSIAN NORTH The Folk Music Group «Spolokhi» Alla SumarokovaFive professional musicians – actors – singers, well- Alla Sumarokova is a famous Russian singer,known for their creative mastership. They not only participant of several international festivals inprofessionally play the traditional folk music instruments, different countries. In Sweden she is known asbut also use unusual articles and utensils: two-handed «the best singer of the Barents-region». Hersaw. wooden spoons, self-made horns, cast-iron pots, repertoire includes Russian spiritual music,rake and other articles which they often make Russian folk songs, Russian and Gypsy romances,themselves. as well as songs of the North-Russian composers and poets.Besides the traditional Russian folk songs, they use During her concerts she tries to be different andelements of jazz, classical music, rock etc. All of it makes uses various characters attractive for the audiencea concert with their participation into an unforgettable and herself. The audience equally likes the imageshow. Colorful, bright costumes, made with good sense of a romantic lady and a passionate Gypsyof humor are truly loved by the audience in their own woman.land as well as abroad.
  27. 27. “INTOURIST-ARKHANGELSK”7, POMORSKAYA STREET, OFFICE 325 163000, ARKHANGELSK, RUSSIA Tel.: +7 8182 201820, 201883 Fax: +7 8182 462947 E-mail: arintour@arh.ru www.intourist-arh.ru