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Law 604 presentation

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Law 604 presentation

  1. 1. Difference – Termination and Summary dismissal Lami Town Council Case Study – Assault Case
  2. 2. Nature of Termination or Dismissal Circumstances surrounding the termination or dismissal Termination or Dismissal was justified or unjustified
  3. 3.  Fair and proper investigation into the allegation: - The victim reported to his supervisor of the alleged incident - The supervisor then attends to the issue - The supervisor then writes his report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the alleged incident. - If the case is serious, the CEO will report the matter to the Special Administrator (Mayor), where a special meeting will be called. - The decision is then made for termination or resolution in the Council meeting  Fairly and within the bounds of the law – Councils Code of Conduct
  4. 4. The termination /dismissal was the best option available or otherwise Agree/ Disagree with the managements decision
  5. 5. For first time offenders – warning Training for workers Brief new workers on company policies & procedures, rules and code of conduct.
  6. 6. Managements need to avoid any unnecessary termination or dismissal Investigations and decisions made are to be fair Principle of Procedural Fairness