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Buro Happold - Hotel Capability Statement 2010


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Buro Happold - Hotel Capability Statement 2010

  1. 1. Hotel Capability February 2010
  2. 2. Buro Happold Buro Happold Hotels Introduction Buro Happold has first-hand knowledge of the hotel of the hotel. With superb engineering based on a sector – our design skills have been applied to a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, we bring wide range of projects around the world. We have unrivalled know-how and a wealth of experience to worked on all hotel types, from travelodges and resort innovative hotel design. apartments through to prestigious five-star ‘designer’ hotels and spectacular mixed-use developments. Buro Happold works in conjuction with G&H Group for Verbus Systems developing modular construction We strive to raise the benchmark for the standard of projects. The Verbus System is a proven globally hotel design. A successful hotel should exceed guests’ deployed patented technology which allows high expectations of quality, comfort and convenience quality modular accommodation to be produced at and have a measurable impact on profitability. Our low cost and delivered to any site in the world. expertise in hotel design and construction has been gained over many years of involvement with this type of building. Buro Happold’s engineers work closely with architects, interior designers, caterers, datacomms specialists and hotel management to provide multi-disciplinary solutions that afford best value and lowest capital cost. We recognise that as a business a hotel must make the most efficient use of materials, energy systems and staffing resources. Ultimately, a hotel exists to deliver service to its guests, so ease of access to rooms and front-of-house areas is critical. Our flexible designs take into account a hotel’s unique zonal layout, where a honeycomb of bedrooms co-exists with public spaces, receptions, bars, restaurants, sports and conference facilities. An integrated approach to the design process means that our hotels, in common with all the best hotels, are fully co-ordinated, fusing hotel functionality with construction and engineering features that improve the performance of the building – for example, the right facade should enhance guest comfort by regulating the internal environment. Buro Happold’s detailed understanding of technical and procurement options enables us to add value to both the initial project and to the operational life 3
  3. 3. Clerkenwell Hotel London, UK Located on Clerkenwell Road, one of London’s most fashionable neighbourhoods, the Zetter Restaurant & Rooms is conveniently situated on the edge of the city just a ten-minute ride from the West End. This new four- star designer hotel was constructed within a refurbished warehouse and is comfort cooled, with 59 bedrooms, 7 penthouse suites, conference facilities, bars and a high- class restaurant. The key issues for the project were: Sustainability - the services installations were designed for energy efficiency, utilising a borehole cooling system and heat pumps to heat and cool the building. The borehole water was also utilised for hotel flushing. Fire engineering - a comprehensive fire engineering solution was developed to enable the building to be designed with only a single staircase. Computational fluid dynamics modelling was undertaken to analyse the smoke control within the atrium. The atrium smoke vents also facilitate natural ventilation of the smoke during the summer periods. Acoustics - the listed facade and close vicinity to a very large inner city roads created a challenging acoustic environment. Secondary glazing, internal twin wall partitions and airtight seals on the bedroom doors were specified to minimise noise transmission. Plant space - to maximise the number of headroom within the constrained roofline, sectors of the roof were designed to be removed to facilitate maintenance. The use of borehole cooling and heat pumps alleviated the need to provide rooftop chillers. Key project information Client Urban Hotel Group Architect Chetwood Associates Project value £10m Dates Completed 2003 Services provided by Buro Happold Hotel Capability Building services engineering, fire engineering, acoustic engineering, sustainability consultancy 4 Images copyright: Buro Happold/Mandy Reynolds
  4. 4. Buro Happold Silken Hotel London Buro Happold is collaborating with Foster and Partners on Key project information this new build, 10- storey hotel in the heart of London. The hotel is situated at the east end of the Strand, on the site of Client Grupo Urvasco S.A. Marconi House, the historic building where the first public Architect Foster and Partners radio broadcast took place in 1922. The new building will Project value £90m combine the restoration of the listed facade of Marconi House Date 2004 - 2007 with a new Portland stone building, and will correspond perfectly with the adjacent apartment buildings. Services provided by Buro Happold The hotel is aiming for a five-star rating and will provide 170 bedrooms and 90 apartments. Restaurants, bars, a rooftop Structural engineering, ground engineering, fire engineering terrace and a central atrium will also be provided. design & risk assessment (FEDRA), infrastructure (drainage), health & safety/planning supervision. The client is based in Spain and has a history of producing high-quality hotels. Among their most recent initiatives was their highly publicised decision to choose four architects to complete single floors of the same hotel. 5 Copyright: Foster and Partners
  5. 5. Greenwich Peninsula - AEG Hotel London, UK The project is a 65,000m2 Hotel with banqueting, exhibition, swimming pool, health spa and serviced residential units, located next the Millenium Dome on Londons Greenwich Peninsula. Buro Happold provided all major engineering design up to concept stage, the project is currently on hold. The design was based on a generic Marriott specification for the Renaissance tailored to suit local building codes and market standards. MEP engineering strategy included Combined Heat and Power plant, remote central cooling plant, DC motor driven fan coils and low energy controls. The project had a design target of BREEAM ‘Excellent’ and was set to achieve very low carbon emissions rating (50% less than building code minimum), due in part to the link up of central plant between the hotel and the entertainment facilities housed within the Millenium Dome. Key project information Client Anschutz Entertainment Group Architect Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands Project value £120m Services provided by Buro Happold Structures, Building Services, Infrastructure, COSA, Facilities Management, CDM Co-ordination and FEDRA Hotel Capability 6
  6. 6. Buro Happold The Lowry Hotel Manchester Commissioned by Rocco Forte Hotel, this five-star contemporary hotel has 165 rooms including a presidential suite, bar, restaurant, banqueting and health spa facilities. Basement and ground floor accommodation includes servicing and A3 retail and leisure units with access to the river walk. Site constraints influenced development of an irregular floor plate layout, making the best use of the surrounding area. Complementing the elegant architectural design and internal space planning, Buro Happold used concrete to create a non-uniform layout and optimise the size of the columns and floor slab thickness. The acoustics of the reinforced concrete frame were carefully detailed to ensure sound integrity. The internal space planning required a large column free banqueting suite. A steel-truss, long-span solution was integrated to support the eight storeys of concrete frame above. This innovative solution provided a 25m column-free area with integral acoustic separation to the bedrooms above. Adjacent to the River Ure, the basement was designed with waterproofed external bonding to ensure no water ingress through the service yard. Excavated contaminated material was graded to optimise disposal rates. Key project information Client The Rocco Forte Collection Architect Consarc Design Ltd Project value £27m Dates Completed 2001 Services provided by Buro Happold Building services engineering, structural engineering, infrastructure and environment, facade engineering, fire engineering design and risk assessment, ground engineering, asset management Images copyright Mandy Reynolds 7
  7. 7. Malmaison Hotels UK Malmaison, Birmingham Situated in the Mailbox, once a 1960’s Royal Mail sorting office, this Malmaison Hotel is at the heart of Birmingham city centre. It has 189 Rooms and boasts a brasserie bar, conference facilities and a mini spa. Services provided by Buro Happold: Building Services Malmaison, Manchester The former Joshua Hoyle warehouse building, with its red brick and terracotta exterior, has been converted into a 167- room Malmaison hotel. The hotel stands at the heart of Manchester city centre, and incorporates Conference and Banqueting facilities and a Health club. Services provided by Buro Happold: Building Services and Structures Malmaison, Leeds The 100-room Malmaison Leeds stands at the heart of Leeds city centre, in the business district. Formerly offices, facilities includes, meeting facilities, bar and restaurant. Services provided by Buro Happold: Building Services Malmaison, Newcastle The Newcastle Malmaison standsproudly on the quayside. With 120 rooms, it was the first hotel in the chain to incorporate Café Mal, a deli-style café, in addition to conference and banqueting facilities including two large purpose built meeting rooms and a Hotel Capability health club. Services provided by Buro Happold: Building Services and Buro Happold Management 8
  8. 8. Buro Happold Buckingham Hotel, Kensington London, UK At the beginning of the project, the site comprised seven Victorian two-storey houses with basements, five of which had at one time been combined into a hotel. These had subsequently become dilapidated and work had been started, but not completed, to convert them into flats. The other two houses had been gutted by fire and only the shells remained. As a result, the seven houses together offered an ideal opportunity for redevelopment over a site area of 1,540m2. In common with a lot of inner city developments, the financial viability of the scheme depended on the provision of a high percentage of money-earning floor area. In this case 159 bedrooms and suites, with a total floor area of 6,200m2, a restaurant and conference and leisure facilities over 2,800m2 were planned. Like similar developments, the physical planning constraints were very tight - the main criteria being that the site was part of a terrace, and the building could not be increased in height beyond the existing roof line 25m above road level. Furthermore, the Cromwell Road facade was to be retained. The brief was to design services to a standard commensurate with three or four-star hotel and within performance guidelines provided by Holiday Inn. Most significantly the hotel was to be fully air conditioned and a standby generator was to be provided. The mechanical services element of the building includes heating, ventilation, cooling, relative humidity control, water services, natural gas service, drainage and fire fighting systems. Key project information Client Naaz Investment Project value £11.5m (mechanical & electrical £3.1m) Dates Completed 1988 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering, building services engineering 99
  9. 9. Claridge’s Hotel Refurbishment London, UK Buro Happold provided structural engineering design services for the refurbishment work of the Grade II Listed Claridge’s Hotel, one of the oldest and most exclusive hotels in London. Working closely with US architects, the works included major alterations to the existing ground floor and mezzanine level of the hotel such as removing load bearing walls. The work also included site supervision of the works during the removal of the structural elements. The innovative technical solutions offered ensured that the existing Listed ceiling levels was maintained and no downstand beams or transfer structure were required despite the removal of a number of major supporting elements. All structural work was carried out while the hotel remained occupied. The work areas were sealed by the contractor acoustically and against dust from the rest of the hotel by temporary decorative hoardings. As part of this development, Buro Happold also provided structural engineering services for the removal of a laundry chute running to the basement due to the refurbishment and the creation of a number of new suites. The refurbishment covered six floors of this magnificent five-star hotel. Key project information Client Claridge’s Hotel Architect Thierry W Despont Architects, USA Project value £5m Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering, project management. Hotel Capability 10 All images courtesy of Claridge’s Hotel
  10. 10. Buro Happold Cumberland Hotel London, UK Built in the 1930s, the Cumberland Hotel is a 1,000-bed hotel in the heart of London. Originally a three-star hotel, the hotel building and adjoining staff annex were recently refurbished and upgraded to a five-star establishment. Similar to most 1930s buildings, the Cumberland Hotel is a masonry and stone-clad steel-framed building, with a combination of filler joists and beam and pot floors. To facilitate the proposed refurbishment of the hotel, we quickly established a detailed understanding of the configuration of the frame, particularly the location of the transfer beams at the lower levels. This enabled us to provide clear direction to the architects in developing the reconfiguration of the public area at ground and below. The ground floor and the three sub-basements of the main hotel were completely remodelled to provide new facilities including a new entrance lobby/foyer, food court, fine dining restaurant, kitchens, conference areas and plant areas below. New lifts were provided as well as a glassed feature lift with glazed stairs to serve the entrance lobby and basement meeting/function rooms. The existing staff accommodation building was remodelled to provide hotel bedrooms and suites to the ground and upper floors with conference areas to the basement and plant areas below. A new core was built in the existing light well area and penetrated down through the existing ground floor and basements where new staircases, lifts, lobbies and shafts were provided. The core was a primary steel structure fixed back to the existing structure with composite profile metal deck and insitu concrete floor slabs. Key project information Client The Cumberland Hotel Architect Reardon Smith Project value £100m Dates Completed 2004 Services provided by Buro Happold Facade engineering, structural engineering, disability design consultancy, fire engineering, infrastructure and transport engineering. 11
  11. 11. Macdonald St Paul’s Hotel Sheffield, UK Located next to the soaring arches of the Sheffield Winter Gardens - another major Buro Happold project - the Macdonald St Paul’s Hotel represents the very best in contemporary hotel design. As Sheffield’s first four-star City Centre hotel it makes a stylish contribution to the current revitalisation of the City’s urban fabric. Buro Happold played a key role in developing the scheme and identifying functional and economic solutions to its many complex challenges. A key parameter for the development was that it should not overshadow the Winter Gardens or be higher than the adjacent Town Hall. This created the problem of how to fit enough bedrooms and public facilities on the site to make it economically viable. Following detailed spatial planing and co-ordination between the architect, structural and services engineers, the solution was to fit mezzanine floors in the back of house areas which added three additional storeys within the fixed height of the building. Pre-cast construction for the bedroom block was key to the success of the project, the slender load bearing walls and slabs helping the structure to meet the tight massing limits. To ensure a smooth, aesthetic transition to the adjoining Winter Gardens, the hotel’s Pavilion - which houses its bars and restaurants - has simple but striking curved valley roof which picks up the sweeping line of the neighbouring building. A simple glazed facade allows guests to enjoy ‘borrowed’ views of the adjacent lush plantlife. Key project information Client Macdonald Hotels Architect Weintraub Associates Project value £17m Dates Completed 2005 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering, building services engineering, infrastructure and environment, ground engineering Hotel Capability 12 Images copyright Angus McDonald
  12. 12. Buro Happold Savoy Hotel London, UK The Savoy Hotel was built in 1890 and is a Grade II Listed building. In 1910 the south facade was extended outwards by some 2.5m using an innovative arrangement of steel roof trusses and hangers. This produced larger rooms on this riverfront elevation but had the drawback of having large sections of the original facade walls within the internal space. Buro Happold was appointed to undertake a feasibility study and to produce detailed design for removing these load bearing intrusions so that the rooms could be remodelled and upgraded. New lift shafts, staircases, along with a new striking ornate steel and glass dome over the River Restaurant also formed part of our detailed design brief. In addition, the ornate south facade is clad in terracotta faience, which is in poor condition due to corrosion of the underlying structural steelwork. Buro Happold was appointed to survey and report on the condition of this face of the building, and to advise on how best to undertake repairs. Our recommendations included the installation of cathodic protection to overcome the problem of corrosion, along with local repairs to the faience and other cladding elements. We also supervised all of the site works to completion. Key project information Client Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Architect Reardon Smith Project Value £100m Date Completed 2006 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering 13
  13. 13. Verbus Hotels UK The Verbus System is a proven globally deployed techniques and capacity to manufacture top quality patented technology which allows high quality accommodation solutions at high volume. It represents a modular accommodation to be produced at low viable alternative to traditional methods of construction cost and delivered to any site in the world. Verbus as well as outperforming other methods of modular modular accommodation is robust, easy to assemble construction currently available. and can be adapted to suit any planning or end user needs. In particular the Verbus System is especially Robustness suited to moderate to high rise, three to sixteen storey Verbus steel modules are extremely robust and of self supporting construction from factory produced higher structural quality than other modular products volumetric modules. The factory produced system allows on the market. Modules can be stacked up to sixteen consistant predictability, rapid construction at lower storeys high, and using specially developed locking costs than traditional methods. mechanisms, can be easily, but securely, connected. Modular Construction Using the Verbus system, it is possible to assemble the structure of a three hundred bed hotel, student Modular technology is able to reduce construction times accommodation or housing in a few weeks. by up to half, as well as being a safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly method of construction than Cost-effectiveness traditional “brick and block” techniques. The Verbus System, brings a considerable lower completed building cost when compared with other The Verbus System modular system derived buildings. This makes it an ideal The Verbus System utilises established production solution commercial projects such as hotels. Hotel Capability 14
  14. 14. Buro Happold Travelodge Uxbridge Verbus Systems have developed this 120 bed hotel in London. The Verbus system works by using prefabricated bedroom modules which arrive partially or fully fitted-out. When on site the modules are locked together and the internal fit-out is completed. Once all modules are in place the building is finished with a traditional brickwork, render or cladding exterior and a pitched or flat roof. The Verbus system offers numerous benefits for hoteliers. It is more robust that traditional timber frame, more immune to defects caused by shrinkage and settlement, and has better fire and acoustic ratings. Tulip Hotel, North East Verbus are presently developing this hotel in North East England. The Verbus system works by using prefabricated bedroom modules which arrive partially or fully fitted-out. When on site the modules are locked together and the internal fit-out is completed. Once all modules are in place the building is finished with a traditional brickwork, render or cladding 15 exterior and a pitched or flat roof.
  15. 15. Verbus Travelodge Heathrow London, UK A six storey, 310 bed 3 star Travelodge near Heathrow Airport construction from modified steel shipping containers. The project was completed in 58 weeks this included demolition of the existing buildings on the site, foundation piling and construction of the primary support frame. The Verbus modules were lifted into place over a period of eight weeks, the remaining time was spent finishing off the corridors, fitting out the ancillary areas and installing the cladding. Heathrow Site logistics were further complicated as the site was located under one of the primary flight paths into Heathrow. Deliveries of modules were coordinated with flight patterns and available space on site. Notwithstanding the project was delivered on programme and within budget. Using 3D Modelling software, we modelled the steel structure for the Heathrow Travelodge. By using the Verbus module layouts coupled with the 3D structure, we were able to identify any potential issues or clashes and design additional connections where the frame would not facilitate the standard connections. The main reason we used 3D Modelling was to reduce time in drafting and therefore increase efficiency. All future modular projects we intend to use 3D modelling to set out the structure and also to design and detail the units. Again this will save us time in the long run and improve accuracy. Key Project Information Acoustics: Due to the proximity of the site with Heathrow Airport, the site was subjected to high Client Travelodge external noise levels. The noise levels were significantly Architect JWA higher than a typical building of this nature. Traditional Project value £15million buildings have been refused planning permission for Dates Jan 2009 considerations to the influence of external noise on the building. However, the design team engineered a Services Provided by Buro Happold solution to mitigate the aircraft noise and maintain the Structural engineering, ground engineering, fire, acoustics, Hotel Capability hotel operator’s high standards for the hotels internal environment. The design team has the necessary infrastructure, building services knowledge to provide solutions for future noise sensitive projects, like hotels, in sites that are subjected to high external noise levels. The hotel commenced 16 trading in January 2009.
  16. 16. Buro Happold Luckham Park Hotel and Spa Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK Lucknam Park New Spa is a £10m project to refurbish an existing spa and provide new spa extension, along with new staff facilities building, hotel kitchen refurbishment and site infrastructure works, all within the grounds of the exclusive Grade II listed Lucknam Park Hotel. The spa will include three pools, eight treatment rooms, thermal cabins, gym, restaurant, lounge, bar and kitchen. Buro Happold provided building services, structural and civil engineering full design duties, pool performance specification, thermal analysis and acoustic advice. The building is highly serviced and the engineering design has been closely integrated with the architecture, interior designer and other specialists for feature lighting and kitchens. The spa extension has a dramatic glazed roof with external brise soleil spanning indoor pool and indoor- outdoor pool. The glazed roof provides daylight all year, passive solar heating in winter, and solar control in summer. At nighttime the brise soleil close as a background for lighting effects. Key project information Client Lucknam Park Hotel Ltd Architect Holder Mathias Architects Project value £10m Date Completed Dec 2008 Services provided by Buro Happold Building services engineering and structural engineering, energy strategy. 17
  17. 17. Kilternan Hotel and Country Club Dublin, Ireland The project comprises the upgrade and renovation of the existing hotel and country club to a 4/5-star standard. The hotel will comprise 200 bedrooms, a new banquet hall, conference facilities, a spa and treatment centre and a fitness centre. There will also be a a golf course together with a clubhouse and apart hotel accommodation. Sustainability and energy efficiency have informed the environmental and building services strategy. The design response to the brief has included comprehensive analysis of the building envelope to minimise the need for air conditioning. Energy efficient controls, heat recovery and variable speed drives have also been incorporated into the building services scheme. The interior lights solutions have focused on providing subtle pools of light to create charm and mood. Key project information Client Hugh O’Regan Images courtesy of heneghan.peng.architects Architect Heneghan Peng Architects Project value €80m Dates Ongoing Services provided by Buro Happold Building services engineering, fire engineering, lighting, acoustic engineering, IT, security, audiovisual, sustainability engineering Hotel Capability 18
  18. 18. Buro Happold Radisson Edwardian Hotel Manchester, UK The conversion of this listed building, originally the Free Trade Hall, one of Manchester’s most famous buildings, to a 5* hotel. The building’s listed Italianate facade had a number of implications on the design of the hotel, including height restrictions imposed at planning stage. A sensitive retention and enhancement programme was undertaken which included the construction of a contemporary 16 storey building constructed as in situ cross-wall construction using tunnel forms all within the retained listed facade. Key project information Client McAlpine Laing Joint Venture Architect Stephenson Bell Project value £30m Dates Completed 2004 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering, ground engineering, fire engineering design, inclusive design Copyright: Buro Happold/Daniel Hopkinson 19
  19. 19. Hotel America Dubai, Abu Dhabi Hotel America project is a signature Hotel Resort and • Sky Bar Spa complex within the Bawadi Strip which lies within the Dubailand area of Dubai. The client is Zabeel • Retail outlets Properties, and the project is intended to be a landmark, • Condominium towers separated from the main Hotel high specification, themed and branded entertainment Tower facility based on the Jumeirah group specification. • Basement car parking over three levels The development comprises the following main elements: The project has been designed to Schematic stage and is currently on hold. • 300 key five star hotel tower Key project information • 2000 fixed seating theatre Architect Graft • Spa, pool and fitness facilities Client Zabeel Properties • Multi Purpose Venue – sized to accommodate Project value £11m various events. Dates Currently on hold • 6 luxury Cinemas with a seating capacity of 30 to 40 Services provided by Buro Happold people in each Project management, building services, structural • Themed restaurants engineering, infrastructure Hotel Capability 20
  20. 20. Buro Happold Al Faisaliah Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The massive 245,000m2 mixed-use Al Faisaliah development in Riyadh is one of the most striking buildings in the Middle East. Its landmark office tower rises 270m over the city, soaring to a tapered point in one smooth giant arc. At its pinnacle the tower narrows to a brightly lit lantern topped with a decorative stainless steel finial. The complex contains 30 floors of office space, a five-star hotel with 224 bedrooms, residential accommodation, a shopping centre with 120 stores, a banqueting/exhibition hall for 4,000 guests, two levels of underground car parking for 1,700 cars – and the highest restaurant in the Kingdom. At ground level of the office tower, a five-storey lobby with a petal roof links the hotel to the apartments and shopping mall. The lobby features a spectacular coloured glass wall which is the largest artwork of its kind ever created. The wall design is intended to reflect the natural environment of Saudi Arabia. The harsh climate in Riyadh presented a major challenge for Buro Happold’s engineers. In particular there was a sharp focus on energy conservation. Our design makes extensive use of passive energy control methods: a combination of carefully chosen glass in the facade, various external shading systems and an air- conditioning plant which uses ice in the cooling process serves to minimise the amount of energy drawn from the supply grid. A Building Management System (BMS) controls all engineering processes, monitoring and adjusting individual elements to enhance operating efficiency and living conditions. Key project information Client King Faisal Foundation Architect Foster + Partners Date Completed May 2000 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering, building services engineering, civil engineering, quantity surveying, project management, fire engineering design and risk assessment 21
  21. 21. Le Royal Amman Hotel Amman, Jordan Le Royal Amman is a landmark five-star hotel, integrated within a mixed use development. Located in the heart of Amman, Le Royal is surrounded by spectacular land, gardens, waterfalls, and seascapes of the Mediterranean Sea. Inspiration for the building design has come from the Great Mosque of Samara in Iraq. Built between 848-852 AD it is the largest mosque of Islam. The 31 level development comprises 232-key hotel over 12 levels, high end convention and banqueting facilities, commercial offices, retail mall, cinemas, heath spa and indoor swimming pools. Buro Happold carried out the structural and building services engineering design, as well as a monitoring role associated with the building services installation and commissioning. Key project information Client General Mediterranean Holdings Architect Richard Martinet Dates Completed 2002 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering, building services engineering, fire engineering design and risk assessment, M&E quantity surveying Hotel Capability 22
  22. 22. Buro Happold Tuwaiq Palace, Diplomatic Club Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Located in the Diplomatic Quarter in the north-west of Riyadh, stands Tuwaiq Palace a complex originally designed as a diplomatic club but now used by the Saudi Government as a hospitality centre. The facilities include a swimming pool, lounge area, bowling alley, top quality restaurant and banqueting rooms, with a gate house and ample parking. The 24,000m2space also includes a number of hotel rooms, garden areas and a creche. The building was awarded an Aga Khan Award. Key project information Client Arriyadh Development Authority Architect Frei Otto/Omrania Project value £24m Services provided by Buro Happold Multi-disciplinary engineering services including: structural engineering, building services engineering, fire engineering and civil engineering. 23
  23. 23. Grand Hyatt Hotel Islamabad, Pakistan The site is situated in the government enclave of Constitution Avenue. The area is located at the southern end of the main Kashmir highway. The existing development to the west takes the form of a modern convention centre whilst the eastern area is likely to become a small car park serving the adjacent natural woodland area. The hotel is a 45-storey hotel and apartment tower complete with 2 basement levels. There are 27 levels of hotel accommodation, function suites, two lower rise blocks of residential apartments, offices planned over the basement car parking and retail facility, management offices, energy centre and back of house accommodation. The scope of this significant project is planned on a site footprint of approximately 48,000sm with a 195,000sm. There is also an extensive undulating hard and soft landscaped podium and infrastructure that responds to the urban setting of the site. Also included is a two storey retail podium. Key project information Client BNP Group Architect HOK Architects Project value $150m Services provided by Buro Happold Infrastructure and environment, IT consulting, security consulting, building service engineering, structures, ground engineering, acoustic consulting, facade engineering, fire engineering design and risk assessment, sustainability and alternative technologies Hotel Capability 24
  24. 24. Buro Happold Torre Iberdrola Bilbao, Spain With its visually impressive design, the tower is a spectacular addition to the riverfront area of Abandoibarra. Situated between the Guggenheim Museum and the Euskalduna Palace Complex this work adds to the further regeneration of this former industrial riverside site. The 165m high tower is mostly Office space with a Hotel taking up the first 10 of 35 floors providing a total of 50,000m2 of floor space. The building design meets very high sustainability standards having been awarded a LEED platinum pre-certification by the USGBC. Features include a double skin mechanically ventilated façade, VRV connected to a common heat rejection circuit (or energy loop) which optimises energy consumption, variable fresh air rates to take advantage of seasonal free cooling. The design was based on the specification provided by the Spanish hotel operator, ABBA Hotels. Buro Happold, together with the architects, is providing environmental, building services and structural design for the tower before handing over the design to local engineers. Buro Happold will retain a client advisory role, together with full appointments and facade and LEED consultancy. Key project information Client Iberdrola and Parc Associates Architect Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Project value £200m Dates Ongoing Services provided by Buro Happold Building services, structural engineering, facade engineering, environmental engineering, LEED Consultancy 25
  25. 25. Holiday Inn Refurbishment Munich, Germany Originally built for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, the hotel complex underwent a complete refurbishment in time for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Championship. The refurbishment was carried out while the hotel continued to function. The work addressed technical plants and facilities which defined the direction the building activity would take. The planning, which would incorporate the four buildings of the complex, was chosen in a way that allowed the refurbishment to take place within vertical sections. To guarantee successful planning the climatic system needed to be changed from a centralised system to a decentralised one. Decentralized supply units on top of each building realise the energy supply from top to bottom. This offered a separation of services between the hotel rooms and the public areas of the ground floor. Also included in the refurbishment were the provision of fire protection and the complete refurbishment of the technical assets of the 8,000m² underground parking areas. These were additional services requested by the client during the construction process and were completed within a two-month period. Key project information Client InterContinental Hotels Group Architect Arcadis Project value €35m Dates Completed 2006 Services provided by Buro Happold Building services Hotel Capability 26 Images copyright Buro Happold/Adam Wilson
  26. 26. Buro Happold Hotel Antonio Castro Barcelona, Spain Located in the city of Barcelona, this stunning new development comprises 100m tall a 4-star hotel offices, feature roof-top restaurant, glazed central atrium, conference centre, sports complex and basement parking. Buro Happold provided structural engineering support to Richard Rogers Partnership, eventually working with local partners Alonso - Balaguer + Obiol & Brufau to deliver the project in Spain. The design incorporated efficient layouts for the hotel floors including innovations on the servicing strategies, as well as some innovative structural engineering in various parts of the building. Distinguishing aspects include the ‘bubble’ restaurant, feature external hotel circulation cores, exoskeleton pre-cast frame and suspended mezzanines within the office areas of the main tower, volumetric structure atrium design, a tensioned wire glazed end-wall to the swimming pool hall and the combined use of timber & steel for the conference hall roof. The restaurant bubble roof includes a single layer steel spherical grid-shell which was lifted as one piece into position. Key project information Client Antonio Castro Hotel Group Architect Richard Rogers Partnership Date 2004 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural Engineering 27
  27. 27. Begovaya Moscow, Russia This is a significant project of a speculative high quality mid rise building totalling 66,600m2 with mixed use consisting of speculative office space and a four level hotel. The plot is situated on the intersection of the city’s third ring road and a main arterial route between Sheremetyevo International airport and the city centre. The development contains Grade A office space and a four level hotel in the mid rise building, multiple levels of basement for 581 car parking spaces The buildings fully glazed façade will provide an impressive landmark from the adjacent roads and act as a gateway to the city centreKey project information Key project information Client Horus Capital Architect Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates Project value $160-$200m TBC Dates Ongoing Services provided by Buro Happold MEP Building Services Hotel Capability 28
  28. 28. Buro Happold OVO Wrocław, Poland The sleek, curvy, contemporary and complex form of the OVO, which will house a luxury Hilton Hotel and service apartments, aims to be an iconic landmark at the heart of plans to regenerate the city of Wroclaw into a commercial and cultural centre. It has already won the Retail & Leisure category at the 2008 Mipim AR Future Projects Awards in Cannes. The five-star, 420 room hotel will occupy the first three floors of the OVO, providing guests with luxurious facilities including speciality restaurants, a leisure spa with swimming pool, a jazz club and ample parking. Studio and penthouse apartments will occupy the upper three storeys, which will be fitted out to a very high standard. The garden will fill in the ground floor. The building’s facade will be made from material which will allow to keep its curved forms. Key project information Client Wings Properties Architect Gottesman-Szmelcman and Broadway Malyan Polska Project value Euro80m Dates Due to be completed 2011 Services provided by Buro Happold Structural engineering, building services engineering The garden will fill in the ground floor / Studio Aiko 29
  29. 29. Boston Bath Cope New York Belfast Toronto Birmingham Dublin Edinburgh Glasgow Leeds London Manchester Newcastle Jeddah Los Angeles Cairo Riyadh Kuwait Footer here 30
  30. 30. Buro Happold enhagen Berlin Moscow Warsaw Munich Buro Happold Offices Abu Dhabi Bath Belfast Berlin Birmingham Boston Cairo Copenhagen Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Glasgow Hong Kong Jeddah Kuwait Leeds London Los Angeles Manchester Moscow Munich New York Pune Riyadh Toronto Warsaw Buro Happold 17 Newman Street London W1T 1PD Telephone: +44 (0)207 927 9700 Abu Dhabi e-mail: Dubai Pune Hong Kong All images reproduced with the kind permission of the copyright owners 31
  31. 31. The engineering of excellence The engineering of excellence Structural Engineering Building Services / MEP Engineering Ground Engineering Civil Engineering Specialist Consullting