Esteve Almirall a SCE 2012


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Esteve Almirall a SCE 2012

  1. 1. The city as a laboratorya place for experimentation driven by innovation Esteve Almirall ESADE  Business  School   esteve.almirall@esade,edu
  2. 2. Problem.- Increasing { number diversity}of services Decreasing budgetsOpportunity.- Re-invent cities (Smart Cities) . . .
  3. 3. Despite access to the same technologies applied bythese (private) innovators, our government hadhistorically failed to tap into the expertise of theAmerican people to help to solve our nation’s biggestchallenges. Annesh  Chopra   U.S.A.  -­‐  CTO  
  4. 4. 180.000 + jobs
  5. 5. Involving Citizens & Constituencies Prizes inChalle , e ntingComp nges & Ex perim Labs n etition s Urba
  6. 6. Involving Citizens & Constituencies Prizes inChalle , e ntingComp nges & Ex perim Labs n etition s Urba
  7. 7. Involving Citizens & Constituencies rope Ope n or Eu Citie m ons f s Com CityS DK Smart Wo rld nL abs Capital Urba Prizes inChalle , e ntingComp nges & Ex perim Labs n etition s Urba
  8. 8. managing ecosystems Involving Citizens & Constituencies rope Ope n or Eu Citie m ons f s Com CityS DK Smart Wo rld nL abs Capital Urba Prizes inChalle , e ntingComp nges & Ex perim Labs n etition s Urba marketplaces
  9. 9. Data  becomes  a  pla;orm  for  developers  to  create  apps  providing  unexpected  services  OPEN  DATA  -­‐  ECOSYSTEMS  
  10. 10. a problem How to provide an increasing number and diversity of ICT services while fostering innovation ecosystems?
  11. 11. The Old Way 1.0 you knowthe way it’s done now
  12. 12. The New Way Open Data +2.0 -> Citizen talent + Fame and fortune = ?
  13. 13. unexpected results when sharing data in Public regon transportation tland-O Sleep soundly.Por The iNap app will wake snoozing commuters as their stop approaches. Predict arrival. The city doesnt provide live GPS tracking of its trains and buses, but the app ArrivalTracker uses an algorithm and city API data to predict arrival times fairly well. Portlands Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District was one of the first to release actionable data, way back in 2008. Fast Company, October 2011
  14. 14. unexpected results when sharing data in Public transportation ton os Crowdsource trouble.B OpenMBTA searches Twitter to relay what problems riders are reporting. Hear it straight. How Fucked Is the T? bluntly sums up the state of each subway line like a native Bostonian would. Sample: If the Orange Lines average wait time is 5.5 minutes, the line "might be a little fucked.” Massachusetts has more than 200 mobile startups, which have developed dozens of transit apps for navigating the finicky Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Fast Company, October 2011
  15. 15. unexpected results when sharing data in Public transportation York ew Come and go efficiently.N Exit Strategy NYC lets subway riders fulfill the eternal Gotham need: leave and enter stations at the most convenient staircases. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has released limited data, so app development is slow. But that may change. The MTAs App Quest contest will give a combined $15,000 in prizes to transit app developers. Winners are announced November 1. Fast Company, October 2011
  16. 16. Civic Ecosystem Civic Data Apps Innovation Innovator Profit-Catalog Contests Marketplace Networks non profit
  17. 17. Learn  locally  to  compete  globally  EXPERIMENTATION  –  URBAN  LABS  
  18. 18. Urban Labs = Test spaces in the middle of the cityUrban Labs = The City as a Urban LaboratoryUrban Labs = Urban Living labsUrban Labs = Real-life experimentation with users in Cities
  19. 19.  Urban  Labs  –  Living  Labs     Example: Urbiotica pilot - Barcelona 8 containers for: Trash Paper Glass Plastics
  20. 20. A Barcelona experience: Urban Lab PilotsSome results Starting date: 2008 Pilot proposals received: 43 pilot proposals Pilot tested or testing actually: 14 pilots Domains: Enviroment, Mobility, Telecom, …Some of the pilot projects that have been trialled to date are:  Implementation of 12 outdoor public street lighting points Eco Digital with LED technology. 2009  Implementation of 2 charging points for electric cars. 2009  Pilot trial of 1 electrically and solar powered motorbike . 2010  Traffic control cameras. 2008  Metering: gas, electricity and water meters without presence.2009  Fibre optics in homes (FTTH) . 2008  Bicycle lanes. 2008  Presence sensors for the public parking payment areas. 2010  Barcelona Noise-map. 2010  Among others… Promoció Econòmica
  21. 21. FASTPRK - Parking Sensors (30) - Worldsensing When we thought that the system was operative we tested it in the 22@Urban Lab. Testing in real-life environments allowed us to improve aspects that we couldnt even think of in the lab. The Urban Lab has been our best laboratory. Jordi Llosa- Development officer Worldsensing
  22. 22. SIIUR - LED Lighting Pilot (12) - Arelsa, Circuitor,Santa&Cole, e-Control, Prysmian, Semal The SIIUR experience allowed us the development of the SmartTower, a new family of electrical boxes for Smart Cities. Anna Urbiztondo - Project Development Director - SECE
  23. 23. SIIUR - LED Lighting Pilot (12) - Arelsa, Circuitor,Santa&Cole, e-Control, Prysmian, Semal Because of the pilot and the experience acquired in the Urban Lab, Eindhoven chose SIIUR for environmentally sustainable city lighting in one of the main districts of the city. Gemma Batlle- TIC Cluster Director - BDigital
  24. 24. Urban Labs 1.- To develop innovative products taking advantage of real-life environments and involving citizens in design, proof of service and proof of business validation. 2.- Bridge the cognitive distances between city administrations and innovative companies. 3.- Create an initial demand & provide a showcase for innovative solutions.- learn locally, compete globally-
  25. 25. ConnecCng  ciCzens,  reinvenCng  ciCzenship,  sharing,  reusing,  finding,  …  apps  
  26. 26. An  App  Becomes  a  Pla;orm  ADOPT-­‐A-­‐WHATEVER…  
  27. 27. 1  App.  7  CiEes.  Many  Uses.  Boston,  MA   Honolulu,  HI  SeaJle,  WA   Norfolk,  VA  Chicago,  IL   Bloomington,  IN  Buenos  Aires,  ArgenCna       And  more  everyday…  
  28. 28. Open  InnovaCon  in  the  Public  Sector  OPEN  CITIES    
  29. 29. Objectives1)  Explore how to approach Open & User Driven Innovation Methodologies in the Public Sector, particularly Smart Cities. ü  Best Practices. ü  Innovation Management in the Public Sector. ü  Platform governance.2)  Trigger Rich Internet Services & Platforms through four mechanisms. ü  Ideas -– Crowdsourcing. ü  Living Labs -–Urban Labs. ü  Data - Open Data (static & dynamic-Sensors). ü  Networks - Open FTH networks.
  30. 30. Helsinki Berlin Senate ! Fraunhofer FOKUS City of AmsterdamNESTA Berlin Dutch Amsterdam ! Cap Digital Paris Institut Telecom ESADE Barcelona Activa Atos Origin RomeUPF – Univ. Pompeu Fabra ! Barcelona DotOpen Tempos21 !
  31. 31. !
  32. 32. Code  for  Europe  COMMONS  4  EUROPE    
  33. 33. A  Common  API  for  Europe  CITY  SDK    
  34. 34. CitySDKReason:Enhance the development capabilityand between-city transfer of SmartCity Applications.Service Development Kit for the pan-European City:A Software Toolkit and APIs,example Applications and Widgets,relevant guidelines, processes -open sourceCities benefit from a healthydeveloper ecosystem (like techcompanies, eg. Apple, Nokia,Microsoft, Google)     44  
  35. 35. Why ?
  36. 36. Service Platform - govs. - orchestrators Providersresources to regulate resources to leverage on (zero-sum game) (non zero-sum game)
  37. 37. Service Platform - govs. - orchestratorsProvidersdeveloped in-house co-developed always fall short with users, communities high-cost free and not-free no sharing empowering entrepreneurship local offer driven by innovation fragmented stimulating growth
  38. 38. Service - govs.- PlatformProviders orchestrators
  39. 39. esteve