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  1. 1. B y: Willy Wonka Zimbabwe Welcome to visit Zimbabwe! Please flip this page!
  2. 2. Harare <ul><li>Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. </li></ul>Here is the town in Zimbabwe, it’s old Huh? People across the streets without Traffic lights, very dangerous!
  3. 3. <ul><li>Zimbabwe is deciding whether to have a new president. People votes for them. Cause of votes, Zimbabwe is disordered. So, the food in Zimbabwe are growing crazy. </li></ul>Governments in Zimbabwe I love money! <ul><li>Ex. If chocolate puddings are 5 bucks today, and tomorrow is going to be 10 bucks, then 20 bucks. It grow double than it’s own price everyday. People dies cause they don’t have enough money to buy food. </li></ul>The price in Zimbabwe are growing, so people needs more money to survive. Lots of people in Zimbabwe are finding new jobs to get better pay!
  4. 4. Our house This is our new house in Zimbabwe. You can see me walking in the picture. I’m forward to the front door. Our new house is still building! This is an example of Zimbabwe houses, it’s huge! Big gardens to planting and more space to have fun and enjoy your self!
  5. 5. Flag This is flag of Zimbabwe, with colour green, yellow, red, black and white. There is a pigeon with a star on the left side. A white triangle is present on the hoist side of the flag which has a five pointed star within which the Great Zimbabwe bird is present.
  6. 6. Map This is the shape of Zimbabwe, the blue parts on the left is the largest waterfall on EARTH, Victoria Falls! The red spot show where is Zimbabwe from a Africa Map.
  7. 7. This is the Victoria Falls, the largest fall on Earth, it’s beautiful! Excellent! Welcome to visit! Victoria Falls 1
  8. 8. Victoria Falls 2 This is the second picture we toke, you see the waterfall are dirty cause the dirt. It’s huge and loud!
  9. 9. Native Animals 1 Elephants are the famous animal in Zimbabwe, they’re strong and huge. This is the picture I toke! Rhinoceros are the famous animals in Zimbabwe, in the picture. Two rhinoceros are going to fight each other, with their horns!
  10. 10. Native Animals 2 This is a picture of crocodiles, they’re walking through the bushes and waiting for food! The armor they have are rough and hard. They’re tough! This is an special kind of yaks. They’re heavy and strong, this is a type of special animals in Zimbabwe. Don’t you dare to touch it, they’ll get angry!
  11. 11. Weather The weather appears weird in Zimbabwe, it’s impossible! But it is. In the morning, it’s cold usually like Canada. At noon, the temperature appears so hot, about 36°C. At night, the temperature appears about 10°C. The weather appear differently!
  12. 12. Education The education in Zimbabwe is different than Canada, the classroom are different. Like they’re made by wood. They don’t have textbooks, so the teacher just write on the board and letting students have a look at it!
  13. 13. Thank you for reading it! Hope you’ve learned something from this slide show. Guess I’ll see you later! The End