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Orga architect presentatie buildin green


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Daan Bruggink shares his vision on biobased building. He is convinced that biological is the most logical way to go for architects.

Published in: Design
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Orga architect presentatie buildin green

  1. 1. Important for a circular building:  If the material is pure, the circle stays pure  Which material is put where  Switching from material ownership to material usage
  2. 2. Sustainable housing Bottom-up Personal Less use of energy Green surroundings ‘Life(walking)-adaptable’  Very sustainable own home
  3. 3. Sustainable restauration Preserving the history of architecture Preserving the history of a city Preserving urban environment Maintaining the social ties to the building Less use of resources Less heavy transport pollution Saves a large amount of energy No demolition Old buildings are healthy buildings ‘Old’ materials are good materials
  4. 4. Biophilic design Healing environment Nature in your surroundings: direct contact with nature or natural systems Nature in imagery: representations of nature Nature in size: natural dimensions of space