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Niko Härvinen from Naturvention presents Naava


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Naava is not a normal green wall, but provides biological air purification through the microbes on plant roots in a very special green wall

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Niko Härvinen from Naturvention presents Naava

  1. 1. INCREASING PERFORMANCE AND WELLBEING THROUGH OPTIMAL INDOOR AIR QUALITY Niko Järvinen CTO & founder of NaturVention @nikojarvinen @naturvention
  2. 2. ⬩ Global leader in biological indoor air purification technology ⬩ Founded in 2011. Employs 50 multidisciplinary professionals in Jyväskylä(FI), Helsinki(FI) and Stockholm(SE). ⬩ All Naava products are designed, developed and manufactured in Finland ⬩ A CleanTech Finland flagship company ⬩ Research based approach Naturvention® Global health technology company
  3. 3. Fast urbanization has alienated people from nature and naturally clean air ⬩ We need nature’s intervention to restore the balance ⬩ We believe healthy air is a human right ⬩ Our mission is to bring Nature Inside in major cities all around the world
  4. 4. ⬩ Indoor plants guarantee healthier and more natural living and working environments in urban cities ⬩ Optimal air quality ◇ Increases people’s wellbeing ◇ Boosts people’s brains and enables them to perform better ◇ Opens people’s minds and makes them happier and more creative We have harnessed nature’s incredible power and we will make it available to everyone
  5. 5. Problem & Opportunity
  6. 6. * US Environmental Protection Agency 2014. ⬩ Mechanical ventilation brings exhaust fumes, air pollution, and street dust into offices that are situated in cities ⬩ Chemicals evaporate into the air we breathe from construction and surface materials, furniture and technical equipment ⬩ Humans have not been created to breathe in synthetical indoor air. We require an adequate number of natural microbes and time exposed to nature in order to stay healthy. Indoor air is on average 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air*
  7. 7. ⬩ We spend on average 90 % of our time indoors and breathe in over 10,000 liters of indoor air every day ⬩ Bad indoor air quality weakens work related performance by 6-9 %* ⬩ 15 % of all absences of work are related to indoor air quality Poor air quality compromises your health and performance * Bakó-Biró et al., 2004; Fanger, 2006; Kosonen & Tan, 2004; Wyon, 2005
  8. 8. ⬩ Above-average level of indoor air quality increases cognitive performance significantly ◇ Harvard study shows increase of 61 % in cognitive functioning scores* ◇ Especially in crucial areas such as concentration, problem solving, decision making and responding to a crisis Good air quality increases brain performance and productivity * Allen, J. et al. 2015
  9. 9. Hindrances of working environment decreased 21 % Fewer employees: ⬩ felt tired ⬩ felt indoor air to be dry or stuffy Employees’ symptoms decreased 17 % Significantly less: ⬩ coughing ⬩ sick leaves caused by unhealthy indoor air Naava provides statistically significant health and wellbeing benefits * Research was carried out with 561 employees in 18 organisations.
  10. 10. ⬩ 15 % of the sick leaves are caused by bad quality of indoor air* ⬩ The bad indoor air quality decreases the productivity by 9 %** ⬩ “Green offices” increase the productivity by 15 %*** Less sick leaves, higher productivity * Seppälä et al 1998 ** Bakó-Biró et al., 2004; Fanger, 2006; Kosonen & Tan, 2004; Wyon, 2005 *** Nieuwenhuis et al 2014
  11. 11. ⬩ An average amount of workdays is around 220 days per employee in a year ◇ The average percent of sick leaves is around 4,8 %, of which 15 % are caused by bad indoor air quality. The cost of one sick day is around 350 €. ◇ Bad indoor air decreases the productivity by 6-9 %* ⬩ The costs of the bad indoor air quality ◇ Costs of absences 554 € / person / year ◇ Decrease in productivity 6930 € / person / year Naava is a profitable investment: Cost 199 €/month vs. revenue 623 € / person / month (*, **, ***) Less sick leaves, higher productivity * Seppälä et al 1998 ** Bakó-Biró et al., 2004; Fanger, 2006; Kosonen & Tan, 2004; Wyon, 2005 *** Nieuwenhuis et al 2014
  12. 12. A Natural Solution
  13. 13. Biologically adaptive air purification and green decoration ⬩ Patented Finnish technology, partly based on NASA’s research, provides over 100 x stronger air purifying efficiency with biotransformation ⬩ Purifies, freshens and humidifies air: ◇ Removes harmful chemicals from indoor air ◇ Optimises air humidity ◇ Neutralises odours and heavy air ⬩ Benefits include: ◇ Improved cognitive performance ◇ Increased productivity ◇ Increased well-being, creativity & happiness
  14. 14. Naava Service ⬩ Naava greenwalls are care-free and fully automated ⬩ Naava Service ⬩ Lifetime guarantee for the technology and plants ⬩ 24/7 remote monitoring & smart automation takes care of functions of the greenwall and wellbeing of the plants ⬩ Reminder to fill the water tank via SMS,email or phone call ⬩ On-site service approx every 4-6 weeks
  15. 15. How Naava OS technology works
  16. 16. ⬩ Fully customizable project, can be built in any size and shape ⬩ Patented Naava OS technology with integrated watering, air circulation and remote management system ⬩ Approximately 35 plants per m2 ⬩ Offers a lot of of opportunities for interior designers, architects and real estate developers ⬩ Several integration opportunities eg. conference rooms, elevators, cabins, hotel rooms etc. CUSTOM
  17. 17. References & Testimonials
  18. 18. References & Testimonials Naturally pure indoor air helps our customers achieve results and energize our staff JORMA PEKKALA, MANAGER, RADISSON BLU ROYAL HELSINKI Naava greenwalls are top of the line technology and because of that they are the right solution for us. They aren’t just plants, they are a lot cooler. Naturally pure indoor air is important for the employees. MIKKO KUITUNEN, CEO, VINCIT, THE BEST PLACE TO WORK WINNER 2014-16 The air quality in the meeting rooms has improved substantially thanks to Naava. The air is now fresh and refreshing. The improved air quality increases the energy and the efficiency of the employees. SARI ELLMÉN, CHIEF OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
  19. 19. Thank you Niko Järvinen CTO & founder of NaturVention @nikojarvinen @naturvention