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Look book Rooflife & Growndowntown


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Presentation by Philip van Traa, Rooflife and Growndowntown about his recent work for Joolz, B Amsterdam, Zoku, Casa 400 and more.

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Look book Rooflife & Growndowntown

  2. 2. We Are Urban Green Designers Rooflife and GrownDownTown design and create innovative and smart solutions to solve urban challenges by making cities green, edible, resilient and liveable again. We design green architecture, urban farming solutions, rooftop gardens, indoor greenlungs and many other green solutions. We always design from a circular point of view to minimize waste and our ecological footprint. We could define our projects as: > Interior > Urban Farming > Exterior > Products
  3. 3. Interior Joolz Year: 2016 Location: Amsterdam North Edible: No Product: 120m2 Tropical and Desert Garden, Outdoor Plants At the new headquarters office of Joolz, we desig- ned and constructed three greenhouses with tropical plants in the middle of the office. During the design stage of architectural agency Space Encounters we were involved in an early stage to think about water management, climate control, typification of greens and the greenhouse design. Especially for this project, we build a waterbasin for the plants to give access to water whenever they are thirsty. “Finalist ARC Interior Awards 2016” “Finalist VHG Interior Landscaping 2017” “Finalist BNA Next Step Award 2017”
  4. 4. Interior B. Amsterdam Year: 2014-now Location: Amsterdam West Edible: No Product: IndoorPlants, LightTherapy The old IBM office building has been converted into an incubator for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Inside the building there are numerous plants of all types that decorate the floors, tables and ceilings. All require little maintenance due to our smart irri- gation systems. The building is 50 by 50 meters so the heart of the building doesn’t have any direct daylight. To keep plants alive we have installed LED lights.
  5. 5. Interior | Urban Farming | Exterior Bureau Year: 2016 Location: Amsterdam West Edible: Yes Product: Rooffood Garden, IndoorPlants, OutdoorPlants In the summer of 2016 B.Amsterdam opened the upscale restaurant Bureau that focusses mainly on business lunches, dinners and events. Guests can enjoy the 1750m2 rooftoppark and the chefs har- vest from that park for the meals and fresh mint tea. Workers or visitors, now have the ability to take a break for an inspirational session, a snack or a drink on the green roof. “Finalist Entree Awards ‘Dare Devil’ 2016”
  6. 6. Urban Farming | Exterior B. Amsterdam Year: 2015 Location: Amsterdam West Edible: Yes Product: Rooffood Garden, OutdoorPlants At the edge of the pond you will find a small mint meadow with eight different flavors of mint. You can also find a Mediterranean herb garden as well as a variety of 15 different vegetables around the old Trabant. This 1750 m2 of intensive greenroof has fruit trees, shrubs with fruits, grapevines and an edible flower meadow. The green on the roof is fertilized with homemade worm compost from the Worm Hotel. The 10 chickens are fed using scraps from the kitchen, providing fresh eggs for immedi- ate use. Everything from the roof is recycled and used on the premises by the kitchen staff.
  7. 7. Interior | Urban Farming | Exterior Zoku Year: 2016 Location: Amsterdam East Edible: Yes Product: Rooffood Garden, Subtropical green- house, IndoorPlants In spring 2016, Zoku’s long-stay hotel opened its doors in Amsterdam. The beautiful rooftop garden and indoor planting is provided by us to make their guests’ stays extra special and comfortable. On the rooftop, we have integrated the crops and plants to go with the exterior design. We accomplis- hed this by designing special furniture to match the architectural style of the building and of Concrete Architects. The furniture also permits a clever irriga- tion system so the herbs can continue to look and taste nice and fresh. “Winner Entree Awards Best Hotel Concept 2016” “Winner European Hotel Design Awards 2016”
  8. 8. Urban Farming | Exterior Casa 400 Year: 2016 Location: Amsterdam East Edible: Yes Product: Rooffood Garden, VegeTable, FreshCabinet, Sunny GrowingGreens Casa 400 is a unique hotel concept that combines student accommodation with hotel rooms. Since the construction of a green roofterrace in 2016, this hotel has grown in popularity. NEST is a stunning rooftop bar with a great view over Amsterdam. We installed the fresh herbs on the roof, that are used for the drinks at the bar.
  9. 9. Urban Farming | Exterior Simmons &Simmons Year: 2010 Location: Amsterdam South Edible: Yes Product: 550m2 rooftop herb garden This was the first large rooftop herb garden, reali- zed for the staff of law firm Simmons & Simmons. A 550m2 terrace with roof dividers and borders that are full of herbs, vines and numerous edible flowers. The lower deck is filled with plants that climb up the railings of the cortensteel installations. Employees and their clients can enjoy this outdoor space in a green environment. In addition to the lower deck we made a connection to a second terrace where visitors can catch some sun.
  10. 10. Exterior WOW Year: 2015 Location: Amsterdam West Edible: No Product: Grasheuveldak The ‘grashillroof’ is an in-house innovation, which was first showcased on the roof of WOW Amsterdam. This technical greenroof innovation was developed together with the municipality of Amsterdam. The ‘grashillroof’ is a sloping roofs- cape, similar as in a natural landscape. Due to the hilly landscape, water fields arise with the aim to attract other types of insects and birds. The hills are created by the use of lightweight recycled polys- tyrene. This makes it the first roof that can store water and attract biodiversity within the constructi- onal lightweight boundaries of a roof.
  11. 11. Exterior Kavel 2b Year: 2017 Location: Amsterdam West Edible: No Product: Roofgardens and terraces This building designed by MVRDV, a renowned Dutch architectural firm, has a desire to become the first renovated building that consists of 80% biobased materials. We designed and engineered the greenroofs and green courtyard. Especially for this project a biobased greenroof solution was designed, built solely of biobased materials.
  12. 12. Voortuinen Exterior Year: 2017 Location: Amsterdam West Edible: No Product: Vertical green The ‘Voortuinen’ is a residential building consisting of fourteen floors, all apartments have a private terrace with their own ‘front yard’. We designed and engineered the 122 trees that fill up the ter- races. The roof is part of this design, where it will be possible to generate energy and store water at the same time. The stored water in the waterbasin on the roof will be used to irrigate the numerous trees. A selection of 6 trees were made to fit the tough circumstances of this architecture. Overall, a project that shows how the future of architecture will look like.
  13. 13. Urban Farming | Products Rooffood Projects: Old School | Restaurant Vermeer | Daklab HvA Location: Amsterdam Centre Edible: Yes Product: 200m2+ Rooffood garden With our ‘Full service fresh concept’ we comple- tely unburden our customers by not only delivering fresh edibles, but also placing, checking, watering and collecting crops. Michelin star quality In 2013 we started experimenting with a new kit- chen garden system on the roof of the NH Barbizon Hotel to be used for the chefs in the kitchen of Michelin star restaurant Vermeer. Together with Lindenhoff Open Tuin we developed a full service system, where the plants are nursed in the green- house near Amsterdam, then delivered and placed into the roof system. After harvesting by the chefs the crates are removed, replaced and recycled by the Lindenhoff. This makes it a closed loop system.
  14. 14. Products Products Projects: B.Amsterdam | StayOkay | Joolz | PostNL | Restaurant Vermeer | Vinkeles | Hilton Double Tree | Bijenkorf | StayOkay | East 57 < Left: Keskweke Deluxe (RAL colors) > Right: Keskweke Next page < Left: VegeTables and restaurant herbs > Right: FreshCabinet “How we make it easy and nice to grow plants inside? We take a pickle jar, we Click&Wick a plant. We fill the jar with water and place the plant inclu- ding Wick in the jar. Put it in front of a window, just grow and clean the air! You’ll notice when the plant needs water, the wick does the rest.”
  15. 15. Products Products < Left: VegeTable > Right: Lindenhoff enterprise Next page < Left: FreshTable and Freshoirs > Right: Crops from Lindenhoff Full service fresh concept Together with social enterprise Lindenhoff we deliver a full service concept. The edible flowers, sprouts, vegetables and herbs are grown in the greenhouse of the Lindenhoff by organic principles. Lindenhoff, being a social enterprise, trains and guides people with a distance to the labor market. The Lindenhoff people not only grow the greens but also deliver and place the crates in the roof or indoor system. They check the crops at the customer location, as well as the water and light conditions. Crates that have been fully harvested by the chefs, are taken back to the greenhouse for recycling.
  16. 16. Rooflife & GrownDownTown WHERE GREEN INNOVATIONS SPROUT Some of our clients: Bijenkorf | B. Amsterdam | Bureau Amsterdam | Zoku | Casa400 | MVRDV | TANK Architects | Van der Vorm Vastgoed | Vinkeles PnB Paribas | WOW Amsterdam | Bibi van der Velden | Conscious hotel | CBRE | HvA | Joolz | Restaurant Vermeer NEST | Old School | Crowne Plaza | Greenpeace | Simmons & Simmons | Stichting TOK | StayOkay | East 57 | Hilton Double Tree Contact: John M Keynesplein 12-46 1066 EP Amsterdam | |