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Jardin de Gally In Vivo


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In Vivo is a large supplier for the agricultural sector. They wanted their trade mirrored in their office experience. This lead to the edible office space.

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Jardin de Gally In Vivo

  1. 1. • agriculture • garden and food retail • crop protection • animal nutrition • 29 countries • 9200 employees
  2. 2. From Paris to La Défense 400 people From a building to a Tower
  3. 3. 5 floors in Carpe Diem Tower, La Défense.
  4. 4. 99,8% 8/10 83 % of young high degree graduated wants green offices (ESSEC business school, 2016) 99,8 % of the world biomass is composed of plants.
  5. 5. • Hydroponics • LED lighting system • Automation system