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Hr human resources portal case study


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Hr human resources portal case study

  1. 1. Case Study > Human Resources Portal People are the heart of a business. Communication is how we connect and make our employees feel valuable. Swedish Match’s Human Resources group needed a way to communicate with each of its North American employees and exchange vital and confidential information. The HR section of Swedish Match’s corporate portal serves as the single point of collaboration between Swedish Match employees and the Human Resources group. It vastly improves the flow of information between employees and the HR group. For more on portals, see Focus > Portals on the following page. IndigeTech brought existing systems together to a single point-of-use and created new HR applications for inclusion in this portal area. Using the Viador™ portal framework, IndigeTech quickly created a flexible environment, managed by HR personnel, that allows online, secure and personalized information sharing with employees. Through the HR section of the portal, all employees now have online access to: > Challenge > HR Document Areas Human Resources HR document areas are easily maintained by HR and allow needed a way to easily employee access to a variety of up-to-date documents and communicate with all forms. The areas contain information traditionally personnel. maintained in employee handbooks – and much more. Current areas include corporate policies, benefits, > Solution organization charts and printable standard forms. The A web-based portal. areas were created by HR staff using standard Viador functionality. > Results > HR Links HR staff manages the Similar to document areas, the HR links are maintained by portal and can easily HR personnel and allow employee access to a variety of update information. web-based resource information of interest to employees. Employees can access The area includes such useful information as state and their information federal tax forms, online travel reservation bookings, securely from anywhere. employee search, company fleet used car sales, employee computer purchase program (managed by Dell™), healthcare insurance web sites and stock quotes for Swedish Match stock. IndigeTech > Online Employee Training 1111 E. Main St. Ste. 1710 Online employee training is a custom web-based link to an Richmond, VA 23219 existing application managed by an outside vendor. The (804) 344-TECH system provides online training for numerous topics that vary from items like new employee orientation to product positioning for salespeople. Since the system is
  2. 2. tailored to an individual employee’s department and responsibilities, IndigeTech customized the link to securely pass user identification and authentication information to the external application. This creates a seamless experience for the user who remains unaware that they are operating with another system. > HR Self-Service HR Self-Service is a secure integrated link to key areas of Swedish Match’s PeopleSoft® system that are available to employees. It allows employees to view their current and past paychecks, review historical changes in their compensation and enroll in benefits during open enrollment. > Employee Status Change Notification Employee Status Change Notification is a web-based application created by IndigeTech and integrated into the portal. It allows managers and employees to note important changes to employment status information and sends automatic email notifications to all people that need to know about the changes. Employees submitting the changes do not need to remember who to tell since HR maintains the notification rules. Now rather than being rare, Focus > Portals the following situations are a required reality: • When new employees come in on their Portals create a centralized location first day, they have a computer pre- for accessing information and configured and sitting in a ready and applications through a secure, web- waiting office space with all system based interface. Portals reduce the accounts pre-configured because no one cost of delivering information and forgot to tell anyone they were coming. enhance communication while • When employees leave the company, all providing a personalized, role-based system accounts are deactivated the day experience to employees, customers they leave – not before or after. and partners. By implementing a • When employees are promoted, they portal, you can find relevant immediately have access to the information quickly and make the resources their new responsibilities right decisions for your business. require. > Online Performance Evaluation Online Performance Evaluation is a web-based application created by IndigeTech and integrated into the portal. It allows employees to review and contribute to their performance management documentation. Centralization of Information The portal solution that IndigeTech implemented for the HR group has positively impacted Swedish Match’s entire workforce. The portal provides a single location to enter time, view paychecks, and much, much, more. It is used by every Swedish Match employee in North America, providing centralized access to all corporate information. © 2004 IndigeTech