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Lifecycle 012712

  2. 2. THE NEW ROI, ‘SHAREABILITY’ “LIFE IS LIKEGreat brands are about maintaining momentum, but what doEinstein, a chained up bicycle and ‘shareability’ have to do with it? RIDING A BICYCLE.Red Peak decided to create a global viral sensation so we chaineda fully loaded bicycle up against a bike post in Manhattan for 365days and photographed it daily to record what happens if you don’t TO KEEP YOUR‘keep moving’.Part urban experiment, part installation our ‘LifeCycle’ video BALANCE,has rampantly made appearances on influential global blogsand media websites and within 7 days over a million people had YOU MUSTwatched the video on YouTube and the number continues to rise.The results of ‘Lifecycle’ are nothing short of spectacular with thehuge online pick up it has garnished around the world.So what can we learn from ‘LifeCycle’? A simple idea, told wellcan beat out big budget communications in today’s world. David KEEP MOVING.”can easily out fight Goliath in a connected world where consumersno longer make distinctions between ‘big’ and ‘little’ brands.RED PEAK SERIES | REDPEAKGROUP.COM
  3. 3. THE NEW ROI, ‘SHAREABILITY’Agencies have for a long time been talking about the primacyof the idea, but it is clear now that good ideas create their ownmedia. It is no longer the size of the media budget that counts;it’s the size of the idea.The ‘power of one’ person sharing content with one other personis just the beginning of the content thread, and a cascade firesup and gains traction as each share multiplies. Among the ROI:higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) forcontent that is golden. Creating ‘content shareability’ meansforemost creating quality content that intrigues, assists andincites people to act. Great ideas, inspires people to spread theword to their circles of friends through social media to solicitreactions, discuss disagreements, or to learn more about thetopic from friends with more experience and recommendations.RED PEAK SERIES | REDPEAKGROUP.COM
  4. 4. LESSONS LEARNED FROM ‘LIFECYCLE’01 02 ESTABLISH INSTANT PROVIDE IMMEDIATE RAPPORT GRATIFICATIONShareability is based on trust, mutual trust and instant rapport The cardinal rule of social media is speedy delivery of ‘good’occurs when there’s a relationship of mutual trust between you ideas, especially ‘content with wings’ flies – people send it toand your audience (e.g., ‘LifeCycle’– we all know what typically everyone they know, because they love it so much, that’s whathappens to bicycles chained to posts). Social sharing conditions happened with ‘Lifecycle’. Adding share buttons might increasedemand us to expect meaningful relationships to grow quickly your viral reach and introduce your content to a new audience,based on what we have common e.g., likes, interests, POVs, etc. but another vital component of shareability is much harder to tap – providing value in unexpected ways. And sometimes that means thinking outside the box with content that might seem on the fringe.03 04 IGNITE SHAREABILITY ALWAYS KEEP MOVINGSharing = Exposure = Link Equity = Higher Search Engine Red Peak created ‘LifeCycle’ without a specific client in mind, butRankings = WOM. Link equity is paramount: the value of inbound a goal. As an agency we create projects simply to keep our ownlinks (backlinks), and the importance of intentionally growing link creative momentum active. We are prepared to act first and find aequity is critical in igniting shareability. buyer later if we believe in the power of the idea. It helps us hone our creative skills and keeps us sharp for our growing roster of blue chip clients such as Intel, Acer and American Express.RED PEAK SERIES | REDPEAKGROUP.COM
  5. 5. ABOUT THE AUTHOR ABOUT RED PEAK GROUPJames Fox Red Peak is a new company but is staffed by some of the mostChief Executive Officer senior figures in the design and marketing industry. Red Peak was formed at the beginning of 2010 by Michael Birkin. MichaelJames considers himself lucky to have helped shaped the was previously the Vice Chairman of Omnicom Group and was astrategies for some of the world’s biggest and most famous shareholder and the first CEO of Interbrand Group, now part ofbrands, including AT&T, BA, Ikea, Intel, Levi’s and United Airlines. Omnicom.He has worked with some of the most well known agencies fromSt. Luke’s and Taxi to BBH, BBDO and Fallon and extensively Michael’s goal in establishing Red Peak was to find a place whereawarded including two Gold Effie’s, a Silver Effie and an Emmy for the world’s most talented designers, strategists and experientialOutstanding Commercial. marketers could work together in a more streamlined and creative way. Having recognized that the old ways of marketing areAs the CEO of Red Peak, James leads across discipline to direct rapidly dying, Red Peak is a place where new ideas and new formsstrategy and manage brand coherence, uniting behaviors, of collaboration can thrive.messages, design and communications into brands capable ofstanding out in today’s agile and iterative environment.CONTACTRed Peak GroupJames FoxT +1 212 792 8930560 Broadway, Suite 506New York, NY 10012RED PEAK SERIES | REDPEAKGROUP.COM